Best Woodworkers In The World

Best Woodworkers In The World – Misty Leeds, who “happily lives alone with her partner and two naughty dogs” in a ramshackle cottage in the woods outside Ludlow, was crowned Britain’s Best Woodworker after a six-week Channel 4 competition.

“It’s amazing,” said Misty as the Handcrafted Winner: Britain’s Best Woodworker was crowned by judges Alex de Rijke and Helen Welch and presenter Mel Keatroig.

Best Woodworkers In The World

“I always wonder how good I am at things, but I win. It feels good.”

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Misty, who describes herself as a gender fluidist, jumps at the chance to find success in her life.

“There’s no doubt that my life is different and I really want others to see that it’s okay that you can be whatever you want in this life, that you can be successful in this life despite your differences can.

In the last major building challenge of the series, Misty and her two finalists were asked to build a garden building at least 2 meters high, 2 meters wide and 2 meters deep. Misty created an intricate cedar garden lounge raised off the ground with steps to a roof of upholstered seats and fabric umbrellas.

Helen Welch, founder of the London School of Furniture Making, said of Misty: “She was amazing from the start and it was great to watch her grow.”

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Misty has been a high-end interior designer for over 30 years, having worked on villas and mansions. A few years ago, Misty decided to give it all up and now sculpts using stone and wood from her forest workshop. Before the series began, Misty said her strengths were her eye for design and her knowledge of wood and its possibilities.

Born in England in 1968, Misty says on her website that she was surrounded by artists and musicians and spent most of her childhood around glue and paint.

His career path has made him a designer of bespoke interiors, furniture, gardens and architecture at the highest level.

He has created thousands of objects in his career and his commissioned work can be found in palaces, penthouses and private residences around the world. In 2016 he began to teach himself how to carve wood and stone and has been making abstract sculptures with his hands ever since.

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Misty says she’s a perfectionist, which means she “strives for something she can never achieve but is driven to try anyway.”

His website adds: “He believes in excellence in everything he does and spends a lot of time hiding his disappointment with the results he has achieved. However, the creative process is a constant source of joy for him.”

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He trained as an architect at California State Polytechnic University and practiced for 10 years before returning to the arts. Conscious and organic in appearance, his woodwork “aims to explore the unspoken languages ​​and spaces that exist between man and nature.”

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Rochelle is a driving force behind Primitive Reserve, a Los Angeles based woodworking studio that offers the most amazing and unique handcrafted items every day.

His work includes coffee spoons, chopping boards and amazing minimalist wooden wall art. In addition to her usefulness, Rochelle asks some tough questions about her woodwork.

Formerly in the biotech industry, Mark started working with wood as a hobby and was “instantly hooked”. He began sharing his story and skills with the world in 2006 by founding the Wood Whisperer Guild, an online store and educational resource for woodworkers.

Katie has been making furniture and installations since she was old enough to run her father’s wood workshop.

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He sees himself as a sculptor creating works of art that are both functionally and visually stunning. Her 20.4k followers flock to her Instagram to see her pose in creamy gold palettes.

Based in East Los Angeles, Offerman Woodshop is a small collective of woodworkers and fabricators dedicated to artisanal, traditional carpentry and sustainable deck salvage.

They work with fallen trees from Northern California and their urban LA environment. The collective create beautiful functional pieces and are at the heart of a woodworking community.

With a degree in Fine Art, Alexandra creates intricate wooden wall hangings, headboards and table tops, both large and small. His Instagram shows his love for the sea, desert and jungle to his 113,000 followers. He teaches two trainees a month.

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Canadian Woodworks is a group of woodworkers specializing in hand-carved wooden rocking chairs, dining chairs and stools.

Founded in Rockwood, Ontario, they design and build custom furniture and provide instructions and templates for most designs. Her 321,000 Instagram followers love seeing her process and personality.

A full-time sculptor and woodworker, Ariel studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York and has a BFA in Sculpture.

Ariel started making furniture and accessories for her own apartment after graduating in 2009, and it quickly grew from a fun hobby in her small living room to a full-time job. Their unique and playful designs delight and fascinate us.

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As the art director of Fine Woodworking magazine, he continues to teach at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking and the Mark Adams School of Woodworking in Indiana. She loves making tools for people and her Instagram shows it.

He began working with wood in 2001 and developed a passion and technique for creating unique heirlooms. His art is created with great care and attention to form, balance and tactile sensitivity. For those of you who don’t know, Paul Sellers is one of the finest craftsmen in the world. His knowledge and experience have enabled him to become a respected figure in the woodworking world.

All of the content on this site was written with Paul in mind to ensure we have created accurate and accessible guides for the novice woodworker. Some of you may have found this site without asking Paul, so we thought it was time to introduce Paul the lifestyle woodworker.

Paul began working with wood at the age of 15, born in Stockport where he spent most of his childhood and apprenticed. For a decade, Paul studied and studied the traditions of his job while also balancing his job as a police officer. Later, as he continued his career in woodworking, he set up his own furniture making, designing and crafting pieces in North West Britain.

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Paul and his family moved to America to find new opportunities as a furniture maker. Paul began teaching woodworking classes in the evenings and weekends alongside his current business of making furniture.

In 1995 Paul decided to teach his woodworking courses full time and opened the New Legacy School of Woodworking. Paul is a guest demonstrator at many woodworking shows in the United States and is often surrounded by people while demonstrating simple woodworking techniques. Within a few years of living in America, Paul was making a name for himself and was asked to design and manufacture furniture for President Bush and Senator Gramm, two of his pieces are part of the White House permanent collection.

When Paul returned to England in 2009 he continued to attend shows and ran a woodworking school.

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