Best Waterfall Hikes In Utah

Best Waterfall Hikes In Utah – Utah may be a vast desert, but it’s full of waterfalls that adventure seekers are chasing.

Almost anywhere in Utah has a waterfall within driving distance. Of course, Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon to the south have many spectacular waterfalls, but you might be surprised by the number of nearby waterfalls in Salt Lake County and Utah Valley.

Best Waterfall Hikes In Utah

It’s important to note that whether you’re looking for a short afternoon hike near the city or a weekend adventure in a national park, the state has scenic water features to keep you entertained. This means that there are many of them.

Cedar Canyon Walking Trail Waterfall

Even better, most of these falls are easily accessible on family-friendly trails (although there are some challenging trails for advanced climbers who enjoy a challenge).

This list of the best waterfalls in Utah is not exhaustive. There are many smaller waterfalls that are not included in the competition but are still worth visiting.

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Why we recommend it: Soak in the beauty of the 126-foot waterfall while cooling off in the swimming hole below the falls.

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There are two waterfalls along Calf Creek, Upper Falls and Lower Falls. The latter is a crowd pleaser as it plunges more than 100 feet across mineral-encrusted sandstone surrounded by iconic rock formations of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

The hike to Lower Calf Creek Falls passes several granaries, a beaver dam, and neat pictographs on the opposite canyon wall. Tourists, especially families with children, like to cool off in the pools when they reach the waterfall. Bring water shoes and a bathing suit if you want to join in the fun.

Why you should go: Hike through scenic canyons to hidden waterfalls with your to-do list.

Once one of southern Utah’s best-kept secrets, the Canary Creek Canyon Trail is an epic water hike through slot canyons along Canary Creek to hidden waterfalls. Bring water shoes and be prepared to get wet as several streams cross and the slot canyon holds about 4 inches of water.

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To preserve the trail’s natural beauty and prevent damage from overuse, local authorities issue a limited number of one-day access permits to the Canarra Creek Canyon Trail. Permits must be booked in advance.

Arkhangelsk Falls on Instagram Check out this post

Why you should go: One of the best and most challenging hikes in Zion National Park.

Arkhangelsk Falls is a photographer’s dream, featuring picturesque waterfalls surrounded by breathtaking canyon walls at the end of a natural subway formed by centuries of flooding. This is one of those rare rides where the ride is as big as the main attraction.

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However, the Metro Trail through Zion National Park is a challenging trail for experienced hikers. Technical hikes require climbing, abseiling, swimming, crossing flooded canyons and lots of slippery surfaces. You also need to get a permit, so plan ahead.

The Emerald Pools are a must-see on your Zion National Park itinerary. There are many trails and hikes around the pond, from quick and easy hikes to steep and strenuous trails. Whichever way you choose, the end result is the same. A scenic desert oasis you’ll never want to leave.

Please note: The Upper Emerald Pool route was severely damaged by the 2018 storm and is currently closed until further notice. Check the National Park Service website for when the trail will reopen. In the meantime, follow the trail of the Lower Emerald Pools.

Perhaps one of Utah’s most photogenic waterfalls, Stewart Falls is a local favorite that draws crowds when the snow melts. Located near Sundance Ski Resort in Aspen Grove, this is a place worth spending a day after visiting the falls.

Refreshing Waterfall Hikes In Utah

Most hikers, especially families with young children, stop at the 80-foot platform to admire the view of Stewart Falls. Adventurers can descend to the base of the falls to cool off in the stream and see the falls up close.

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Looking for a different waterfall? Check out Donut Falls, a waterfall that flows from a donut-shaped hole in the ceiling of a small cave. It’s a relatively easy hike with great rewards, but you’ll have to fight the crowds that flock to Grand Cottonwood Canyon for trails and views like this.

Most people visit Donut Falls in the warmer months, but some locals say it gets even colder in the winter when the falls freeze over. Snowshoeing is more difficult and closed roads add extra miles each way, but at least you don’t have to deal with traffic jams.

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Why you should go: Easy access with paved paths suitable for strollers and strollers.

This is one of the most abused waterfall names, but at least it lives up to the hype. Bridal Veil Falls is the main attraction of Provo Canyon. Provo Canyon is a two-tiered, 600-foot waterfall visible from the highway through the canyon.

Bridal Veil Falls is ideal for families with young children and older travelers who prefer bunny slopes. For a more challenging experience, climb under the falls for a closer look.

Waterfall Fifth water Hot springs

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Most people visit Fifth Hot Springs to soak in the natural hot springs, but they’re pleasantly surprised to find several waterfalls that make for an Instagram-worthy backdrop. The first falls slightly above the main basin, the second (perhaps better) slightly above.

The area has the sulphurous smell of any hot spring, but the water is surprisingly clear. Expect crowds as this is a popular spot, but there are plenty of sunken spots for everyone to enjoy.

Located near the Salt Lake area of ​​Big Cottonwood Canyon, Bells Canyon Lower Falls is a popular hiking trail that draws crowds most mornings and weekends. The first and last quarter miles are quite steep, so bring proper hiking shoes, plenty of water, and hiking poles for extra stability.

The reservoir is beautiful with the mountains in the background, but Bells Canyon Falls is the real gem of this hike. Summer is the best time to visit when the snow melts and the water flows better.

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Why we recommend it: Enjoy a scenic drive to a series of cascading waterfalls off the Meer Lake Scenic Byway.

Provo River Falls is so misnamed that many adventurers believe they are in Provo Canyon. The Cascades are actually about an hour east of Provo Canyon off the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway.

It’s a bit of a drive, but the good news is that the scenic drive is almost as beautiful as the destination. Pack a picnic and take a day trip, or grab a rod and reel and enjoy world-class fly fishing.

Provo River Falls is a short drive from the highway, so it might be hard to call it a hike. The waterfall has natural steps carved into the rock and creates a spectacular tiered waterfall that thunders and cascades when the river is full.

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Battle Creek Falls is a family-friendly hike suitable for all ages and skill levels. For a more challenging adventure, continue on a longer hike past the falls. I often see experienced rock climbers descending the cliffs. Bring your climbing gear if you want to join the fun.

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Why we recommend it: Escape the crowds at Aspen Grove and visit Upper and Lower Timpanagos Falls

Timpanagos Falls isn’t on the same level as nearby Stewart Falls, but it’s a hidden option for hikers looking to escape the crowds. This is a relatively short hike with moderate elevation gain. In late summer, there is often ice on the trails.

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Timpanogos Falls is best visited in the summer when the snow melts, as the water slows down in the fall.

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