Best Water Park In Montreal

Best Water Park In Montreal – Cool off in this summer’s hot temperatures at a water park where you can enjoy the thrill of a high-speed slide, ride a raft with friends, and float down a lazy river. There are ten outstanding water parks that you must visit, all within a three-hour drive of Montreal.

Located near Montreal, the Super Aqua Club has a lot going for it, including water slides, a lazy river, and a water obstacle course. Two rides not to be missed are the Tornado, a water slide taller than a seven-story building, and the Dry Zone, where you have to cross the structure without falling into the water. Super Aqua Club also offers a private beach area where you can rent a gazebo.

Best Water Park In Montreal

Inside the zoo is a water park with several water slides, a lazy river, games and a massive heated wave pool. While you’re visiting, be sure to try the River Adventure, where you’ll float down a river inspired by the Amazon rainforest and throw buckets of water at your friends! If you’re visiting with kids, then you must visit the Dragon Captain’s cave, where a giant cannon will spray everyone with bubbles.

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Canada’s largest theme park has something for everyone! With 35 water slides, a wave pool, private cabanas and two themed lazy rivers, there’s plenty for your family to try. If you’re traveling with a group, consider renting a palace suite or VIP cabanas for the day. These private cabins are perfect for storing all your belongings and providing reserved seating for your group. Best of all, they’re a convenient meeting place so everyone can come and go as they please.

This huge water park has over 20 water slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, hot tubs and children’s play areas. Before visiting Mont Saint-Sauveur Water Park, be sure to check their website to see which water slides are open that day. For the ultimate thrill, be sure to try the Colorado River Water Slide, where canoes slide down the rapids.

Cool off this summer at Bromont Water Park, with 13 water slides and four pools. To find the perfect water slide for the thrill level you’re looking for, all slides are marked as easy, hard, extra hard or extreme. When you’re done going down the slides and splashing in the 24,000m2 wave pool, access to the water park also gives you access to mountain biking, hiking trails and downhill sledding experiences.

Bring the family and race each other down the waterslides in the four-lane racing area. Mont Cascades offers several different water slides, as well as a pool and children’s area. Mont Cascade’s water slides are made by the same company that makes the water slides for famous water parks such as Canada’s Wonderland, Six Flags, Universal Studios and Disney.

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This huge water park has both an indoor water park and an outdoor water park. Valcartier Water Park has over 35 water slides, two themed rivers, wave pools and over 100 water games to enjoy. Regardless of the season or weather, you can always have a fun day at Valcartier Water Park thanks to the 102,000 m2 indoor water park.

Just 1 hour from Montreal Aqua Parc St-Pie has six water slides, a pool and water games for children. In addition to the water park, Aqua Parc St-Pie allows you to camp on site and you can purchase camping packages and water park passes for even more savings.

Spend the day on the eight water slides, including the new dolphin lagoon. Here, the water park is aimed at young children, so there are plenty of water sprinklers, kid-friendly water slides, lazy rivers and pools for you to enjoy. The water park day pass includes entry to the zoo where you can enjoy a drive safari. This zoo is the only place in Quebec where you can see African animals.

The indoor water park is open all year round. Kids will love the Mill Pond play area, while adults can test their skills on The Drop water slide, where you slide down at 45 miles per hour and do a full 360 degree spin before hitting the bottom. Here they offer much more than water slides and you can learn to surf or boogie board on the Double Barrel Flowrider, float the lazy river or dive in the eddies. Montreal is home to dozens of water parks and outdoor activities. However, nothing can match the excitement and fun offered at these top ten water parks!

Parc Aquatique Du Sommet Saint Sauveur

Visiting water parks with the family near Montreal is one of the best things to do in the summer. You can enjoy thrilling slides, take a riverboat ride with family and friends, and float down a lazy river. There are many water parks near Montreal. However, we recommend these top ten water parks if you want to make the most of a summer day. Read more!

Granby Zoo Waterpark is the best water park near Montreal. It features water slides, games, a lazy river and a massive wave pool. You can enjoy the river flowing down and enjoy the Amazon rainforest.

At the same time, you can throw buckets of water at family and friends. Don’t forget to visit Captain Dragon’s Den with your kids. Here you can enjoy a giant cannon and spray bubbles at each other.

Located near Montreal, the Super Aqua Club offers many water activities, including slides, a water obstacle course and a lazy river. Tornado is the best water slide in Super Aqua Club, which means you can’t miss it.

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In addition, this slide is taller than a seven-story building. Another water slide to enjoy is the Wipe Zone, which allows you to traverse the structure without jumping or falling into the water. Relax in a rented gazebo!

Calypso Water Park is the most popular water theme park near Montreal, offering something for everyone. The water park features over 35 water slides, private cabanas, a wave pool and two themed lazy rivers.

So, this water park offers many activities for family and friends. Don’t forget to rent a palace suit or VIP cabana if you want to spend the whole day. These cabins are ideal for storing your belongings and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

Bromont Water Park is the best place to spend a hot summer day with family or friends, cooling off and enjoying over 13 water slides. Bromont Waterpark has more than four pools for you to enjoy clean, hygienic and fresh water. Thus, you can calm your nerves and refresh your senses. The water park has slides for people of all abilities.

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The Mont Saint-Sauveur Water Park offers over 20 slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, a hot tub and plenty of space for kids to play and enjoy. We recommend that you visit the official website of this water park to know about the unique activities.

In addition, a visit to this water park allows you to spend quality time with family or friends and enjoy the thrill of the Colorado River water slide. Here you can descend quickly and enjoy the adrenaline activity.

Jay Peak Jump is the best indoor water park near Montreal. The best thing about this place is that it is open throughout the year, giving locals and tourists an opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Your kids will love the play area and you can enjoy the Drop slide that goes down at 45 miles per hour. You can also do a 360-degree flip and increase your adrenaline to the max.

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Parc Safari Aquapark has over ten water slides, including the most beautiful Dolphin Lagoon. The water park attracts people of all ages, especially children, as this park has numerous water slides, pools and lazy rivers.

In addition, you can get a day pass in the Aquapark and enter the zoo to enjoy safaris and adventure rides. So this is an excellent place to see African animals near Montreal, creating a unique experience.

Aqua Parc St-Pie is a 60-minute drive from Montreal. The place has six water slides, water games and a swimming pool for children and adults. If you want to spend quality time together, you can pitch a tent and enjoy camping on site.

Valcartier Water Park is one of the largest parks near Montreal that offers indoor and outdoor activities for people of all ages. Valcartier has over 35 slides, wave pools, two themed rivers and over 100 water games for children and adults.

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Mont Cascades is the best place to enjoy water activities with the family, such as racing on the water slides in the five-lane racing area. It has several slides for fun in a children’s area and a swimming pool. The water park also has themed areas, such as Disney, Universal Studios, Six Flags and Canada’s Wonderland.

Montreal is one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, offering a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere for locals and tourists alike. When you visit this beautiful city in summer, don’t forget to enjoy fascinating activities with the family in these top ten water parks.

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