Best Trucking Companies In Mississippi

Best Trucking Companies In Mississippi – Today, this article talks about trucks in Mississippi. These are the trucking companies that you can find in the great state of Mississippi.

Then, you must go through a driver education program. After that, you must obtain a Mississippi Business Learning License (or CLP). You must hold this license for 14 days before testing for a full CLP. With a full CLP, drivers can drive on commercial roads with a person who holds a full commercial driver’s license, or (CDL) followed by two knowledge tests, which include:

Best Trucking Companies In Mississippi

After completing these tests, you can schedule the full CDL test. During this exam, you have to take a practical skill test. These include the most relevant:

Best Trucking Companies In Mississippi

There are many good reasons to become a professional Mississippi truck driver. Including:

1. A person who enters the trucking industry in Mississippi is one of the many people who transport goods that people need to make a living every day.

Mississippi truck drivers are a proud people. They provide everything the people of their state need. According to the American Transportation Research Institute, 85% of Mississippians rely on truck drivers to deliver for them. As a truck driver, you are an important part of the state’s economy. Almost every business depends on trucks in Mississippi – food, gas, medicine.

There are 5,350 trucking companies in Mississippi. One in 12 jobs in the state is in the trucking industry. And there’s plenty of room for new truckers in the state. The American Trucking Associations says there is a shortage of 50,000 qualified drivers.

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There are many different types of equipment drivers can pilot – rigs, refrigerators, cargo trucks, there’s a good chance you’re driving whatever you want. For those who don’t like the driving side of the car, there’s plenty of room on the technical side of the truck.

KLLM Transportation Services was founded in 1963 by Tom Y. Kobuke, W.J. Liles, B.C. Lee and Henry Maudie, Sr. The company didn’t use the KLLM Transportation Services name until January 1, 1986. KLLM carries just about anything anyone can imagine: frozen and dry foods, medical supplies, chemicals, cosmetics, manufactured goods, paper – whatever your transport of a person, KLLM is the best option to make this happen.

They also provide long-distance, dedicated, intermodal, logistical and regional transport. Where did the name KLLM come from? Well here’s a fun fact: it’s the name of all the founders (Kobuk, Lee, Lyles and Maudie).

There are many things you can do if they choose to join KLLM. One business that stands out from the rest is the service to private drivers. According to their website, independent contractors earn 7 cents per mile, $1.02 to $2.00 per mile, depending on vehicle length.

B & T Express, Inc.

They earn 100% FSC on all miles and up to $6,000 in growth bonuses. Additionally, there is a $7,000 signing bonus for independent contractors, key business drivers, and contract purchasing managers who manage a dedicated, regional, or OTR.

We’ve talked about the benefits of being an independent contractor before, but the average KLLM driver makes $53,882 a year to start with, which is great. As for benefits, drivers with KLLM receive 401K, health insurance, paid vacation and sick leave. The only problem some drivers face with dealers – there are reports that some are racially sensitive.

Two men founded a company called Total Transportation of Mississippi nearly 30 years ago: John Stamps and Rick Cale. Both worked day and night to complete the deal. Today, it is one of the largest trucking companies in the state.

The Total Transportation of Mississippi team offers trucking, logistics and express services, in addition to the most interesting of all: personalized service. Dedicated services are offered for anyone looking to buy a private jet without breaking the bank. They are a subsidiary of US Express Enterprises. According to its website, the company’s leaders have 155 years of experience in transportation.

Truck Drivers Are Needed For Companies To Get Back On Track

Truck Driver is one of the careers you can choose when you join the Total Transportation of Mississippi team. However, truck drivers aren’t the only positions Aggregate is looking for; At the time of writing they are looking for a Tractor Technician II and a Fleet Manager. Tractor technicians perform a lot of truck maintenance like oil changes, air conditioning repairs and more. Flight attendants do just that – they operate the plane.

Pay and benefits are worst among Mississippi’s total transportation. Although they seem to have a good team there, the truck drivers are not well paid. That’s about $90.00 a day, which is 42% below the national average, according to Feedback from former employees is a mixed bag. Some say it’s a good startup, but most complain about the lack of communication. As for the benefits, they are good if you are single and not so good for those with a family.

He started with three gravel trucks, bringing gravel from a single location. Today, 50 years later, Royal Trucking has grown to a fleet of 250 trucks. While there isn’t much information on who exactly started the company, the site assures potential customers that the company is a family business. Royal Trucking offers many services

Company: Vans and trailers are part of its fleet and also have specialized equipment. They also offer services like commodity brokerage, warehousing and more. Of course, they also offer pickup trucks. Fun fact about Royal: they sometimes sell their trucks too.

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Of course, you can be a truck driver at Royal Trucking Company. Truck driver jobs include Class A truck drivers and OTR truck drivers; However, there may be others. Mechanically, the Royal has a useful diesel engine. However, if you don’t want to be near a truck, you can also choose to work from an office at Royal.

The average salary of a truck driver in Royal is $31k to $34k. In terms of interest, Royal’s website lists the entire series. Roof Insurance – Includes UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance, Davis Vision Insurance and Dental Insurance. Coverage for anything (death, disability, cancer, etc.). There’s even a 401K plan, paid vacations, and a cafeteria! Reviews of this company are generally positive; However, some say that some dealers are playing as favorites.

Barry Powell is the man behind Powell Transportation Company Inc. They’ve been a Mississippi company for over 25 years and now have over 70 trucks! Unlike many other companies, Powell sticks to one thing and does it well. These things, according to their website: “off road, off road, flat surgery”. He said he is in the wood pole business and plans to stop serving Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama in the future. They take great pride in running the homes of people in these states.

As a company with a unique vision and the type of work it takes on, there are only two jobs you can expect at Powell Transportation Company. You can be a table driver, because beds are Powell Transportation’s bread and butter. There are mainly opportunities in transportation, mechanics and office jobs.

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The average salary of Powell Transportation Company is not public knowledge, but the company is well researched. Employees aren’t complaining about salaries, which is a good sign. When it comes to benefits, the Powell Transportation Company website lists a number of different benefits for its drivers, including guidance pay, tarp pay, and weekly pay.

Salary increases include a $10,000 longevity bonus paid every five years of service and an annual bonus (totaling 1%). There is also great health insurance, dental insurance, cancer insurance, and short-term disability insurance. In addition, employees receive a 401K.

There’s not much to say about L.E. Tucker and Son, because they often let their ministry speak for them. This company has been around since 1980. Our three core values ​​include safety, reliability and perhaps most important of all: quality.

L. E. Tucker & Son Company specializes in one area: the distribution of poultry and products in the Southeast, Northwest and West coasts of the United States. Well, L.E. Tucker & Son Company has been thriving in Mississippi for 39 years and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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There are two jobs available online

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