Best Time To Go Sailing In Bvi

Best Time To Go Sailing In Bvi – The British Virgin Islands are one of the most popular sailing destinations for tourists who want to relax in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the world. A cruise is the best way to visit many places in one trip, making it a great option for travelers looking to explore all of the amazing islands that make up the BVI. However, choosing the right time of year is key to making the most of your sailing charter, so luckily for you, we’ve broken down the best times to visit based on what you’re interested in. come out of your journey!

For many sailing groups, budgeting is an important part of planning a trip. The British Virgin Islands are full of exciting things to do and amazing places to eat, drink and be entertained, so you’ll want to save a lot of your travel budget for them! The differences in the climate of the BVI result in different prices for flights, food, activities/tours and shipping costs. The most popular times to visit are Christmas/New Years and February, but the best times of the year to explore the BVI are March, April and May. Before the hurricane season from June to November, these months are relatively inexpensive to travel, however, due to the high risk of bad weather, it is worth investing to some waterproof travel insurance!

Best Time To Go Sailing In Bvi

The biggest draw for European and American travelers to the BVI is that while we experience winter snow, the BVI offers some winter days! If your idea of ​​Christmas and New Year is enjoying the calm air on the white sandy beaches under the palm trees, and substituting mulled wine for a pain-relieving grape drink – this is the destination for you! From December to February you can enjoy warm temperatures in the mid 20s to mid 30s and winds of 15-25 knots – perfect weather for days spent in sail, swim and dive before retiring to a lively beach bar!

Learning The Ropes

There is no shortage of fun in the BVI all year round, however, there are many festivals and events that are a staple of the Caribbean calendar! In March you can enjoy the Caribbean Arts & Crafts Festival and the BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival. In May, you can take part in the annual Wreck Week, a celebration of all things diving and underwater discoveries! The best and funnest times of the year in the BVI are the months of July and August when the islands celebrate their heritage at the Liberation Festival, where you can see the islands bursting with color, music, dance and street performances. . Last, but not least, the BVI is the place to ring in the New Year in style, whether with a lobster BBQ and a live band at Potters by the Sea in Anegada, or experience at the world famous ‘Old Year’s Night’ party at Foxy Bar on Jost Van Dyke. The beauty of a sailing charter is that you can visit any city or island you want without missing a thing!

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Where To Eat, Stay, And Play In The British Virgin Islands

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After you’ve booked your flights and booked your cruise to the BVI, it’s time to plan your trip! Whether it’s your first time on a boat charter or a seasoned veteran, planning your trip is an important part of any trip to make sure it’s an amazing trip.

There are so many different ways to travel in the British Virgin Islands and so much to see!

Here’s a sample 6-day itinerary to help you see some of the islands’ amazing sights:

A Day In The Life Of A Bvi Skipper

On the first day you arrive in Tortola and arrive at the base of the yacht charter. Get your food and go!

From here, sail to the Indians, one of the best dive sites in the entire BVI. Then head to Benure Harbor on Norman Island. It’s a great place to anchor for your first night – a beautiful bay, great sunsets, lots of walking trails – and you might just have your spot!

Then get up early and head to the other side of Norman Island, where there is more to see. Famous restaurants like Pirate’s and Willie T’s are fun to visit. Before it’s time, head to Cooper Island… drop anchor and rest on your purchases if you need some time or go ashore for a drink!

The island you want to visit is Virgin Gorda. The baths are amazing and very popular depending on the time of year, so if you want to stick to the quiet places during the day you want to go to Jerusalem that has fallen. Overnight stay in Spanish Town.

Best Bvi All Inclusive Sailing Charter Vacation Catamaran

Then go to Te Raki Reo. There’s plenty to do here on the North Side, so you won’t want to miss out. The best places are Leverick, Saba and Bitter End Yacht Club. Sabah and Leverick are good places to spend the night.

The Dog Islands are a wonderful place for snorkeling and diving. Or relax and explore these scattered islands. Then head to Marina Cay and you’ll enjoy the shallow waters of the lagoon, beautiful rocky cliffs and top restaurants.

On the last day, return to the charter base to complete your tour. Even if you can’t get to all of them, you’ll get a good example of what you can do in the British Virgin Islands – a magical place in the world. Next we will go to Tortola and the northern part of Jost van Dyk Island.

For more information on sailing to the BVI and other amazing yacht charter destinations around the world, contact our friendly Dream Yacht Charter team today!

Why You Should Try Chartered Sailing In The British Virgin Islands

The BVI has long been a favorite playground in the Caribbean, with calm waters, stunning views and steady trade winds. “Everyone knows anchors,” you say? Well, if I tell you about three you might not go? BENURES BAY:  This anchorage is on the north side of Norman Island and … to be continued

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How To Find The Best Price For A Bvi Sailboat Charter

The islands are not far from them, the routes are easy between the secluded beaches and well guarded for the night. And they probably don’t have more beach bars per square kilometer anywhere else in the world.

But in September 2017, the BVI was hit directly by Irma, a Category 5 hurricane that caused extensive damage (talk about houses losing their roofs and being replaced by catamarans). Are they ready for action?

The effects of the storm are still visible in some places: boats are scattered in the lakes and bays – all the government money was spent on the islanders, not on the clean-up. Plus, it can be dangerous: If you hit a boat or someone below it, you could be sued by the owner or the insurer.

But the beaches and cliffs are the same as before. The attendants washed the sand deep enough to prevent your toe from getting stuck in the engine block and diving companies.

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