Best Things To Do In Mt Pleasant Sc

Best Things To Do In Mt Pleasant Sc – Across the river from Charleston, Mount Pleasant is a bustling town, but full of food, scenery and adventure.

Any visit to Charleston includes a trip across the Cooper River to Mount Pleasant. It can be as simple as a drive across the Arthur Ravenel Bridge or a day spent at Patriots Point. But one thing is certain: visiting Charleston without a trip to Mount Pleasant means missing out on all the interesting things to do there.

Best Things To Do In Mt Pleasant Sc

You’ve seen pictures of the cable-stayed bridge that spans the river between Mount Pleasant and Charleston. When the Arthur Ravenel Bridge opened in 2005, it replaced the old Cooper River Bridge. Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park has been established, where the old bridge connected Mount Pleasant.

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The park’s visitor center is a great place to start any adventure in the area. Events are often held at the nearby Sweetgrass Pavilion. Behind the visitor center, the Riverview Cafe and Gift Shop offers a small selection of clothing, souvenirs and fine dining to order.

One of my favorite spots in Mount Pleasant is the 0.3 mile long fishing pier. This ghat extends across the river to the great Ravenel bridge. There are three covered seating areas, one at the end of the pier, and benches, tables and chairs await you to sit and relax.

During the 1700s, as Charleston spread across the narrow peninsula, many English villages spread along the river. In 1803, James Hibbon settled the village of Mount Pleasant south of Shem Creek along the river. Today, this area is called Old Village, and is the oldest neighborhood in Mount Pleasant.

A large oak tree stretches beneath the house at the corner of Pitt and Wenning Streets. It’s the beginning of a one-block shopping district that’s a quiet escape even at its busiest. The ‘main street’ is lined with rickety shops on one side and private houses with white picket fences on the other.

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The Studio Shop is a great place to browse local artwork and get your hands full with a selection of items. Step into Rudy’s Old Country Wine Shop to find the perfect wine and cheese pairing to take home with you.

A trip to the Old Village should include a stop at Pitt Street Pharmacy. Beginning in 1937, pharmacists mixed medications and visitors enjoyed the old soda fountain. Grilled cheese, cheeseburgers and hotdogs are some of the delicious items on the menu.

A few blocks down Pitt Street is the Putgens Post Office. Built in 1899, this one-room post office was for decades the only means for townspeople to send and receive mail. In 1971, the Alhambra Garden Club purchased the old building, moved it to Edwards Park and restored it. Today, visitors can stop at the old post office and walk around.

In 1898, the first bridge was built to connect Sullivan’s Island to Mount Pleasant. Originally a trolley car ran over the wooden bridge, but it was later widened to allow private cars. Bridge Ben Cyr The bridge was abandoned in 1945 after the current route to the island was completed.

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When Charleston County donated the Mount Pleasant Bridge in 1950, the city created Pitt Street Bridge Park. The bridge was used as a fishing pier until it was destroyed by fire. After the fire, the city rebuilt a small pier with a portion of the old bridge pier remaining but still standing.

Today, the park is lined with narrow grassy palm trees along the water’s edge. Benches allow views across the water with the Charleston skyline in the distance. This is a great place to watch the sunset behind the Carnival cruise ship and Charleston.

I think I could spend every evening at Shem Creek for the rest of my life and never get bored. The Little River flows through much of Mount Pleasant, eventually crossing Coleman Boulevard and emptying into the Cooper River. The small stretch between the highway and the riverbank is one of the city’s best spots for outdoor dining, relaxation and wildlife viewing.

The Shem Creek Boardwalk is a 0.4 mile wooden boardwalk that runs from the parking area to the end of the creek. The covered shelter at the end is the perfect place to spend a day fishing, watching wildlife or waiting for the return of the fishing boats along the dolphin tracks.

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An exciting way to get out on the water is to rent a kayak or paddleboard from Shore Expeditions. Rentals start at $45 for four hours on a kayak, or $34 for two hours on a paddle board. Climb to the head of Shem Creek, follow one of the narrow canals and explore for hours.

Shem Creek is one of the most popular places to dine with many great options. Tavern & Table, Saltwater Cowboys, and Arby’s Seafood Restaurant with outdoor seating. However, my favorite place in Shem Creek is the Red Ice House. On the other side of Coleman Boulevard, Shem Creek, Mill Street Tavern and Shem Creek Bar & Grill offer fine dining with creek views.

Sitting on a floating dock along the Sham Creek Boardwalk in Mount Pleasant. It was a typically hot and humid summer day, so I decided to throw on my flip flops and dip my feet in the cold water.

A small fishing boat was returning after dropping off hungry seabirds. I watched as the deckhand threw some pieces, and a hundred seahorses fought eagerly. But I was so busy watching the seabirds that I didn’t see the dolphins.

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Suddenly my leg was pulled out of the water by one of the dolphins! He turned to me, pointed his tail towards the water and when he got there, he was gone. But this little encounter was enough to put a smile on my face for the rest of the week.

World War II era aircraft. I was a teenager on a family vacation and I remember walking onto the operator’s flight deck thinking it was something.

. As an adult, I still have the same reaction to discovering the big ship.

Submarine Several tours explore the decks, battle center and crew quarters on three ships. Medal of Honor on hangar deck

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Fort Sumter was a Confederate fort built by South Carolina militia in 1865 to start the Civil War. Today the fort is part of Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historical Park. Located at the entrance to Charleston Harbor, it is only accessible by boat tour. A ferry to the fort departs from Patriot Point.

It is a 40-minute boat ride from the harbor to the fort. My favorite part of the tour is at the castle, with beautiful views of Pinckney Castle, downtown Charleston, and the ferry traffic along the way.

The adventure inside the fort begins with a 10-minute story from a park ranger, after which you’re left to explore on your own. You only have 40 minutes, but it’s the perfect amount of time to walk the two steps inside the castle, visit the gift shop and find some beautiful canons.

Boone Hall Plantation is the most popular plantation in Lower County, South Carolina. The old plant’s oak-door entrance has been used for years in TV and film productions. It has become one of the most famous places in the state.

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The plantation was established in 1681 by Major John Boone and has been in continuous production ever since. Boone Hall Farms operates a grocery store on US Highway 17 where visitors can purchase produce grown on the farm.

All tours are included in Boone Hall’s general admission price of $26 for adults and $12 for children, including a 40-minute plantation tractor tour and a 30-minute house tour. Tours are led by entertaining docents in period clothing who are eager to explain the history of the plantation. If sightseeing isn’t your thing, you can wander through the plantation grounds and find your hideaway to enjoy the afternoon.

The Charles Pinckney National Historic Site is dedicated to the “forgotten founder,” Charles Pinckney, and his contributions to the United States Constitution.

A small area down the road from Boone Hall Plantation was once part of Snow Farm Plantation. The ranch was inherited by Pinckney in 1782, and in 1791 George Washington spent a night at the plantation during his southern tour. Eventually, the plantation was subdivided and sold as residential property before National

Best Things To Do In Isle Of Palms, Sc

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