Best Things To Do In Mazatlan From Cruise Ship

Best Things To Do In Mazatlan From Cruise Ship – Many people ask me what a day trip is like when we go on a cruise ship to Mazatlan.

Mazatlan is one of my favorite port cities in Mexico. The city is a perfect example of how to combine the old Centro Historico with the new Golden Zone. There are many places worth visiting for cruisers, but only if this is your first visit to the Pearl of the Pacific. Instead, stick to the basics. Sightseeing to see all the amazing sights. I will share my travel report about Pulmonia city.

Best Things To Do In Mazatlan From Cruise Ship

There are many ways to spend time in this port. From fishing trips and boat trips to trips to Mazatlan’s beautiful white sand beaches. For sightseeing and day trips. Most of these tours can be done by your boat. However, you’ll get a more personal experience on independent tours. Use this handy Mazatlán travel guide to make the most of your limited time in port by booking a boat. I’ll share some insider tips on what I think are the best places to visit and what I think is the best Mazatlan itinerary.

Private Best Of Mazatlan City

Most of Mazatlan’s attractions can be reached by taxi, bus or a short walk from the cruise terminal.

We recently had the opportunity to visit Mazatlan. Mexico Once again I knew I needed the best Pulmonia driver to take me around the city as we enjoyed our Mazatlán day cruise.

This is our third visit to the Pearl of the Pacific. We took a day trip by van when we were young when we first came to Mazatlán. I feel connected to this beautiful city. And know that I want to touch on the food history and other beaches of Mazatlan.

A few years later we return to the great princess. We are both celebrating our 25th anniversary. This time I was looking for some fun activities. For cruise ship passengers in Mazatlan I discovered a mode of transportation that can only be found in Mazatlan called Pulmonia.

Must Knows For Living In Mazatlán, Mexico, As An Expat

This outdoor vehicle is reminiscent of the car that Fred Flintstone drove in The Flintstones. I decided to visit Mazatlan with such a rare vehicle. which is called palmonyus.

We stumbled upon Freddie 7 years ago, when we got off Princess Cruises and walked on the Blue Line to Centro Historico. We met Freddie, the famous Pulmonia driver, in front of OXXO. Certified owner and operator of City Tours Pulmonia, we start the conversation or rather I try to negotiate the price of the city tour. I’m still not sure.

Mazatlan Tourist Aid volunteers wait on the Blue Line to assist cruise ship visitors with questions. Freddie asked where I wanted to go and for how long. And give me the price for the half day tour I looked at the volunteer and asked if the price was good.

The volunteer offered Freddie that he spoke very good English. It makes traveling easier to understand and more enjoyable. We didn’t think twice and agreed to a tour for the asking price. We then got into her sparkling white Pulmonia and have been friends ever since!

The 10 Best Things To Do Near Hotel Playa Mazatlan

Some things don’t change Our review above was posted almost 7 years ago and is still on TripAdvisor.

If you’re visiting Mazatlan via cruise ship, or if you’re vacationing in Mazatlan, you’re in luck. Here’s some information to help you make the most of your day in port. “Mazatlán City Tour Guide for Cruise Visitors”.

You can try to navigate. Alone and rent a car Driving on unfamiliar roads can be stressful and stressful, the roads in Mazatlan are fast and sometimes the roads are not well marked.

Another option is to organize a self-guided tour and hire a taxi for the day. It might work, but what if you don’t speak or understand Spanish?

Carnival Panorama Becomes First Cruise Ship To Return To Mazatlan

A good alternative is to hire someone to take you on a tour of the sites. Wherever you want to go, the duty of a taxi is to deliver the passengers to their destination on time. They don’t need to know anything about attractions. Or even how to interact with tourists

More than that, finding someone who loves what they do and has a passion for it every day!

The best solution is to use one of the most popular tour guides. And it’s tour operator Freddy Bermudez, owner of City Tours Pulmonia.

Which tour should I choose? Half day or full day is up to you. Did you come here by cruise ship? How long have you been in port? Do you want to do something outside or on top of this sightseeing tour? If you are in town or your day trip options open up. Plan a food tour with Stone Island Tours or even around Mazatlán.

Night Cabo, Vallarta & Mazatlan Cruise

It is worth visiting the city for at least half a day. But even then, you won’t see all the sites listed.

If you can book a full-day excursion, you can always use the extra time when you do a full day. Buy souvenirs or stop for lunch at Cerveza.

The Zona Dorada or Golden Zone in Spanish is famous for its large resort hotels, restaurants, bars and shops, the area has many beaches that are perfect for swimming. Large resort hotels, such as El Cid Resort, Mexico’s largest resort, have multi-story rooms. The large swimming pool, golf course and tennis court, Plaza Machado, Fisherman’s Monument and Aquarium are in this zone.

Moving north from the Golden Zone is the Marina Zone, the newest part of Marina Zone Mazatlan, with a large marina, many apartments and a championship golf course. Heading south you will find Malikan.

Top Things To See, Eat And Do Mazatlán

In the community of Cerritos, a hillside luxury condo offers the best ocean views in Mazatlan. Where expert surfers gather to surf the best waves.

Located north of the Golden Zone, the new development of Playa Brujes, or Witches’ Beach, welcomes its guests with several condominiums, the RIU Hotel, Maz Aqua Water Park and the new RV Park. Area. But it is difficult to leave the Golden Zone without a car.

Playa Brujas is a secluded beach with tide pools. Impressive mariners can find pools even at low tide. I just want to see you, take pictures and make memories with you at home. Big waves attract surfers and surfers. There are plenty of places to eat including Looney Bean’s Cafe, Reese’s and The Last Drop.

OXXO (convenience stores like Circle K or 7/11) are nearby. There are also shops or stalls nearby where you can buy last minute gifts. If you are looking for a romantic place to watch the sunset, Brujas Beach is one of the best beaches to watch the sunset.

Top Things To Do In Mazatlan, Mexico On A Cruise In 2020

Several miles of coastline run parallel to the Malecon. Here you will find many mid-range and older hotels, such as Hotel Playa Mazatlán, Ola’s Atlas Inn, and Hotel Don Pelayo Pacific Beach.

Cliff divers can snorkel at El Claudista in the area every afternoon and evening before sunset.

Further south is the Centro Historico zone, and budget travelers will find less expensive hotels in the Golden Zone. Many Mexican tourists choose to vacation here.

A little further south are the Aquario Mazatlan in the city center, the historic Plaza Machado and the famous Angela Peralta Theater. The Cathedral of El Faro and the port of Mazatlán as well as the port and ferry are located in the same area!

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Isla de Las Piedra or Stone Island is an easy day trip for both cruisers and Mazatlan visitors. Many tours or excursions can be arranged in advance or on the spot.

As Mazatlán Today reported, on Sundays you’ll find plenty of locals taking advantage of the gentle surf and cheap tours of Stone Island on their day trips.

An unidentified family poses with Freddie during the tour in front of the walls of the Acuario Mazatlán at the convention center.

It is famous for marine research, education, marine wildlife hospitals. Sick and confiscated animals, birds, marine mammals land mammals reptiles, sea turtles and more. If you have a marine animal lover or child. This aquarium should be on the list for a day trip to Mazatlan.

Stone Island Mazatlan / City Tour With Lunch / Open Bar Mazatlan

In addition to being another point of view, there is also one of the 3 cannons from the war.

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