Best Thai Restaurant In Toronto

Best Thai Restaurant In Toronto – Steps from Yonge and Bloor, Sabai Sabai Toronto offers classic Thai cuisine and Lao cuisine.

The popular Thai restaurant on Bloor Street is the dream of Laotians Seng Luong and Jason Jiang. The couple are collaborating on the restaurant with Thai restaurant stalwarts Chef Nuit and Jeff Regular (of Pai and Keen fame).

Best Thai Restaurant In Toronto

Chef Nuit is from northern Thailand (Changmai), while Seng and Jason grew up in Vientiane, the capital of Laos.

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Seng Luong explained, “We came up with the concept of Sabai Sabai in early 2012 and opened it for the first time in November at Church and Dundas. Sabai Sabai is the brainchild of Jason and Chef Nuit. The concept of Sabai Sabai is to offer the best of northern Thailand food and Lao dishes are unknown.”

Seng Luong explains why Sabai Sabai Toronto moved to Yorkville: “We had to move because of the renovation of our old location on Church Street. When we started looking for a new home, we first chose Yonge and Bloor. We were lucky. Yes, 81. Bloor Street, formerly home to The Spotted Dick, has gone on the market. It was the first and only place we saw, but we soon realized it was great. We moved to Bloor Street in September 2016.”

This popular Thai restaurant is located on South Bloor Street, across from the Marriott Hotel. The luxury hotel is scheduled to open in 2019, making it the second W hotel in Canada (after the W Montreal). W Toronto will enter the Yorkville area, making Sabai Sabai a popular hangout spot on Bloor Street.

Go through Sabai Sabai and you will find yourself in Thailand. We have traveled a lot in Thailand and enjoy Thai restaurant decor and authentic food. The food at Sabai Sabai always leaves us in awe of our past trips to Bangkok, Sukhothai, Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi and Koh Samui.

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Seng Luong said: Our goal is to breathe life into our guests through taste, aroma and beautiful design. “Asia”.

The famous Thai restaurant offers one of the best bars in Yorkville. If you’re stopping for cocktails after work and don’t have time to sit down to eat, hop on a bar stool.

“Our cocktail menu is inspired by ingredients commonly found in Thai and Lao cuisine, including lime, kaffir leaf, Thai sweet leaf, galangal and turmeric. We were one of the first restaurants in Canada to serve Singha beer and we’re working hard bringing BeerLao to our menu forever”, Seng Luong.

“The wine list was selected by Seng and Jason to complement our meal. We offer Niagara and Prince Edward County wines, as well as international and New World wines,” he added.

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Sabai Sabai is the only restaurant in Toronto serving authentic Laotian cuisine. You’ll find all your favorite Thai dishes here, but we recommend you focus on the unique offerings of Lao restaurants as they are hard to find anywhere else in the city.

Seng Luong offers: “Laab, marinated meat and herb salad, Khao Pun, noodle dish cooked in sweet coconut, chicken and red soup, Ping Gai, traditional street food and BBQ chicken , papaya salad, grilled chicken wings and pork belly. “Looking for the best Thai restaurant in Toronto? We’ve been to Thailand many times to dine and sample the local specialties.

Our comprehensive guide to Thai restaurants in Toronto includes the city’s best restaurants serving authentic Thai and Lao cuisine.

Toronto is one of the best cities in Canada for authentic Thai food. But not always. More than a decade ago, many of the Thai dishes on Toronto’s menu were different from what you might find in Bangkok, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui or Phi Phi. Local gourmets laugh when Pad Thai is served with tomato sauce instead of tamarind. Terrible things!

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Our favorite Thai restaurant in Toronto is Chef Nuit Standard. It is often celebrated by local chefs who bring the flavors of Thailand to Canada’s biggest city. Chef Nuit delights in the cuisine of some of Toronto’s best Thai restaurants, including Sukothai, Khao San Road, Pai, Kiin and Sabai Sabai (RIP).

Chef Nuit grew up in northern Thailand. He was born in the suburbs of Changmai and moved to a small town called Pa. After graduating from Phitsanulok University, she moved to Pai to work as a nurse. She lived in Pai County for 10 years before marrying her Canadian husband Jeff and moving to Toronto.

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Chef Nuit explains how he moved to Canada: “I came to Toronto in January 2006. I never planned to leave Thailand, but after I met Jeff and we got married, he wanted to take me to Toronto to meet his family. he wants us to stay there for at least a few years, and if I don’t like it, we can go back to Thailand. But I love Toronto, even in the winter. I still love snow! “

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Once there, he went on to describe what happened at a Thai restaurant in Toronto: “It’s hard to find food that tastes like home and has the atmosphere of home. I’ve always loved the feeling of going to Thai restaurants and meeting Thais, but I felt something was missing from the food. But now that Thai food is becoming more popular in Toronto and more Thai food is readily available, Thai food has increased competition. ”

Chef Nuit goes on to explain how the local community has embraced Toronto’s authentic Thai restaurant: “When we first opened Sukhothai and introduced Toronto to unfamiliar Thai dishes like khao soi, people were hesitant to try it. Everyone just wanted Pad Thai. not so familiar to most people as homemade tamarind sauce. They love food so much and are starting to believe that I will give them a Showcase of new flavors from Thailand. ”

Chef Nuit added, “Every new restaurant we open has at least one new dish that wasn’t common in Toronto at the time, like pad gras prow or grabong. With Kiin, I feel Toronto is ready for the future. I’ve created a whole menu that most people here don’t know about. Some of the food is even rare in Thailand. Toronto has a great food culture. We always appreciate good food and we always appreciate food from different parts of the world. It’s very interesting. knowing the taste was good for me, because that’s what I wanted to share. “

Toronto’s best Thai restaurants use quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods. The interior is designed to bring you back to Thailand, the service is typical Thai, warm and friendly as can be!

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If you want to learn Thai cooking skills at home, we recommend buying the following books: Keen Foods and Stories from Northern Thailand, Maenam New Thai Cooking, and Hot Thai Cooking.

Sukothai’s history is so rich that it all starts with an elephant – hence the brand. Jeff was hiking in the jungles of northern Thailand and met his wife, Nuit, who was a nurse at a local hospital. A few years later, they opened a cute little restaurant called Curry Shack in Pai, Thailand. It is a popular attraction among tourists and locals in Thailand.

Chef Nuit’s first Thai restaurant in Toronto is Sukothai on Congress Street. This small restaurant soon became a big hit in Thailand. Sukothai first opened in Toronto in 2008 and has since opened three more locations in Dundas, Wellington and the Canaries.

After Chef Nuit’s incredible success at Sukothai, he spent two years designing menus and details at Khao San Road.

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Considered one of the best Thai restaurants in Toronto, Khao San Street opened in the basement of Adelaide Street. The restaurant is now located on Charlotte Street and was designed by Make Studio. The restaurant has a high ceiling and two walls made of tiles imported from Thailand.

Khaosan Road is always full, so if you can’t get a seat in a restaurant, try your luck at Bang Sue, a Thai bar upstairs.

Chef Nuit and Jeff Regular’s Pai on Duncan Road first opened in 2014. Pai is the duo’s first business to own and operate after Sukothai, Khoa San Road and Sabai Sabai brought Thai food lovers to Toronto.

Visit the underground restaurants in Toronto’s entertainment district and you will

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