Best Teeth Whitening In Houston

Best Teeth Whitening In Houston – Men and women who want to restore and transform their smiles can do so quickly and easily using teeth whitening products. Instead of using whitening methods like dental floss, toothpaste and splints, Vivid Dental allows patients to enjoy a more intensive and effective treatment. Our team offers two main whitening methods that deliver amazing results: the KöR Deep Whitening System and Home Whitening Kits.

Tooth whitening uses ingredients that destroy stains and stains on tooth enamel, as well as tetracycline stains. Using professional quality products, patients can experience up to 16 shades brighter whiteness with this effective deep bleaching solution. People 14 and older can enjoy the benefits of teeth whitening products for a brighter smile.

Best Teeth Whitening In Houston

Many patients in the Houston area ask the dentist about the cost of teeth whitening. This depends on many different factors. KöR in-office whitening is more expensive than take-home whitening kits, but delivers immediate results. Patients must decide which whitening solution best fits their budget, schedule, and desired results. Our skilled dental team can work with patients to find the right treatment for the severity of their discoloration.

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In addition, patients are advised to undergo a full professional examination beforehand to remove plaque and tartar that could affect the results obtained. There are additional costs associated with this that should be included in the cost estimate for the initial treatment.

Patients are advised to visit Vivid Dental for the exact cost of teeth whitening. Our team conducts a thorough physical examination to ensure patients are the right candidates for our quality solutions. Patients in and around Houston, TX are invited to contact our office and learn more about advanced whitening treatments that will dramatically transform their smile. Your smile is one of the first things someone will notice when they meet you. If you have stained, dull, or discolored teeth, teeth whitening may be a good option for you.

Even healthy teeth age over time. The main causes of discolored teeth are genetics, antibiotics, tobacco and certain foods. As we age, our teeth also darken.

Teeth whitening is a simple and effective way to brighten your smile. A white smile can make you look younger and feel more confident.

Zoom Teeth Whitening In Houston

If you don’t like the color of your teeth, you’re not alone. 80 percent of adults want white teeth. No wonder, because a bright smile can turn back time to looking younger, boost self-confidence, and even improve your social and professional life.

If you’re like most patients, careful home care helps maintain oral health, but it doesn’t help removing stains from food, drink, medication, and periods. That’s why our dentist offers Zoom! brightening. When you visit our teeth whitening practice, we protect the lips and gums first, and then use Zoom. teeth whitening gel A special low-temperature light activates the bleaching solution very quickly. The gel then penetrates the enamel and removes deep stains and stains.

You no longer have to live with dull, yellow teeth. In just one hour, your teeth can be up to ten white. A bright, radiant smile can change the way others see you and how you feel. So what are you waiting for? Speed ​​up your zoom! A white product that will bring a smile to your face.

Experienced patients know that a new dental treatment can be individual and relaxing. Our dental practice offers specialized care for long-lasting, beautiful results. Contact our dental office to make an appointment with our dentist today.

Teeth Whitening Services In South Houston

Take home the whitening trays and gel and we will give you the whitening gel. The goal of this program is to keep your teeth and gums healthy and your smile bright and beautiful for a lifetime.

Your teeth and gums must be healthy enough for teeth whitening. Before we recommend whitening to you, we will carefully examine your smile. Contact Gloss Dental for more information or to schedule a consultation with our dentist today.

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If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that you have to enable or disable cookies each time you visit this website. When it comes to teeth whitening, there are so many options that it can be difficult to decide which treatment is best for you. Below is an overview of the options available and the results you can expect from each.

There are whitening toothpaste formulas that can give you results, but the difference will be minimal. Whitening toothpaste is good for people who normally have white teeth but may have yellow stains and need whitening power.

If you’ve had white teeth in the past but notice they’re starting to stain your everyday foods and drinks, a whitening toothpaste may be all your teeth need. Go back or prevent new spots from forming.

Toothpaste is also a good option and may only be an option for people with very sensitive teeth.

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Some white paper (also available over the counter) can work well. When making your choice, check the label to see the percentage of bleaching power contained in the stated formula. Just remember that the levels of carbamide and peroxide are different.

Also look at how long you wear layers and how often. Of course, you want a product that works quickly and doesn’t need to be worn for a long time.

The simplest types of whitening strips are the ones that dissolve on your teeth, saving you the extra (and messy) step of removing the product after each use.

Our dentist in North Houston can offer you a whitening treatment that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Teeth Whitening And Preventive Dental Care

We will make bowls that fit you and give you an energy gel to use with it. With our powerful formula you will see a big difference and notice whiter teeth within days. Optimal results are visible after one to two weeks of use. You can keep your trays indefinitely and touch up when needed.

Tooth sensitivity may occur during this time. To get rid of the discomfort, you can brush regularly with the toothpaste that has the problem. Another option is to reduce the time spent on whitening. For example, you can bleach every other day instead of every other day.

During our professional whitening treatment in Houston, we apply a whitening formula to your teeth that works when we shine a special light on them. We usually conduct three to four sessions in a row, each lasting about 15 minutes.

When your in-office treatment is complete, you will see the same results as after a 2-week professional treatment at home.

Teeth Whitening Dentist Houston

This whitening procedure can cause tooth sensitivity. Even if it’s temporary, the lack of freedom you feel can be difficult for some people. Therefore, this treatment is not recommended for people with very hard teeth.

Call a dentist in North Houston to learn more about all the teeth whitening options available for your smile. We would be happy to assess your teeth and help you decide which solution is best for your situation. Dr. Jon Marc Van Slate offers in-office and at-home teeth whitening solutions to help you achieve a brighter smile. He can discuss the various factors that affect the cost of teeth whitening during your consultation at his Houston, TX dental office. Dr. Van Slate has extensive experience in teeth whitening, giving your smile a natural shade that complements your skin and facial features. He will also consider budget and examine factors that may affect costs such as: B. the treatment in practice and at home and the duration of treatment.

Teeth whitening is a highly individualized procedure, so the cost varies for each patient. During the interview, Dr. Van Slate can discuss various factors that may affect your costs and discuss your goals and budget. Based on this information, recommend the most effective option to achieve your goals. Your total price depends on several factors such as:

Teeth whitening is a relatively inexpensive cosmetic procedure. Whether you choose in-office or at-home treatment, you can enjoy a brighter, brighter smile in just one office visit or two weeks. It’s safe and non-invasive and more effective

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