Best Snorkeling In Fiji

Best Snorkeling In Fiji – In Fiji, all you need is a mask and fins to explore the chaos of colors that await under the soft coral capital of the world.

Fiji is home to some of the best snorkeling spots in the world, and it has unforgettable sites for both beginners and experts. Shutterstock

Best Snorkeling In Fiji

Whether you’re swimming in the river at your destination or going on a cruise on a government tour, don a mask, snorkel, and fins for a glimpse. Fiji’s marine life, you can enjoy the underwater world. for a situation like no other in the world.

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Known as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”, Fiji is home to incredible coral reefs that are home to amazing corals (pink, purple, yellow!) You need to be scuba certified to enjoy it.

Beautiful wonders here and some of the longest coral reefs in the world await in shallow waters with more than 1,000 species of fish, including bright fuchsia anthias, sea turtles and manta rays.

Reef Reef is a great place to start or end a Fiji adventure of a lifetime. Shutterstock

Located in the Strait of Somosomo – between the second largest island of Fiji, Vanua Levu, and Taveni (the third largest island) – Rainbow Reef is a beautiful place to see many soft corals. There are many resorts for diving in this area as people from all over the world come to dive in this legendary place.

Pacific Harbour Snorkel Trip

Somosomo means “good water,” and the flowing water provides the constant nutrients necessary to keep the coral reef healthy. Although the rainbow is actually red, the lake’s name is said to refer to the fact that rainbows often spread across the sky over water.

Stay at Remote Resort in Vanua Levu and you’ll be within a 10-minute boat ride of great snorkeling spots.

Hidden away in the northern part of Viti Levu, Rakiraki is worth the trip to Nadi (about 2.5 hours by car or bus) for the wonderful snorkeling that awaits just off the coast. the river.

With only 32 rooms and 11 rooms, Wolivoli Beach Resort makes a great base for snorkeling right on the beach. But it’s worth paying the money to jump on a cruise ship just to go snorkeling on the shore where the waters are covered with soft corals.

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Before it became a marine reserve in 1997, the waters of the Namena Marine Reserve, located between Fiji’s capitals of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, were at risk of being destroyed by commercial fishing. Today, due to the ban on fishing in this area, the waters of Namena are some of the most popular and alive in Fiji.

Snorkelers marvel at them as they swim over the coral with hundreds of beautiful anthias (small fish) painted in impossible shades of neon fuchsia and tangerine. Among the big animals you can see here are the gray reef shark and the big-eyed paper. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji runs a daily boat trip from its base in Vanua Levu, which is about 40 minutes from the resort, to explore the mountain peaks of Namena.

On the south coast of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, Lake Beka is famous for its shark diving, with regular sightings of sharks and tiger sharks, among many other species. A gentle yet enjoyable experience awaits snorkelers who will go on a snorkeling trip to the lagoon on a Pacific cruise.

The boat tour takes you about 15 minutes from the shore to the cliff where you can see the chimney-like houses from the sea and the view often stretches 100 feet. Look for clouds of beautiful tropical fish called fusilliers and keep an eye out for giant clams, their robes, and the fish that make things out of their anemones.

Top 5 Best Beaches In Fiji

It is difficult to get certified as a diver to dive with Fiji sharks. Intrepid snorkelers find the opportunity to dive into the waters with white edges and black fish on the Moiya Reef, from Nadi to Kuata Island, the gateway to the Yasawa Islands.

Kuata Island Barefoot Day Trips from Denarau Marina in Viti Levu to Kuata Island. The boat takes about two hours, then you will be on your own at the resort on Cuata Island for the day, and then on a small boat for a trip of about a minute. 20 at Moia Reef to snorkel with sharks. In between you can enjoy kayaking, SUP and lunch at a lodge as part of a day trip package before returning to Nadi.

Easily accessible from Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu, the public beach at Natadola Bay is another great place to don your gear and fins for a Fiji snorkeling session. The beach is located on the coral coast of Viti Levu, just an hour south of Nadi International Airport.

Once you’re off shore, you’re likely to see sergeant fish with split ends and schools of large, beautiful parrot fish. If you find a sand patch, look for rays that hide their fins under the sea.

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Based at the luxurious InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa in Natadola Bay you’ll have DIY snorkeling on your doorstep during your stay.

In addition to its unique coral, the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef is also home to a variety of fish, including sharks, tuna, and giant trellis. Shutterstock

When you go on a tour of the fourth largest island of Fiji, Kadavu, you will be truly tempted by the beautiful hard corals like the structures dreamed of by the caesian spirits. The main attraction here is the opportunity to snorkel along the world’s fourth largest barrier reef, the Great Astrolab Barrier Reef, which stretches 60 kilometers along Kadavu.

Matawa is a resort that not only caters to divers, but also to snorkelers, who take boat trips to enjoy the surrounding coral. The guides are experts in seeing a variety of small animals, including sea horses. Be sure to take your eyes off the beautiful rocks and check out the deep blue, where you might be lucky enough to spot an eagle or a manta ray passing by.

Tropical Fiji Islands Getaway · Adriana Maria

Fiji is one of the few places in the world where snorkelers can swim with Manta rays. It’s an experience that will take your breath away. Draka Island in the Yasawa region is known as Manta Ray Island, because the feathered animals are often seen on the coast here between the months of May and October, when they come to feed on water that contains plankton.

Barefoot Manta Island has a collection of reefs and reefs and is the base for a boat trip through the nearby channel to snorkel with the beautiful animals.

This tropical island retreat in the Mamanuca chain is accessible by day trip from Nadi or from one of the many resorts on the island. For one of the best experiences, stay at Six Senses Fiji and snorkel on the resort’s secret boat to a site called Supermarket, where the hard corals are in excellent condition and almost to be a shark sighting.

Big Blue Fiji is a private catamaran operator that takes snorkelers on charters and excursions to beautiful spots in the Mamanucas and beyond.

Snorkel Fiji, Best Snorkeling Resorts Fiji Islands

You can snorkel every day and never get tired of diving at Oneta Resort, which is located on Ono Island, a small island in the northeastern part of Kadavu.

Oneta Reef is buzzing with tropical fishing activities. You can see thresher sharks dropping fish near the coral heads, fish making their way along the water’s edge, and eels and sea snakes running between holes and reefs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to board one of these cruise ships for a 10-minute ride to nearby Manta Ray Harbor, where the giant animals come from the resident cleaners to clean up. them.

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