Best Slots To Play In Wendover

Best Slots To Play In Wendover – , state of Nevada. Looking at the monthly statistics on the Nevada Gaming Commission website, I found a pretty interesting situation in college

In late October 2018, an audience member named Lyle, who I had never heard of before, sent an email asking for advice on how to play slots. Specifically, he said he got free airfare and lodging for a 3-day trip to Wendover.

Best Slots To Play In Wendover

This is it. That’s Lyle’s question. From him, aside from the obvious facts, I learned something important that I should consider when answering Lyle’s question. In particular, he gets a free ride.

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To get such freebies, he would have to bet enough to earn them. This assumption does not necessarily mean that Lyle is playing with high limits. But that means he would certainly have to be a fairly frequent gambler to earn that kind of traveling salary.

So my estimation allowed me to determine a reasonable set of search parameters to use to answer your question, including

, state of Nevada. It’s two cities in one, split fairly evenly down the middle on the Nevada-Utah border. Across the Nevada border is West Wendover. There is on the other side of the border

West Wendover, Nevada has a casino and other amenities such as a golf course. This includes the Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino, located less than 50 feet from the Nevada-Utah state line.

Fort Hall Casino

, Utah has more than a few restaurants and hotels. It is also home to Wendover Airport (ENV), a state airport owned by the county until 1976, formerly Wendover Air Force Base.

West Wendover had an estimated population of 6,700 in 2012 and is part of Elko County, Nevada. When I talk about state game statistics, you need to know what district it belongs to.

, Utah has less than half the population of West Wendover, Nevada. In 2008, 1,632 inhabitants lived here.

I mentioned the town of West Wendover in Elko County in my review of Nevada Slots. Located 363 miles north of Las Vegas, it reportedly had five casinos.

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These five casinos are commercial (not tribal) casinos. However, Montego Bay, Peppermill and Rainbow are owned by the same company. Red Garter and Wendover Nugget are owned by another company.

Also, West Wendover was mentioned in my Utah slots review. Although all gambling is effectively illegal in Utah, West Wendover is relatively close to many Utahns. West Wendover is actually just 123 miles west of Salt Lake City, Utah.

In my answer to Lyle’s question, I started by providing links to the West Wendover Casino website. But what else could I provide? For those who have been to my blog, you may have come across my main web article on Casino Success Rating.

Here I discuss using online resources to better understand what a remote casino has to offer. That is, before the on-site physical assessment is carried out.

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Frankly, having never been to Wendover on the eastern border of Nevada, I haven’t found out what I can, which I would recommend anyone to visit the state game commission and find available game statistics.

Although every state is different and some states do not offer any gambling statistics, the Nevada Commission offers fairly comprehensive information on gambling revenue.

Want Las Vegas Strip Casino Penny Payout Statistics? It is. How about a quarter slot in downtown Las Vegas? Yes, they are also available. Similarly detailed chargeback statistics are provided throughout Nevada.

When I responded to Lyle’s question via email in early November 2018, monthly statistics were only available through the end of August. At the time of this blog post in mid-November 2018, statistics for September 2018 were available, but statistics for October were not yet available.

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Using the return statistics available at the time, these were the first two parts of my answer to Lyle’s question:

It’s all pretty basic information that I’m happy to provide. Low limit slot players may prefer that the best payout statistics are for lower denomination slots. But the real numbers don’t show that.

August 2018 gambling revenue information provided by all casinos to the state gambling commission shows that West Wendover’s $5 slot machines had a return of 100% minus 3.61% with a win percentage of 96.39%. For $1 slots in West Wendover for August 2018, it was slightly lower at 96.23%.

But then I remembered that Lyle was earning a free ride. Therefore, he may be interested in high limit slots. So I also looked at the chargeback notice.

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And when it comes to high limit slots for West Wendover, I saw something incredibly strange in the gaming revenue report for August 2018. For $25 slots, the payback percentage was over 100%. What??

Another small but relevant piece of information that the Nevada Commission provides along with all the other details is as follows. Includes the number of slots for each payout stat.

This is important because Fr. The August 2018 26-month gaming revenue report shows how many $25 slot machines there were each month in West Wendover, Nevada.

Can you guess how useful this information can be when the payout statistics for $25 West Wendover slots sometimes exceed 100%? This information is helpful because it CAN HELP US FIND THAT WINNING SLOT!!

How To Find Slot Machines That Are Most Likely To Hit

In my email response to Lyle, I reviewed the monthly payouts for the past 4 months, May through August 2018. I have the latest September 2018 payouts posted for West Wendover $25 slots:

Note that last September the payout yield for $25 slots was significantly lower than for all other slot denominations. So let’s talk about what it means.

In September 2018, after at least 4 previous months of high returns for Wendover, payout returns dropped from close to or over 100% to significantly lower than all other slot denominations.

By the way, did I ever mention that there are edge slots? Did I also mention that when I’m not helping you, I have a vested interest in gambling to be such a profitable slot player? Whether he mentioned it before or not, they are.

Not Sure If This Is Able To Be Figured Out. But This Slot Machine Is In Wendover Nv, Is There Anyway To Find Out How Much $$$ Was Won??

And as I’ve said in interviews, but maybe not on this blog, I’m like a magician telling the audience how a trick works. You know, the wizard in the black mask who turns the scene around so you can see his assistant climbing out of a little hole so he doesn’t get cut in half or something?

This is me. As part of what I offer, I explain how the slot machine trick works. Namely how the machines look, how they are used and how to optimize them for maximum profit.

So when I say that all hope is not lost for finding a $25 winning slot at one of the five West Wendover casinos, consider the following scenario:

The scenario behind this logic hinges on the fact that the odds of winning have fallen by about 10% since mid-August 2018. So the payroll earnings in the report did not show a 10% drop in 1 month, but rather a 10% drop in 2 months of reporting.

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A 10% chance drop seems like an excessive amount of randomness to me, and it’s completely random. From the highest you’ve ever seen to the lowest? When the high lasted for months and the low was caused by a sudden change? No, it doesn’t seem random to me. It’s not random.

As I know I have mentioned many times in my blog articles, many casinos have their own control over their slot machines. This does not apply to video lottery terminals operated by state lotteries, but Nevada is not set up that way. Some other states do, but Nevada doesn’t.

In Nevada, casinos can change the odds on their slot machines however they want, as long as they stay within legal limits. And the legal minimum for refunds in Nevada is 75%, not that it’s a good idea to set it that low. However, it would actually be legal.

So what should we do? What is our next step? If last month’s earnings stats still show a strong return, I’d recommend going to Wendover and risking spending some disposable income on their existing $25 slots. If I were there, I would definitely rate the casino physically as well as the offerings elsewhere.

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Here is what I advised Lyle to consider using the information available at the time. But what is happening now that September’s payment profitability statistics were so low? As usual in these circumstances, further research and thought is necessary.

In my opinion, the next step is to look at the $25 slot payouts in Wendover last summer, from May to August 2017. Is there a pattern? Was there also a high return on payments then? High profits are active

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