Best Seats For Beatles Love Show In Vegas

Best Seats For Beatles Love Show In Vegas – The Love Theater is designed so that every seat has a perfect view of the theater. The seats are divided into three sections including the Lower Orchestra,

Lower Orchestra (Sections 101-108): Ticket prices here tend to be higher, but they also offer seats that offer the most up-close and personal experience of all the action.

Best Seats For Beatles Love Show In Vegas

Upper Orchestra (Sections 201 – 209): Seats here will find the best middle ground, striking a strong balance between price and the ability to see all the complexities of the show.

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Balcony (sections 303-306): Balcony seats are the cheapest and are the furthest away from the performance area, but fortunately you still have a full view of the entire stage.

Although this issue is often controversial, many believe that the Upper Orchestra (Sections 201-209) offers the best view of the show and would be chosen as the best seats. We describe them as close enough to feel the action live, but close enough to easily see the entire stage at once.

One of the advantages of a circular stage is that the playing field is good, no matter how far you sit. For this reason, Balcony seats offer the best value. You will enjoy the show to the fullest and won’t break the bank.

Find the best seats for The Beatles – use the seat map to select and compare all seats.

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The Love Theater is located near the center of the casino at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Home to a psychedelic entrance filled with bright colors and great photo opportunities. The hall has 2,013 seats and is built in a circular shape, giving every guest an unobstructed view of the entire stage. Padded seats provide comfort throughout the show filled with acrobats and your favorite Beatles music. Cirque du Soleil® is an acrobatic ode to the iconic Fab Four. The beautiful soundtrack by Giles Martin, son of the famous Beatles producer Sir George Martin, a three-time Grammy Award winner, sets the background for spectacular aerial acrobatics, amazing production technology, new colorful images and creative performances.

Cirque du Soleil® tells a unique story from every angle. You will be able to immerse yourself in the process and see a unique performance!

See the seating arrangements here and choose the option you want. You will be assigned the best seats available at the time of booking.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a refund or change or cancel your booking for this product, due to our partner policy.

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Beatles Love Las Vegas Review

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Cirque Du Soleil: The Beatles Love Tickets

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Enjoy stunning waterfalls and view amazing wildlife, go on a 12-mile kayak adventure, visit a cave sauna and relax in the hot springs! When Cirque du Soleil released “The Beatles: LOVE” at the Mirage 10 years ago, it was a first in many ways. The well-designed 360-degree cinema had an impressive sound system with speakers built into the seats. Complex platforms quickly changed sets from one sequence to another. Hi-tech projections have created the illusion of a unique concert experience that cannot be seen anywhere else.

And the biggest thing of all… the Montreal-based acrobatic company built its first act around live music – the Fab Four. Hundreds of Beatles works were intricately woven into a musical tape that defies definition. It was made with the love of LOVE by Sir George Martin (aka “the fifth Beatle”) and his son Giles with the blessings of Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison, George’s widow.

Much has changed in the past ten years, especially in the relationship between Cirque and Las Vegas. Other collaborations resulted in productions with Michael Jackson (a hit), Elvis Presley (a flop) and Criss Angel (where do we begin?). With the closing of Zarkana two weeks ago (their second show failure at Aria), it’s clear that CDS has raised their brand on the Strip. But The Beatles: LOVE began … and ended … a crowd pleaser.

Pirates Adventure Show Ticket

For LOVE’s 10th anniversary, Cirque has taken on the challenge of re-imagining, updating and revising what is already considered by many to be the best show in town. It’s a risky proposition, but with Giles and original art director Dominic Champagne at the helm, the update is nearly flawless… and pretty good.

Those who are not familiar with the series… or have not seen it many times (this author has fourteen or more) will not care about the subtle changes. But the new sound system, improved video elements and three-dimensional projection stand out as state-of-the-art.

The level of LOVE is much stronger in this new form. What once started as a slow build to an explosive event and then back to a World War II celebration sequence is now a slow progression thanks to the addition of Twist and Shout.

Little attention is paid to the Beatles as children (in fact, only three child actors were present at the press event I attended, but their low roles did not make it stand out). Another absence, seemingly permanent, was the character of “Eleanor Rigby” (presented from the beginning by the beloved Brazilian actress Silvia Aderne).

Cirque Du Soleil Is Back In Las Vegas

It seems that the song sequences and stages are now meant to reflect the emotional interpretation of the Beatles’ personality, rather than the chronological history of their rise. LOVE has always been a dream, with surreal visions and colors. Now the show is even more exciting, with elaborate costumes and props that are alive and dynamic. Marvels, such as characters and sea creatures from The Yellow Submarine and Octopus Garden, populate every corner of the huge arena.

Two main figures were re-enacted by replacing the puppet with imagination. Lady Madonna threw away the yellow dance tiles, and the once black floor now has an animated moving multi-colored surface that turns into a living Twister game board.

While removing My Guitar Softly Weeps he made the giant images of letters. In her place, a lone female character now plays with a male figure who moves, changes and flies from one screen to another across the hall. The scenes are hard to describe, but their beauty brought tears to my eyes.

The most popular sequence – and a fan favorite – is a large sheet spread across the audience during the Inside You Without You / Tomorrow Doesn’t Know medley. The play remains, but from my place of residence it is not clear whether what happened on the screen has been adapted (the statement can only make sense if you have seen LOVE in the past). Watch the YouTube video below to see the step-by-step drop-down menu.

Beatles Themed Cirque Du Soleil Show Set

Speaking of the previous version, it is important to note that four members of the band were previously seen in silhouette until the last moments. Now their faces are front and center, sometimes with recordings synchronized to the soundtrack. That performance and a few others may need to be fixed (the show was temporarily suspended the night I attended, due to a glitch) in the weeks leading up to the official 10th anniversary celebration.

The gala, scheduled for July 14, promises the return of Ringo, McCartney and widowed John and George to the official event. Yours truly has already secured a ticket to the show, will be flying to Vegas that evening and I hope to bring you photos and videos from the red carpet.

Meanwhile, it’s nice to know that one of my favorite Vegas shows is as great as ever. Whether you’re a fan of the Liverpool Four, Cirque du Soleil or just a great production, The Beatles: LOVE remains one of the best and most satisfying shows in town. Don’t miss it.

The Beatles: LOVE runs from Thursday to Monday at 19:00 and 21:30 at the Mirage Hotel Casino. Tickets start at $79 plus taxes/fees and

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