Best Restaurants In Carcassonne

Best Restaurants In Carcassonne – The magnificent citadel of Carcassonne – a city included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. We have prepared a list of restaurants for lunch or dinner with family or friends. In the heart of Carcassonne or outside Carcassonne, you will find everything you need for an unforgettable meal.

Le Compte Roger, located in the heart of the medieval city of Carcassonne. Homemade cuisine with a new design in a beautiful modern restaurant with natural colors and a tree-lined terrace. You will taste delicious dishes carefully prepared by Chef Pierre Mesa.

Best Restaurants In Carcassonne

Le Clos des Framboisiers offers an a la carte menu for €35 with soup, appetizer, main course, cheese and dessert.

Menu Of La Barbacane, Carcassonne, Pl. Auguste Pierre Pont

Store; Phone: 00 33 468 47 41 17 Address: 8 rue des framboisiers, 11000 CarcassonnePizzeria Rabah Zaoui

If you want great pizzas in Carcassonne, on the spot or to eat, Rabah Zaoui is the master pizzeria and the master of France and the world of pizza. Discover the brilliance of his original recipe. It also offers courses for pizzerias.

Awards; Pizza World Champion in Salsomaggiore, Italy French Champion Pizza Tour in Paris French Taglia Pizza Vice-Champion 2009 French Taglia Cup Champion 2009 Vice-Champion French Classic Cup 2009 Best Classic Pizza 2008 46th in the World in Italy 2009 3rd place al taglio and 3rd place Parmigiano Regiano in Salsomaggiore, Italy at the 2011 World Cup.

An excellent restaurant with 2 Michelin stars. An elegant place, in a warm and peaceful atmosphere with an exceptional culinary selection.

Restaurant Tribe Carcassonne

I am the director of the Pure France forum and also the presenter of Pure France TV, which offers high quality rental properties throughout France. You may never have heard of Carcassonne, but it has been a place to visit since the 6th century BC. I won’t go too much into the history, you’ll learn everything there anyway, but the “Cite” in the center of Carcassonne has been so conquered, rebuilt and rebuilt that almost every brick looks like it belongs to another century. .

The Romans held it from 122 BC, the Saracens from 725 BC. And finally the French royal family moved there in 1224. Unsurprisingly, I’d fight a war or two if it meant owning this gigantic medieval building unlike any other in Europe. But these days it’s not cannons and drawbridges that protect Carcassonne, it’s not one, but two UNESCO heritage sites. Basically, not only will you get the sun and scenery in this city, but you’ll also get a lot of history and insight into French origins (optional, of course).

It’s not every day, or even every day, that you get to stay within the walls of a medieval castle. I have never been to a hotel before where the reception roads go over a drawbridge, over the ramparts and turn right at the Roman tower. The Hotel de la Cité is a completely unique hotel that was built in 1909, expanded in 1913 and 1927 and is now one of the best hotels in France to stay at. It received its fifth star in 2010, and there are only three such hotels in Languedoc-Roussillon.

Obviously, not everything is cheap (a classic room starts at around €220 per night), but the hotel is offering three nights for the price of two, perfect for a long weekend. The thing is, if it’s an opportunity and you want to spend a little more time in a certain place, I assure you, you will not be disappointed. From the impeccably designed rooms to the large walled garden, every aspect of this hotel exudes the best of French class and culture. Our room had its own terrace and a view of the city, but even if you don’t have a view of the city, you can still have everything for breakfast on the terrace overlooking Carcassonne.

Best Things To Do In Carcassonne, France [with Tours]

Since it is inside the walls, it is ideally located for visiting the ancient city. But the main part of Carcassonne is just a hidden alley and a ten minute walk away. However, you may be tempted to spend the afternoon (like us) by the hotel’s spectacular pool. Carefully swimming past the thousand-year-old fort, you can’t help but feel a little satisfied as tourists try to reach the top through the surrounding giant trees.

If you are staying more than two nights and want to “get away from the Cité”, Chateau La Villatade is a good option. A 30 minute drive north of Carcassonne in a much more rural setting, and by much more rural I mean in the middle of nowhere. My suggestion is to buy all the BBQ ingredients on the way up as the rooms have their own BBQ (but there are no shops near the property). Set on 127 acres of vines without a house or car in sight, the Chateau is a place where you can live and feel almost as out of the office as possible. Briefly about the pool here, it was actually a pool used for irrigation in the 18th century and has since been renovated to create a 26m natural water pool that will have you feeling rejuvenated in minutes. It will make you happier/fresher/generally better.

We ate here on our first night in the medieval town. Far from the crowds, it is located in a lively square with a unique view of the Comtal Palace. The prices are reasonable and the food is delicious. I had a set menu for about 15 euros which included a local cassoulet. A rich, slow-cooked stew originating from the south of France, containing meat and white beans. Okay, a big bowl of beans might not be your first choice in the French heat, but it’s surprisingly easy and if you want to try it, I’d give this one a go.

In the center of the medieval city, this bar is located in a secret garden surrounded by a large chestnut tree. It’s a really fun place to have a few drinks before or after dinner and they regularly have nights that go into the early hours. There’s nothing better than dancing in a French castle, so head there for the night and meet the locals.

Hôtel De La Cité

Au Jardin de la Tour is located near the Hotel de la Cité. You might not see it at first, but through a small door is a large courtyard with tables scattered under trees and hedges. The dishes are traditional and inspired by the Mediterranean, make sure to make a reservation because it’s a popular place with a few tables. You can’t leave town without eating goat cheese salad (everyone seems to serve it), but theirs was delicious.

The restaurant within the hotel is attractive and modern with decorative wooden paneling and stained glass windows, as well as a view of the hotel garden and beyond. Again, it’s more expensive than the other restaurants listed here, but that’s probably because it’s the only Michelin restaurant in the medieval citadel.

In addition to more unique restaurants, Carcassonne has plenty of places for those on a budget. During the day, be sure to grab some granite from one of the shops on the cobbled streets, settle in one of the many squares and do some people watching. The medieval town must surely win the prize for the highest density of sweets in an area. Pick and mix chocolate bars are hard to resist and shouldn’t be, you’re only there once. Finally, Place Marcou in the Cité has a great atmosphere and six or seven casual restaurants offering decent food at reasonable prices.

Château de Pennautier Located just a 15-minute drive from Carcassonne, Château de Pennautier is the perfect place to visit for anyone looking to learn more or simply drink some of the region’s best wines. However, unlike other wineries you can visit, Château de Pennautier is much more than wine tasting.

Hotel De La Cite Carcassonne

The castle itself has been here since 1620, and the estate has lived in the same family since day one. Today, the family still lives in the incredible original château built by Louis XIII and occupies 160 hectares of vineyards with ten varieties of grapes. The owner’s wife, Mirren, transformed his wine business, turning Château de Pennautier into a prestigious wine producer and popular destination.

Getting into the castle can be a little difficult, as it is rented out as an entire property to those who can afford it, with 22 4-star bedrooms, 30 hectares of parkland and a capacity of 400 people. However, they do offer group or individual tours on Wednesdays. Next to the Château is an excellent on-site restaurant with some of the best food we had on our trip (all washed down with Pennautier wine), as well as a boutique and wine bar (tip: you can do a wine tasting.

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