Best Resorts In El Salvador

Best Resorts In El Salvador – Until recently, El Salvador was not on the average tourist trail. And in fact, travel in Central America today is even less, with several resort options. Located in the North Pacific Ocean and surrounded by Guatemala and Honduras, this small country (21,000 km2) has a large population in the area, with approximately six million inhabitants.

Before we get to the best places to visit in El Salvador, it’s worth noting that El Salvador is one of the best places for food in the world, and it’s fun to explore the options yourself. Then consider whether an all-inclusive option is right for you, or whether a beach vacation like the one below is more your style.

Best Resorts In El Salvador

VIDEO: El Tunco Beach, El Salvador | Surf and have fun every day | 90+ countries with 3 children.

The Complete Guide To Surfing In El Salvador

A trip to El Salvador was once one of the most popular tourist destinations because it was known as the murder capital of the world. Such headlines don’t do justice to tourist spots that are usually as safe as anywhere else. The conflict stems from inter-gang clashes in the country’s major cities, such as San Salvador, and mainly in neighborhoods where gangs attack each other. Many families visit El Salvador and enjoy a wonderful vacation every year in a place that is easy to navigate with a small and simple mind.

If you’re in a big city, take a taxi home and don’t be surprised at night. There’s a lot to do in El Salvador, and you don’t have to just stay at a resort. Let your driver take you on a guided tour, see the Mayan sites. You will find that this country is very affordable.

El Salvador is home to many different landscapes and nature reserves, including cloud or rainforest or volcanoes. Hundreds of kilometers of coastline have warm temperatures throughout the year, with an average temperature of 25C.

Decameron Park in Los Cobanos is one of several integrated parks in El Salvador. This is a full-scale Mayan resort. Promoted as an all-inclusive beach resort, the resort lives up to the brand with five pools and a full schedule. As with many resorts in the area, beach conditions can vary slightly and the advice is to avoid swimming in the sea from time to time if for any reason, usually waves or sea bites. Fortunately, there is a flag system to keep you informed of swimming conditions, and due to the park’s proximity to the beach, it’s easy to catch. It offers direct access to the beach.

Best Surf Resorts In El Salvador

So take advantage of the many activities around the park and if the weather is nice, go to the beach, try things like paddle boarding, scuba diving and kayaking.

Royal Decameron Salinitas Resort is located just 90 kilometers from San Salvador. You can enjoy a free drink at any of the four bars, and of course there are buffets for breakfast and dinner. Importantly, this resort also offers you the option of a la carte dining.

Included drinks are usually limited to domestic and non-alcoholic options. There is also good entertainment for both children around the park, including nightly shows.

Some restaurants have an international buffet with breakfast, lunch and dinner overlooking the lake and the sea. Another food court restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thai restaurant (a la carte). Steakhouse, Italian pasta and Mexican.

Is El Salvador Safe?

Playa Las Flores is eco-friendly and makes the most of its prime location to enhance the resort-style experience. The resort itself attracts many waves and is located on a small warm stream, complete with a black sand beach created by springs.

This is a small resort with only 15 rooms. But it’s the type of resort that visitors are increasingly looking for after COVID. Surfing is permitted with caution and there is plenty of room to maneuver in this area with 7 acres of beach.

Disclosure: Although show and affiliate earnings are tied to the performance of our parent network, this means reviews may be independent. There are some places that are perfect for planning your entire trip – cutting-edge hotels, award-winning restaurants, local dive bars or unparalleled wineries. Hotel Palo Verde in La Libertad, El Salvador is one such place.

About an hour’s drive from the center of San Salvador is a long scenic drive for tourists. Hotel Palo Verde is a hotel on the coast of El Salvador and one of the first of its kind. “My business model is based on sustainability,” says owner Camilo Menendez. “Sustainability has three dimensions: economic, social and environmental.”

Why El Salvador Is The Trendiest Country To Travel To In 2022

Many people don’t realize that El Salvador is a four-hour flight from New York City, with pristine beaches, seafood, and hiking. It has 23 mountains, 191 miles of coastline, and forests full of natural resources like coffee, indigo, and sugar, but El Salvador is often overlooked because of the ongoing intergroup violence in some parts of the country.

As locals like Menendez invest in tourism, El Salvador may begin to see the number of visitors it deserves.

A stay at Palo Verde doesn’t just give you a beautiful vacation home in El Salvador: Menendez is committed to promoting his country’s vision and economic sustainability, and he built his hotel with sustainability in mind. Palo Verde’s outdoor location requires no air conditioning, and the hotel’s gardens are irrigated by harvested rainwater; The request should be left at the counter when you are ready to shower so they can turn on the hot water instead of holding it 24/7. The hotel’s Olor de Mar restaurant serves local fish prepared as ceviche and bans straws. The 10 rooms are spacious, half of them overlooking the infinity pool and the sea beyond.

From late April to mid-November, professional surfers visit when the waves are at their peak, but you’ll find a mix of beachgoers year-round—mostly from Europe, where Americans rarely do. Consider the country’s request. yet.

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As in all surf towns, free play is the name of the game here. Don’t overdo it – you’ll spend most of your time on the beach anyway.

The water is good “out of season” for beginners, but there is still activity on the water during these months. Clean and uncrowded beaches are available year-round for all types of vacationers.

In addition to the hotel, the port of La Libertad has three of the best surfing spots in the world: El Zonte, Punta Rosa and El Tunco. El Tunco has a vibe like no other coastal community in the world. Known as the Festival Zone, this is where the biggest concentration of bars and restaurants – and foreign visitors – can be found. Order ceviche at Juanita’s, enjoy live music at La Guitarra, and dance at Blu. Disclaimer: This page may contain affiliate links. See our policy here. Never leave without travel insurance.

This small country in Central America is also a country with a big heart. Despite the violence in the capital San Salvador and La Libertad, I found the people of El Salvador to be very hospitable and welcoming. Crime statistics should not be ignored, El Salvador is a very peaceful country. Read more about safety in El Salvador here. Remote areas such as Suchitoto and La Rutas de Las Flores are great places to discover the country’s traditional culture and delicacies. There are volcanoes for climbing and inactive waves for surfing. You can read my full guide to El Salvador here.

The 10 Best Beach Hotels In El Cuco, El Salvador

Although Salvador is not full of good accommodation, San Salvador has beautiful colonial hotels and international chains. My advice when visiting El Salvador is to look for local hotels, which are common in the country. They will be very hospitable and you will be able to experience El Salvador from a local perspective. If you’re a surfer or a traveler looking for a beach, there are plenty of great options for you.

Below is a list of the best places to stay in El Salvador, compiled through experience and extensive research and many conversations with my hosts in Suchitoto, Los Almendros de San Lorenzo, who were very generous in offering their research knowledge. The best resorts and hotels in El Salvador, they recommend themselves.

Suchitoto is a small, peaceful and safe colonial town about 90 minutes from the capital city of San Salvador and the airport of Salvador. This is a good base

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