Best Resorts In Albania

Best Resorts In Albania – Well, take a look before you pick up your pitchfork – there’s no saying the Italian Riviera isn’t one of the greatest and most valuable destinations in the world. No doubt about it. We’re just saying that there’s an unfair amount of attention paid to places you already know, it’s expensive, and if you’re smart – it means there are destinations that need to be explored less now, before someone else does.

I think it’s because my dad ruined the trip for me. As an American, he discovered Europe in the 1960s when you could live on $2 a day, and I’ve hated him ever since. Although that dream is long gone, Albania may be the closest – and even if it doesn’t come cheap, the sights, food and culture are worth it. Here’s everything you need to know about this underrated (and underrated) gem…

Best Resorts In Albania

Geography lessons in Europe are always fun, partly because they are usually surprising. The Albanian Riviera is just a few kilometers across the water from Corfu on the Greek border, and geographically you can’t get any closer to Puglia in Italy and places along the ‘boat’.

Best Beach Holidays In Albania

If you’ve never been told about a beautiful coastline before, it might help to realize that Albania is right in the middle of many of Europe’s iconic beaches and coastlines. Think the best of Greece and Italy, but at prices that will surprise you.

Getting to Albania is not as difficult as it used to be. Top European airlines such as Lufthansa and British Airways now offer direct flights to Tirana, Albania, as well as many budget carriers such as Wizz Air, Alitalia and Pegasus. But it is still more than 4 hours drive to the beach.

Instead, the smart game is to catch one of the endless flights to nearby Corfu. Not only does it create opportunities for two little couples during the trip, but it also saves hours on earth. Just a 30 minute ferry ride from Corfu to the heart of the Albanian Riviera.

If you are looking for a place that has beautiful beaches, great food and an impressive heritage, but does not have an exorbitant price tag – this could be you.

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The Albanian Riviera offers the best of clear blue waters, sandy beaches and relaxed living in an area that is still largely under development. If you have to compare it directly with other places, it is probably Greece. Deep blue waters, beautiful cliffs, fresh seafood and a relaxed lifestyle – all served with enviable charm.

When it’s not sold, a bottle of wine costs about $5 for the good stuff. You won’t get a resort for $700 a night in Greece or Italy, but if you want something extraordinary for less than $70, this is the place.

Let’s be honest: nothing here fits into the “touristy” pop culture like… Cinque Terre or Mykonos, but this little gem of an Eastern European secret is getting more and more attention every day.

Saranda is the Riviera’s most popular city to explore, but areas like Ksamil, Dhermi and Vuno are areas that tend to win hearts and minds. Here are links to some of Saranda’s hotels on Tripadvisor. There is literally no hotel that costs more than $100 a night, most are around $50, and you can find other hotels for much less. The same applies to Ksamil.

The Best Hotels In Albania For Every Traveller

The hardest thing to overcome is the mentality that the hotel will automatically be terrible for the price, because it really isn’t.

If you want to go further, to a place that almost all critics agree is simply amazing, then Ksamil is the city. All the rustic, charming, authentic and quirky you’re looking for, but with real views like this…

The seafood rivals the best in the world, the beaches are beautiful, small and often half empty, and the town is perfectly positioned to explore nearby cultural attractions, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Butrint.

This is an almost perfectly preserved area from Greek and Roman times with incredible ruins and corners that will make your Instagram followers jealous. Oh, and a bus ride for less than $1 between cities.

Best Hotels In Vlora, Albania

Since we tourists are drawn like butterflies to the flame for all things crystalline, liquid and beautiful blue, there is something else to see on the Albanian Riviera, “Blue eyes”. It is accessible by bus for less than a dollar.

This mysterious natural spring is simply phenomenal to behold, partly because you can’t take your eyes off those deep blue eyes. Imagine a serene and beautiful river-style environment that is definitely worth a visit, but where a 50-meter deep hole, where the most delicious turquoise-blue water bubbles, creates an optical illusion.

Syri I Kalter (Blue Eye) is a highly respected place in Albanian history and was only visited by the elite in the country’s communist days. Some people say it has magical powers, but whether you believe such nonsense or not, you can see it.

This area, like the surrounding Greek and Italian cities, is almost perfect from May to October. Of course, in a place with beautiful beaches and crystal blue water, you really want to enjoy it – so it is very important to have enough heat.

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From June to the end of September there will be a little rain and warm weather. If you have to choose, end of May before the summer rush or mid-September after are the best times to visit. Really, you can’t go wrong.

But more broadly it is about timing. There aren’t many destinations where you can experience something beautiful and unique without a price tag, and this up-and-coming part of the world won’t be under the radar for long. On a related note, bring cash, as ATMs aren’t a “thing” here yet.

Like all great beach escapes, the Albanian Riviera is made special by its natural resources. Right now it’s perfect.

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Resorts In Albania: Best Hotel Deals For 2023

From sandy lagoons and pristine sands to the glory of the Albanian Riviera, here are a selection of the most beautiful beaches on a Culture Trip in Albania.

The south coast of Albania is a photogenic corner of the country: where villages are dotted with cobbled streets and small Orthodox churches. In the interior there is more – a quiet natural spring near Saranda, a lake near the Macedonian border. Most importantly, there is no shortage of beautiful beaches, with pure white and transparent shallow Adriatic waters, rivaling nearby Greece, where you can vacation for half the price.

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If we look west across the Adriatic Sea – towards southern Italy – the Drymades get a particularly fiery sun. But that’s for later – from the moment the sun rises, you see the beautiful blue waters of the Maldives in the bay. There’s a stretch of gravel and a stretch of sand, separated by rocks – and things are never crowded, even in summer. So, if you are looking for a maniac Med alternative, here is the answer.

Best Beaches Near Durres To Enjoy This Summer

Dhërmi, near Drymades, is one of the most famous places of Albania due to its impeccable appearance: pale stones and rocks covered with turquoise water. This beach is one of the longest on the Albanian Riviera; in summer it’s undoubtedly the busiest – and the loudest, with music blasting through the loudspeakers and accommodation filled to the brim. But if you are ready to walk a little, you can find a place for your solitude in August.

Perhaps Albania’s most beloved coastal town, you’ll catch glimpses of tropical blue as you step over the dramatic Llogara Pass and see it below. It is certainly one of the most visited places of beauty on the Albanian Riviera, but it has not lost its charm. There are some very beautiful stretches near the city, including Livadhi, a bay of fine white stones covered with olive trees; and Potami, which is attractively located between the sea and the river.

Against a backdrop of peak countryside, olive trees and grazing goats, Albania’s largest beach is truly stunning: a magical carpet of pure white stones stretching 7km along the Albanian Riviera, washed by the unearthly blue Ionian Sea. . The village of Borsh, about 2 km from the coast, is home to the Albanian Muslim population, and you can find small mosques and sometimes a castle among the green hills beyond.

The coastal city of Saranda is the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera. It is one of the most visited places in the country, for several reasons: the city is close

Ihg Hotels & Resorts To Debut In Albania With Crowne Plaza Durrës, Albania

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