Best Pulmonologist In Bergen County Nj

Best Pulmonologist In Bergen County Nj – According to a statement released by Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco, Bergen County aims to ease the burden on the county’s seniors through the Senior Citizens Initiative.

The proposed effort is to provide more options to the county’s seniors when they can no longer work and consider downsizing, so they don’t have to leave their hometowns.

Best Pulmonologist In Bergen County Nj

“One of the best measures of a society is how it treats its senior citizens,” Tedesco said in a statement. “We in Bergen County are very proud and looking forward to this new friendly initiative to advance opportunities for older Americans.”

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According to the statement, this initiative is part of the country’s effort to become AARP’s network of age-friendly communities, led by the World Health Organization, which aims to promote healthy aging and quality of life for older citizens.

“Senior citizens should not feel that leaving their homes and communities is the only option if they reach a certain age or if they have limited mobility,” freeholder Tom Sullivan said in a statement. “Bergen County residents with roots in our community need to be helped to find ways to stay where they are.

The program contributes to the “eight areas of life”, which include outdoor space and buildings, transport, housing, social participation, social respect and inclusion, civic participation and employment, communication and information, and community support and services. statement

Researching local topics takes time and resources. Readers help these efforts with their subscriptions. Support our journalism and subscribe today. Click here for our special offers.N.J. has the third largest workforce of doctors in the country. This is what health experts are worried about during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nj Coronavirus: Doctors Prep For The Worst, Fear Public Health Crisis

The director of emergency preparedness at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center in Paterson was hospitalized on March 6 with upper respiratory symptoms and a cold and tested positive for the coronavirus a week later.

Pruden was the first known doctor in New Jersey to be hospitalized with COVID-19, but not only, interviews with health care providers revealed. Two members of the New Jersey Physician-Patient Coalition told Advance Media that there are other doctors and nurses in the state who either tested positive for the coronavirus or were sent home for quarantine after experiencing symptoms.

“Now nobody cares about doctors or nurses,” says Dr. Stavros Christudias, president of DPA, an advocacy group whose mission is to create affordable healthcare in the state. “You look at what happened to the doctor at St. Joseph’s – if this happens just 50 times, I’m afraid to even think what will happen.

“I had a pulmonologist who was taking care of these coronavirus patients in the ICU at Pascack Valley (Medical Center), and this guy turned to me and said, ‘When this is over, he could be the last surgeon general in Bergen. in County.’ I turned to him and said, “That’s a terrible idea.”

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A more frightening thought for Christudias is what is known about COVID-19 and what is known about the state’s medical workforce. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that adults 65 and older are at risk of serious illness and death, 36.6% of practicing physicians in New Jersey are over 60, according to a recent report from the Association of American Medical Colleges. . New Jersey ranks third nationally with more than a third of its physicians aged 60 or older, a figure higher than the national average of 30.3%.

“There are 500 surgeons like me in New Jersey, and one of the great things about being a physician in New Jersey is that we’re one of the oldest in the country,” Christudias said. “So our doctors are the most vulnerable.”

Dr. Lawrence Stankowitz, a pediatric orthopedist who serves emergency rooms at four hospitals in Monmouth and Middlesex counties, called New Jersey’s aging physician workforce “very concerning.” in New Jersey, according to figures released Wednesday by state officials.

“We have enough data to show that as you get older, you become more vulnerable to this virus and the risk of hospitalization for critical care or even death increases,” Stankowitz said. “So when you have people over the age of 60 on the front lines who have direct contact with these patients, you have to do everything you can to protect them. We have very limited doctors in this state. You can’t just throw away. something has changed from their experience.”

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While it’s unclear how many doctors and nurses have been hospitalized across the state, medical professionals have compared conditions in some New Jersey hospitals to a “war zone.”

“I call emergency rooms all the time, and what I see is amazing,” Stankowitz said. “The most worrying thing is that when you walk into the hospital, you don’t know what you’re going to find.

“You don’t know if they’re going to give you a bag and a mask and take your temperature so you feel like they’re actually looking at doctors, or you’re going to feel like you’re in The Dark Zone because nobody’s wearing a mask, nobody’s taking your temperature doesn’t try, and that’s usually the case.”

Some health experts fear that the US health care system could collapse because a nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment could expose doctors and nurses to the contagious virus. The desperate state of Italy’s system, where nearly 5,000 health workers have been infected and 23 people have died as a result of the coronavirus, shows the threat.

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“The disease mainly occurs in the elderly population, and unfortunately, Italy and other countries have shown us that older doctors are getting sicker,” Stankowitz said. “Some young doctors got sick and died. That’s also scary. But I think the countries ahead of us a few weeks ago showed us what can happen to these doctors.”

Medical experts say the new coronavirus is a respiratory disease that attacks the lungs and can lead to multiple organ failure in the most severe cases. Patients reported mild to severe respiratory illness with symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

“Who cares about these patients?” Once they’re past emergency room doctors, they’re critical care doctors. These are pulmonologists. And these are cardiologists, said Stankovits.

The 2019 AAMC Workforce Data Report shows alarming numbers when it comes to those lung and heart specialists. 72.4% of the 226 doctors specializing in lung diseases across the country are over 60 years old. The report emphasizes that 53.7% of 943 cardiologists are over 60 years old.

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“We’re talking about more than half of our doctors who are critical to the care of these patients, our most vulnerable,” Stankovic said.

Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China late last year, there was “a growing fear of a shortage of outstanding doctors in New Jersey,” the New Jersey Hospital Association warned in a “strategic report.” He pointed to AAMC statistics, noting that only 13% of New Jersey’s active physicians were under the age of 40, the fifth-lowest percentage in the country at the time.

“New Jersey has an aging population, and that is reflected in the average age of professions, including doctors and nurses,” said Kerry McKean Kelly, HA’s vice president of communications. “Long before the outbreak of COVID-19, we focused on the health care workforce to attract more people to these important professions and to ensure that we have the doctors and those who care for us in the future. we have

So what is the solution? A simple answer may be to provide front-line doctors with the proper protective equipment they need to provide critical care, health experts say.

Bergen County Zoological Park (paramus)

“Why are the doctors and nurses mostly in baggies, a 3M N95 mask that they’re told to reuse — and beanies, when they should be in spacesuits?” ” Stankowitz said. “They should be on something that takes 15 minutes to put together, not 15 seconds. But I still can’t see a picture of anyone caring for a patient in New Jersey wearing a spacesuit, other than the people at the test centers.

“So the solution is essentially an all-out war effort to achieve maximum protection for the greatest number of health care providers.”

Spacesuits and N95 respirators are cheap compared to the cost of losing trained doctors and nurses on the front lines of the pandemic, Stankowitz said.

“Hospitals that say, ‘You have one surgical mask a day,'” he said, “and that’s a completely inadequate response because the probability is very high that you will have contact at some point. with this virus in the hospital.”

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