Best Preschools In San Fernando Valley

Best Preschools In San Fernando Valley – When it comes to our children, sometimes it takes a village, and today we hope to include you. Our parent team has read 4,128 Los Angeles preschool reviews, so you don’t have to.

With over 1,608 charter schools in the Los Angeles area, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect preschool for your child. And there is no list-with-list at all.

Best Preschools In San Fernando Valley

As we read through thousands of responses together, one important thing stood out: Los Angeles has many exemplary schools, teachers, and staff who care about their children. They do everything possible to prepare children well for preschool – and life in general. Most of these reviews just melt our hearts.

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Think of this book as a primer. We cannot list the best preschools in and around Los Angeles, but below are some of the preschools based on parent reviews from the site.

According to one parent, their daughter really asks to go to school almost every morning after enrolling in the next Montessori school in Glendale. Parents recommend this school to educate their children. Many testimonials mention the name of the school principal, Mrs. Zara, who helps her children learn hands-on based on the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Their luxury homes are also frequently mentioned in reviews, praised for cleanliness, size, design and safety.

Next Generation Montessori schools with low child-to-staff ratios teach preschoolers the basic skills they need to succeed in kindergarten, including reading, writing, literary comprehension, and many other subjects in a comprehensive curriculum. . curriculum. What sets Next Generation apart from other elementary schools in Los Angeles is that the curriculum is tailored to each child’s developmental potential, so that a child’s natural talent is nurtured alongside a traditional curriculum. Indoor and outdoor rooms provide fun and entertainment for children.

Apple School in Van Nuys will not only teach you how to repair an iPhone, but it will give your child the foundational experience that will prepare them not only for elementary school, but for life. All parents’ reviews of Apple School show that the various activities of the course are appreciated by both children and parents. Art, yoga, calisthenics, sports and languages ​​have a big impact on children at Apple School, and parents love that they are available for free.

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Apple School is an award winning primary school. The school was established 14 years ago as a kindergarten, the school started primary school five years ago. Curriculum includes courses in math, reading and comprehension, astronomy, geography, social studies, and natural sciences. Additional classes in yoga, gymnastics, dance and music are also included in the tuition fee. Early childhood programs are designed to inspire and motivate children while preparing them for future lessons.

Wiggle & Work is a creative way to work with preschoolers, making it easier to work, according to many parents’ reviews. Parents always appreciate cleanliness and orderliness. Busy parents love a large play area for their kids (and it’s easy to see your kids in the play area while they’re working!), how many employees and how easy it is to reserve space at any time.

Focused on learning through play, Wiggle & Work has a strong curriculum that teaches language skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and social interaction. The focus is on imagination and creativity. Staff are professionally vetted and certified in first aid and childcare. To combat separation anxiety, the school has a policy that parents are always allowed to visit their children. To help develop social skills, all meals are served in groups. Snacks and meals are included in the school fee. Getting enough sleep is also a key point of the plan.

In all their differences, the families at Westside Neighborhood School share one thought: the school is not enriching their children. They love how Westside invests in their child’s development. This growth includes many factors, from emotional and social to increased confidence in learning new ideas. Westside is valued for its ability to expand children’s boundaries with activities such as Spain and debate, and to expose them to new cultures and diverse interests.

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Focused on fostering physical, social, emotional and intellectual development, Westside Neighborhood School presents an innovative curriculum. Core subjects include math, reading, science, social, emotional, and listening. The school offers a full-day program with late start and late pick-up, and best of all, it has a small size, with an average of 6-8 students per teacher, which ensures that each child receives the care and attention he needs. ., progress. The school’s early childhood education program also has a seven-student fellowship program.

If creative parenting is your guiding star, then you should check out All the Big & Little Kids. Parents who have children at this preschool talk about everything from their wonderful teachers to the community the school cares about. But creativity comes first in revision. Parents love this preschool’s approach to experimentation through play. Here, children learn to farm, cook pancakes and develop their imagination with activities such as creativity and making shoe boxes. Testimonies also say that high school graduates continue to participate in events and fundraisers to support this exceptional school.

ACGS has a developmental learning environment designed for the success of all participating students. Creativity, curiosity and social development form the basis of the three-hour lessons a day. ACGS is different from other schools because it is a parent-involved preschool where each parent serves as a member of the committee to fully monitor the child’s learning and participate in various educational activities.

With a name like Great Start Preschool, it’s no wonder parents and students find the ending so difficult. It looks like I’m in elementary school and it’s hard to leave. Students say they love spending time at Great Beginnings, citing the many activities and exciting school programs. The big fall and winter festivals are much appreciated, full of singing, dancing and acting that many students and parents enjoy. Other rehearsals, such as when schools invite guest speakers such as police officers, dentists and firefighters, attract their children’s attention.

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Founded in 2008, Great Beginnings Preschool is a community-based preschool that offers a year-round early childhood education program. The school focuses on learning through play and provides an indoor and outdoor play area. Emotional, cognitive, physical, and social skills are taught along with the core curriculum, which includes lessons in subjects such as art, music, storytelling, reading, writing, and optional Spanish lessons. Lessons aimed at developing strong and fine motor skills are also part of the school’s introductory curriculum. Playing outside is also common.

For parents who want a school that feels like you’re sending your kids to the best grandparents, Busy Little Bee has won the Best Family Award. Parents feel welcome here and often comment on how nice and caring the staff are. Kids seem to love the beauty of home-cooked meals and parents can’t believe how clean their kids are at the end of the day. In addition, parents love to always receive videos and photos of their children having fun at school.

Busy Little Bee, one of the few nursery/primary schools to offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, teaches an exciting curriculum that includes lessons in core subjects such as reading, writing, art, PE, music and dance. The program aims to teach children the importance of social and emotional skills that will help them later in life. Regular sleep is included in the daily routine. In addition, preschoolers will have hands-on lessons aimed at developing motor skills. The program is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and parents are always welcome to attend and attend classes.

When it comes to a unique traditional curriculum with a touch of European flair, it’s hard to beat Ecole Claire Fontaine. Reviewers tell stories of how their preschoolers can sing in French (and even listen to French cartoons) after a short time at school. Their arts and crafts program has been praised in many reviews, as well as many fun activities such as rock climbing, calligraphy, chess, ballet and gardening. Parents also seem to enjoy the status video posted every weekend, filled with pictures and information about how their kids are doing.

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One of the three language elementary schools in Los Angeles, Ecole Claire Fontaine teaches preschoolers English, French, and Spanish. Daily activities include reading, writing, poetry, music, dance, pottery, storytelling and of course lots of play time to keep children engaged and engaged. Arts and crafts are the backbone of education for children

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