Best Places To Visit In Beverly Hills

Best Places To Visit In Beverly Hills – When I first moved to Los Angeles, I was drawn to the glamor and romance associated with the very special Beverly Hills, and I would spend my weekends exploring it. If you are planning a trip to Los Angeles, be sure to include Beverly Hills in your list of places to visit. With over 5 square miles, you can visit many of its famous spots, below I’ll share some of my favorites! Download my photo guide sheet at the end of this post with a walking map and step-by-step directions to the exact locations I took my photos.

Start your day at Beverly Hills City Hall, a landmark built in 1932. Prior to its completion, all city administrative services were housed in the famous Beverly Hills Hotel. At the time of its construction, it was considered the largest and most expensive city in the country. The beautiful Spanish Revival is on the list of historic preservation sites as a Beverly Hills landmark, and was featured as a police station in the movie Beverly Hills Cop.

Best Places To Visit In Beverly Hills

Pro tip: From dusk to 7am, the lights wrapped around the palm trees in the foreground can add a beautiful glow to your photos.

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Near City Hall is the Beverly Hills Civic Center, which opened in 1990. The Civic Center was built while City Hall was undergoing major renovations, and is a fascinating mix of Spanish Revival, Art Deco, and Modernist styles. Architecture

Tip: Whether you visit early in the morning or wait until late afternoon, the streets will be lit with lanterns and lamps…and photos will be taken!

It’s a special place for me—a place I can go and remember my Manhattan roots and a day I’ll never forget. The garden was dedicated on September 11, 2011, 10 years after the attacks. A 30-foot steel beam, supported by a pentagon-shaped base, towers over the World Trade Center. I am so grateful to the City of Beverly Hills and all the individual donors who honored the heroes and lives of these special memorial gardens.

Beverly Gardens Park runs 1.9 miles and is the entire length of Beverly Hills. You’ll find public art installations, a rose garden, a cactus garden and one of the most photographed spots in the city…the Beverly Hills landmark. In front of jewelry stores and mansions on these streets, lily ponds and a forty foot Beverly Hills sign were built as part of a real estate promotion… I think it worked!😉

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Tip: Many tourist groups stay here every year, so if you want to visit the pool, plan your trip before 8 am and be prepared to share the place with many people. Tourists and locals.

While Beverly Hills is known for its beautiful boulevards and high-end shops, you’ll find no shortage of wonderful dining options. There are countless places to eat, and below I’ll list some of my favorites in the area.

Beverly Hills Farm: The best place to enjoy fresh American cuisine for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Sprinkles: The store’s flagship and popular Sprinkles Cupcake ATM is here, serving up your cupcakes 24/7.

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Alfred Coffee Beverly Hills: Located across the street from the Beverly Hills sign in Beverly Gardens Park, this is my favorite place to grab an iced mocha, chai, matcha latte, or their famous iced vanilla latte. Alfred’s will cater to all your coffee needs. They also serve baguette sandwiches and delicious croissants.

Pro tip: After you’ve ordered your drink of choice, snap a picture of you and your java in front of Alfred’s “But First Coffee” art wall.

I still remember my first purchase on this very popular shopping list. I’ll never claim to be tech savvy, but I fell in love with Apple products the first week I bought the original iPhone… 😂 When Apple released the original Apple Watch, I quickly bought one. He was the closest. The bracelet I wanted was Hermès on Rodeo Drive, so off I went. I still have the Apple Watch and the Hermes bag that came with it.😉

I love both the Rodeo Drive and how it’s designed like a classic European roadster. You can walk down beautiful limestone cliffs played by beautiful music and overhead lights. Rodeo Drive is an excellent photo opportunity here. I like to visit early in the morning before the shops open for a leisurely stroll…my favorite way to enjoy this popular area of ​​Beverly Hills.

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Pro tip: If you want to take pictures by the fountain, make sure to go before the shops open before the streets get crowded during the day.

The Electric Fountain was gifted to the City of Beverly Hills in 1931. This famous fountain features a six-foot statue of a praying man in the center of a 20-foot iron pillar.

This 5-acre park opened in 1915 and was the first public park in Beverly Hills. Originally named Sunset Park, it was named for Will Rogers, the first mayor of Beverly Hills in 1952, who frequented the park with his family.

Just steps away from Will Rogers Memorial Park, The Beverly Hills Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in the world. First opened in 1912, it is known for its signature pink and black colors.

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Pro Tip: If you want to visit the Beverly Hills Hotel before checking in, there is temporary parking on the street next to the hotel (N Crescent Dr).

When you visit Beverly Hills, you find yourself in the land of tall trees. Although I love seeing them from anywhere in the city, Hillcrest Road is one of my favorite spots. If you visit early in the morning, there are only a few cars parked on the road so you can enjoy some unobstructed views.

If you want to know where I took all the photos for this post, enter your comment below to download my free photo cheat sheet where I include the steps in the appropriate places. If you want to see an example of what this fake sheet looks like, I posted one in my Vienna blog post from the day and you can check it out! No trip to Los Angeles is perfect. Without traveling to a famous city. and the world. Beverly Hills, California. You don’t need to carry a wallet like Julia Roberts

Enjoy a day here, but if you haven’t been to 90210, it’s kind of scary and off-putting.

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So today we’re sharing the 10 most popular and Instagrammable Beverly Hills photo spots you’ll want to capture on your trip.

The 40-foot-tall Beverly Hills landmark is the perfect place to start your day and take the perfect selfie. In 1907, long before city streets of jewelry stores and mansions, the Beverly Hills landmark and lily pond were created as part of a real estate promotion…and here they are in Beverly, more than 100 years later. One of the most photographed places. Hills which means one of the most beautiful places in Beverly Hills.

Local tip: Many Los Angeles city buses stop here (especially in the summer months). If you want this place to yourself, plan a light and early visit…before 8pm).

Beverly Hills’ signature park is centrally located in Beverly Gardens, which stretches 1.9 miles along Santa Monica Blvd. This park is a breath of fresh air in the middle of this crowded city. Here you can enjoy several gardens, including a complete cactus garden and a beautiful rose garden that blooms every spring. The paved gravel path is popular for hiking or leisurely walking.

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The park also has local art objects that are fun to photograph. Every May and October the park is home to the famous Beverly Hills Art Show, which showcases artists from around the country. It’s a great place to see beautiful paintings, sculptures and photography, and even if you don’t think of Beverly Hills as a famous photo spot, you’ll be amazed by the beauty of the backdrop.

Local Tip: Across the street from the park and Lily Lake is a great local coffee shop that is very Instagrammable –

The west end of Beverly Gardens Park is marked by a 30-foot circular swimming pool, supported by a 6-foot-tall statue kneeling on a 20-foot steel column. The fountain, decorated with ornate mosaic tiles, was donated to the city of Beverly Hills in 1931 by silent screen actor Harrell Lloyd Moore. It has its place

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