Best Places To Eat In Chatswood

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Sydney’s northern suburbs aren’t just corporate headquarters – gray glass high-rises, there’s culture, arts, community centers and lots of goodies.

Best Places To Eat In Chatswood

Located 15 minutes from the CBD on Sydney’s North Shore, Chatswood has a population of around 25,000. But long before Chatswood was named after Charlotte Harnett, the mayor’s wife, the people of Cummerigall lived and cared for the land. After the White Australia policy was abolished in the 1970s, immigration increased – especially to non-European countries, and especially to China in the 1980s and 1990s.

Chatswood Food Tour Chinese @ Not Quite Nigella

Currently, according to the 2016 Australian Census, the most popular languages ​​spoken here after English are Mandarin and Cantonese, and a third of the population is of Chinese descent. Other Sydney suburbs with similar populations include Eastwood, Burwood and Hurstville (see “Forests” rezoning).

If you’re new to the area and want to get the gist, just drive straight through the Chatswood junction, down Victoria Avenue in Willoughby – it’ll take you around 30 minutes. You see, like the rest of Sydney, Chatswood has undergone rapid industrialization and regeneration over the past decade. The station is surrounded by colorful skyscrapers with brands such as Starbucks, Apple, Zara, Uniqlo and Muji.

People from all over Sydney may come here to shop in bustling Westfield, but Chatswood’s restaurants are one of the main reasons to visit. China’s large population means there are many Hong Kong, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Taiwanese, Northern and Western Chinese options to choose from. Hand noodles, bur bur soup, malatang, laksa noodle soup. Other cuisines of East and Southeast Asia are also popular – Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian. Whether you’re looking to try something new or miss a taste of home away from home, Chatswood has got you covered.

In recent years, locals have noticed that the landscape has changed significantly from the big steel highways, many businesses have been around for years and are growing in number. While we may not speak the same language or native language, we all speak the same language of good food.

Bookings At Fortune Place Chinese Restaurant In Chatswood, Sydney

Hop on the North West Line, North Shore & Western Line (T1), Northern Line (T9) or Central Coast & Newcastle (CCN) and you’ll be on your way to Chatswood Interchange. Only 15 minutes from the central business district with plenty of street and garage parking, the drive is easy, but you can catch the bus here – there are many ways to walk to each lesson.

If you are looking for nature, you can choose the countryside or the beach: within 10-20 minutes you will find many nature reserves, national parks and swimming spots; while 20-30 minutes will get you to Manly or Bondi. Or head down to Lane Cove National Park and hire a boat for a cruise down the Lane Cove River, or head to Northbridge Baths for a quick dip in the waters of Middle Harbour. Neighboring areas such as Atarmon, Willoughby or Lane Cove may have more residential areas, but they are also close to roads, parks or swimming pools.

Visit on a Thursday or Friday after work or school and head to Victoria Avenue for a bite to eat at Chatswood Shopping Center (

). Bring friends, kids, the whole group: there’s something for everyone, from Taiwanese to Singaporean, Malaysian, Korean, Japanese, Lebanese, Macedonian, Greek, Italian and many more.

Manpuku Chatswood Restaurant

While the development around Chatswood station and the clever redevelopment of the area’s main shopping centers have led to popular Chinese restaurants such as Din Tai Fung and Hai Di Lao, many small local businesses have also suffered. One of those places? Chatswood BBQ Kitchen (好上好燒臘海鮮小廚) on Victoria Avenue. A chance to see the lines or smell the sweet and fragrant aroma of barbecue glaze wafting from the roasted duck before you see the actual restaurant. You have the option to leave a tab, but for those who have time, order – there is something sacred. about layering warm roast duck on top of sumptuously fragrant white rice. Don’t forget the plum sauce. NearbyTim’s Barbecue Kitchen doesn’t have a line yet, but remember it’s takeout only. Some of the best places to eat in Chatswood are located in the food courts of smaller shopping centers such as Mandarin Center and Lemon Grove. Food courts have long been a haven for students to earn money, but the importance and variety of food in the community makes them attractive. Buy a drink from one seller and pour it on another plate: this is the best solution to dissatisfaction. Or go to East West Gourmet (東西坊) and order the fried salmon head soup: fatty fish head and mild broth replace it. If you want to feed the hungry, head to Lemon Grove to visit Chinatown’s favorite noodle restaurant (北方拉面馆), which opened a few years ago on the north side. The owners are from Xinjiang in western China, and they celebrate their hometown with fresh noodles and minced pork pancakes. If you’re lucky, you might see or hear the owner’s voice, an astrologer who likes to do things for visitors when the mood strikes. If you’re looking for Southeast Asian dishes, you’re in luck: try DoDee Paidang’s signature yumsoup, ornasi lemakandroti at Malaysian restaurants PappaRich or Mamak. Or head to Victoria Avenue and find Tham Thai at Mix (there are other shops there). ) or continue to North Willoughby for a bowl of phở or herbed bánh mì on a fresh crusty baguette at the High Street Bakery.

In addition to the many options of bubble tea and rice yogurt drinks, our sweets have special features. Visit Chatswood Exchange in the food court for Gram’s Japanese style pancakes. Gelateria Gondolama makes fresh bags of Italian ice cream and sorbet: arum ricotta adds a lemony flavor to the creaminess, and pink orange marries red orange for a summer drink.

Myeon Dong Korean BBQ Restaurant is your favorite outdoor spot, especially during the hot season. A popular area for 12 free meals (!), Myeon Dong allows you to eat outside (BBQ) or inside (non-BBQ). While Korean BBQ pairs well with soju, you can BYO to your liking. If you’re going to visit on your own, the South Korean Young Mart across the street is open until 10pm and sells healthy snacks and makgolli to go with Japanese sake and chuhai or Japanese soda cans.

For more of a quintessential beer district, head to Bavarian next door. There are a lot of places in Sydney, but this place is the best for bars across the street and a beer full of beer. Table for ping-pong.

Rumah Makan Petok Petok

Although technically outside of Chatswood, bordering North Willoughby, the best cup of joe can be found at SML Cafe. Get there quickly, otherwise it’s half an hour to Chatswood junction. A strong coffee and a bacon roll is the perfect way to start the day (one of the two areas is open from 6am). Starting in 2020, SML has also expanded the amount of semi-open track seating, ideal for dog owners and those who live remotely. If you’re looking for a central caffeine hit, check out The Elbow Room, another early riser coffee shop. A changing menu of “guest beans” and coffee outside of your cafe. Like SML, there is a daily breakfast menu with creative options that will please both the eye and the stomach.

Chatswood may be a great place for restaurants and entertainment, but it’s also well-equipped for cyclists (or UberEats / DiDi people these days) with plenty of bikes and a bike path that takes you to Artarmon and a rest before continuing. Ride on north to Artarmon Reserve. . Sydney and Camray. If you’re looking for a scenic drive, head to Lane Cove National Park, just a five-minute walk or drive from Chatswood Junction. The main loop along Riverside from Riverview Carpark to the Bloodwood dining area is short – just over 3km one way – and there is no entrance fee ($8 per car) whether you walk or drive. If you don’t have a bike, you can hire one from the Boatshed, and if you don’t, there’s plenty to do. Jog, walk, camp, barbecue or rent a boat and cruise the Lane Cove River.

If you want a breather, Chatswood Oval is just five minutes from Chatswood Interchange. Here you will find kids playing sports after school, individual training sessions and people hanging out after the rugby and cricket games are over. It’s also a great place to watch the sun set over the Chatswood skyline.

While we’ve missed out on some of the best (a special mention goes to Toys “R” Us), brands from around the world like ZARA, Lululemon, Pottery Barn, Apple, UNIQLO and Muji are available here. Divide your time

The 10 Best Southeast Asian Restaurants In Chatswood, Sydney

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