Best Place To Zipline In Alaska

Best Place To Zipline In Alaska – Biggest Day: 502 Riders (This was a $67,000 Day) Average Day: 180-200 Riders Estimated Total Riders in 2014: 13,000 (Approximately 50+ Cruise Ship Call Days) Gross: $1,560,000. Our tower boss has personally completed more than 1000 rides ® so far. That’s over 1,000 miles of cables. More than 90,000 seconds or 1,500 minutes or 25 hours of cable car. We have lots of pre-ride wedding proposals ® above and lots of post-ride proposals below. We have many riders who are 90+ years old. – Number of repeat riders (riders who return to Snow Street Point to ride the Monster again) “To me, ® is more than just a 90-second ride. Just getting to the top is an adventure. On the first part of the journey, you’ll likely see whales and other marine life, then you’ll have the privilege of peering into the deep forests of Alaska…home to the mighty coastal bears. It’s never guaranteed that you’ll see a bear or wildlife on the way up, but there’s a chance, which adds to the thrill of the hike. I have now personally ridden the road over 500 times and I can say that I always find something that grabs my attention and makes me want to find the first person I see and repeat it in words. Do what I did recently. ® is the main attraction at Snow Street Point. Every day of the cruise there are a large number of guests who come here just for the ®. And yes, most people who ride us ® are completely shocked the first time. There are people waiting to settle in at the top who are so scared you’d think their worst nightmare had come true, but with a few words of encouragement from our playful and easy-going staff, they’re usually flying. Then, after the walk, the surprise is well expressed in their body language and a certain subtlety in their use. However, it often ends with a big family hug that marks the end of some important event or milestone in a person’s life. It is very easy to witness. ” ~ Donald Debdall, Ice Street Point ® Ride Leader

Welcome to the longest zipline in the world. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, riding the zipline ® at Snowy Street Point is a truly unique experience. The whole experience starts at Snowy Street Point, where customers board a tour van and tour the town of Hoona. Customers are then driven 6 miles up the mountain to the top station. From here, the cruise ship looks like a toy ship on the water. The view is absolutely stunning. When the doors open, riders accelerate down the hill and get as close to a pure flight experience as possible. You have a beautiful view of Port Frederick and the surrounding islands, the dense forest canopy in the 300 foot race below you and the icy Straight Point looming larger and larger below you. A typical walk takes 1 ½ minutes and ends at the beach on Snow Street. A common comment from every customer when they get in is, “That was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Ice Street Point proudly claims that they offer an “experience of a lifetime”.

Best Place To Zipline In Alaska

Icy Strait Point is a marina located on Chachagoff Island, 1.5 miles from Hoona, Alaska. Chichagoff Island is located 50 miles west of Juneau. Icy Strait Point® opened in May 2007 and has been an anchor of Icy Strait Point ever since. People come from all over the country and the world to experience Snow Street Point®’s world-famous adventure and adrenaline rush.

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It is strongly recommended that you make your reservation through the cruise line that you will be traveling to Snow Straight Point on. If you plan to visit Icy Strait Point on your own, visit to find out which days are open and contact the site directly with your reservations. You can also send an email

Snowy Street Point is the largest ZipRider in the world with 6 5330′ zips descending 1330′. Once launched, you’ll reach speeds in excess of 60 mph as you soar 300 feet above the rainforest below. If you are looking for a unique experience, ZipRider is for you. With up to six guests at a time, it’s also a great family or group activity.

Your adventure begins when you board the bus and embark on a scenic drive to the 1,550m peak of Mount Hona. Your driver will accompany you through the village of Hona and then up the hill. Watch out for wildlife! Deer, eagles and bears are occasionally seen. A number of views over Hoona, Port Frederick and Snowy Street offer great views. On a clear day, you can see Glacier Bay National Park’s highest peak in the distance.

Once at the top, you’ll take a short walk through lush old growth rainforest to a retreat area. Upon arrival at the tower, you will receive a safety briefing and be divided into groups of six. After being seated and strapped into a special harness, you will be ready for flight. The initial adrenaline rush of riding the zipline gives way to a true appreciation of the magnificence of the local scenery. Your ZipRide will end with a choppy engine landing on the beach at Icy Strait Point.

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Please bring warm clothes and a raincoat. No open toe shoes please. While we make every effort to keep groups together, we cannot guarantee that every group will be able to meet. Participants should be between 75 and 275 pounds in weight and height. This walk is not recommended for people with back or neck problems and pregnant women.

Experience the wild terrain of Chachagoff Island on your rugged ATV expedition adventure before embarking on the world-famous Snow Point ZipRider. Board a comfortable coach for a guided tour through the village of Huna Tingut high in the mountains to your starting point. Upon arrival, local guides will give you a safety briefing before you board your 4×4 vehicle for a scenic drive through the jungle with stops to view the beautiful valley, mountains and ocean.

Along the way, your guide will stop to explain the natural history of the area, including the amazing alder tunnels carved into the trail.

This is a remote dirt road experience and the road will be rough. So it is not recommended for guests with back or neck problems or pregnant women.

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When you arrive, embark on a small-group whale-watching excursion to Point Adolphus, home to Alaska’s largest whales. The 24-passenger boat sits low in the water and observes the swimming fish, sea lions and fur seals that live in these sheltered waters. Don’t forget to watch the eagles that soar and soar along the coast. You are guaranteed to see at least one point or be compensated for seeing a point on your tour.

Then enjoy a scenic drive through Honu, the largest Tlingit village in the world, at 1550 up the mountainside to begin your ZipRider adventure. Enjoy stunning views of the icy straits and distant Glacier Bay, before flying back to sea level above the rainforest below at over 60 miles per hour. Up to six people can go down at once, making it a great group activity. This exhilarating, adrenaline-charged zipline ride ends with a gentle touch down on the beach at the water’s edge at Snowy Street Point. It may seem surprising, but in Alaska you will find the longest zip line in the world. With incredible zips around the world, the sight of this particular zipser will blow the others out of the water. Located in Snow Falls in Hoona, Alaska, you should check it out the next time you’re in that part of Alaska. Be sure to put this adventure ride on your bucket list as it is an experience you will never forget.

Icy Strait Point Zip Rider is a cable car in Alaska located at Icy Strait Point in Hoon.

This incredible attraction has six different lines that you can ride. Each is 5,330 feet long, 1,330 feet. At this height, your view will cover the entire area. You can see for miles!

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You will be riding at an elevation of about 300 feet

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