Best Place To Stay In Westfjords Iceland

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If you’re planning to visit Westfjords, you’ve come to the right place! Iceland’s Westfjords are a fantastic and remote part of Iceland and should be on your bucket list.

Best Place To Stay In Westfjords Iceland

While the rest of Iceland is visited by millions of tourists a year, Iceland’s Westfjords are much less visited. That’s part of the charm and you can drive for hours and barely see another car or person! There are parts of the Westfjords that are not even accessible by car, and some are only accessible by foot or boat!

A Guide To Isafjordur In Iceland — Laidback Trip

Iceland’s Westfjords are charming and rural and make a great break from the fast-paced nature and crowds of other parts of the country. If you choose to visit, we encourage you to treat them with respect so as not to be turned away like other parts of Iceland. Together we can keep the beauty of Iceland’s Westfjords untouched for many years to come!

Whether you’ve visited the country before or traveled through Iceland’s Eastfjords on a detour, traveling through Iceland’s Westfjords is a completely different experience. We have been to Iceland several times and the Westfjords have surprised and amazed us in so many different ways! We encourage you to read this post to prepare for your trip! You won’t be disappointed and as an Icelandic local on the south coast told us, it really is like going to Norway!

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#1 5 things you need to know before visiting Westfjords. Road conditions in Iceland’s Westfjords are terrible in areas

West Fjords Iceland Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Driving in the Westfjords of Iceland is an experience in itself [more on that later!] There are hundreds of kilometers of roads in the Westfjords of Iceland, and some roads are amazing and some roads are terrible! When traveling through the North Westfjords, the road conditions are fantastic and untouched! We were surprised and amazed at how good the road conditions and parts were! New dirt road in beautiful condition.

That said, there are many areas of Iceland’s Westfjords that are pure dirt roads. Not just any dirt road, but a dirt road with thousands and thousands of potholes. It’s not just one or two potholes, it’s entire cities, no country, miles and miles of potholes!

Sometimes you drive on one of the untouched and perfect tarmac roads, then driving through the Westfjords turns all the dirt into potholes in the center!

We actually spoke to a local guy who lives in the Westfjords and works for Iceland’s tourist board and he said that in the next few years [2-5] some of these horrible roads will be repaired and paved!

How To Prepare For A Road Trip To The Westfjords In Iceland

This is good news, because driving on these roads was uncomfortable for us tourists, but even more annoying for Icelanders! We’re glad the government is planning the roads, but if you’re planning on driving the dirt roads in Iceland’s Westfjords, don’t forget to rent a 4×4 before then!

If you’ve visited all the other waterfalls in Iceland, you’re in for a real treat when you visit Vestfjorden. Dinjandi is the most impressive waterfall you will ever see! Photos don’t do this waterfall justice, so you’ll just have to get out to Vestfjorden and see it for yourself!

Dinjandi is located after a treacherous mountain pass full of potholes and no handrails as mentioned above.

Dinjandi is a series of waterfalls from the top to the bottom of the fjord. The top and most impressive waterfall is 330 feet or 100 meters high. The entire elevation from the bottom of the parking lot to the top is over 1,000 feet!

The Enchanted Fjords

Dinjandi also made the list of the best hikes in Iceland because it’s so spectacular and the view when you climb up to the main waterfall is so amazing! If you like photography, this is one of the places in Iceland’s Westfjords that you can’t miss! Dynjandi is a haven for long exposure photography and you can spend hours photographing the lower falls as well as the main sights!

If you’re driving to Iceland, you’ll want to make this one of your stops around the ring road!

If you come via a gravel road, you can reach Dinaindi and there is a perfectly paved car park at the foot of the falls. There are restrooms, a sink area, and picnic tables when the weather is good for eating outside.

The journey to Dinjandi starts directly from the car park and is easily marked! You really can’t miss it because you can see Dinjandi at least 20 minutes away by the time you get there through Vestfjorden!

A Westfjords Road Trip In Iceland: Everything You Need To Know

Don’t worry about visiting the Vestfjords in winter! The winter here is very harsh, the road conditions are worse and more dangerous. We recommend skipping the Westfjords on your winter trip to Iceland unless you’re on a tour or with an Icelandic local!

Do you have to cross a mountain pass to reach Dinjandi? It closes in winter! This means that locals living in the northern part of Westfjorden have to drive 11 hours instead of the usual 1 hour across the Westfjords because it is very dangerous!

That said, any other time of year is a great time to visit Iceland’s Westfjords! Summer is a great time to see the midnight sun if you want to, and there are hundreds of spectacular views in the Westfjords during this time!

We visited Vestfjorden in September in autumn and it was a great experience! In autumn, you can see the northern lights because it gets dark a little earlier.

The West Fjords

Finally, late spring, when all the snow melts, is the perfect time to visit the Westfjords if you can’t wait for summer! Again, unless you’re on a tour or with an experienced local guide, we don’t recommend visiting Vestfjordene Iceland in winter, as the conditions are extremely difficult!

Looking at a map of Westfjorden, you can’t really tell how big this area is! By the way, it takes forever and a day to walk anywhere, especially in the northern region. But it’s good, the views are amazing, so the drivers are beautiful at every turn!

Driving through the Westfjords takes a lot of time because you have to go up to the end of the fjord and then back down the other side. If you’ve been in the Eastfjords, you know it takes time.

To get a sense of what it’s like to drive in Iceland’s Westfjords, drive in the Eastfjords and triple the length of each fjord. The drive in the south is a bit easier as there are several bridges to cross the lower part of the fjords. Even though bridges are small, they help reduce driving.

The West Fjords Travel Guide

If you drive north of Vestfjord, there is only one bridge to cross the fjord, so you have to go up and down each fjord. Iceland’s Westfjords are impressive and deeply indented and so huge that you’ll be amazed as you drive in and out!

In the north, the road is in good condition, but it is so small that you can’t even see across the fjord! The Westfjords are so impressive that even if it takes a while to get anywhere, you really won’t mind because you’ll be looking at the view the whole time. We recommend that you try to complete the drive during the day, as driving in the dark can be tiring as you have to drive long distances without a view!

If you love visiting hot springs in Iceland, you’re in for a real treat when you visit Vestfjorden. Almost every town has a heated pool and hot tub. Swimming pools and hot springs are part of Icelandic culture, and it’s no different when visiting Vestfjorden Iceland. Pools usually have a small entrance, but it’s just for maintenance and not expensive!

For recommendations in the Westfjords, see our article on the best hot springs in Iceland. We recommend asking the locals about the amazing hot springs as there are many hidden and secret places to visit!

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