Best Place To See Rhinos In Africa

Best Place To See Rhinos In Africa – Lynn Hughes | 22 September 2021 Rare treat: still the best place to see rhinos in the wild

Lyn Hughes shows the best places to see these amazing hornbills around the world and how to help protect them…

Best Place To See Rhinos In Africa

As the first African country to include environmental protection in its constitution, it is no surprise that Namibia has become a major conservation success in recent years. Over 40% of the country is under some form of protection, with local community protection accounting for more than 19% of that number. Communities benefit from tourism activities that generate jobs and income in rural areas.

The Best Places To See Rhinos In Africa

Not only is Namibia the only country where lion numbers are increasing, but the number of rhinos in the region has risen to more than 1,700 in recent years, with the number of rhinos in the region nearly quadrupling over the past three decades. . A few hundred white rhinos also live here.

Significant populations can be found in Estosha National Park and the Kunene region, Palmwag Reserve and on private land and in community-managed conservation under a unique conservation program.

Unlike the black rhino south-west of Kunene, it is a desert that covers a vast area, climbs mountains and drinks tea every few days. White rhinos can be found in Etosha and Waterberg National Parks.

Although there are rhinos in some of Kenya’s national parks (try the Mara Triangle for the best chance), more than half of the country’s rhinos live in heavily protected private reserves.

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The 90,000 hectare non-profit Ol Pejeta Conservation Organization has the largest population of black rhinos in East Africa. More than 100 The reserve is also home to Sudan, the last northern white rhino before dying, where you will find the last two northern rhinos still alive. It is hoped that they will provide the breeding population with Sudanese sperm reserved for progeny. Ol Pejita has many accommodations and also welcomes daily visitors.

Lewa is another inspiring example of successful private conservation and, like Ol Pejita, ensures that local communities benefit. Lewa also offers a variety of accommodation options.

The kingdom of Eswatini may be small, but it punches above its weight, making it one of the best places in Africa to see rhinos on the loose.

The beautiful Halen Royal National Park is home to many species of animals and fauna, including lions, giraffes, vultures, silent white rhinos and the occasional black rhino. You can drive yourself or book a ‘Rhino Drive’ which gives you the chance to get up close to the rhinos on foot, giving you a wonderful close-up view.

Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary

The Makhaya Game Reserve in the southwest is a rugged, forested area of ​​thorn trees, making it the best chance to see black rhinoceros in the wilds of Africa. Learn about guided walking tours. You will also see elephants, hippos, buffaloes and birds.

Both reserves have varied accommodation options and offer good value for money compared to many parks and reserves in Africa.

The world-famous Kruger National Park is one of Africa’s largest reserves. It is home to black and white rhinoceros and other rich wildlife. Your best chance of seeing rhinos is on the south side of the park, where rhinos are most commonly seen.

Although it is not well known, Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park in Kwa-Zulu Natal is Africa’s oldest nature reserve and one of the best places to see wildlife. It is often declared the birthplace of the rhino sanctuary, it has the largest population of rhinos in Africa and also the largest population of black rhinos.

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In 1975 there were only 600 rhinos left in Asia, but now, under strict protection by the India and Nepal Wildlife Authority, the number is between 3,500 and 3,600.

Two-thirds of them live in Assam’s Kaziranga Magic National Park. You’re almost guaranteed to spot a one-horned rhinoceros on the plains here, and you can spot Jurassic-like creatures on a jeep or elephant safari.

Bordering the Brahmaputra River to the north, Kaziranga is a diverse region of grasslands, forests, swamps and reservoirs. It floods during the summer during the monsoon season, and 2012 was a difficult year, with some rhinos lost to severe flooding and poaching.

Between November and February, when the weather is mild and dry, you are more likely to see rhinos.

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The park also has a significant number of tigers, and its name has expanded to include a ‘tiger reserve’, although you’re lucky to spot an elephant in the tall elephant grass.

Other mammals here include the majestic swamp elephant and polar bear, while there are over 490 birds. Book a 4-day park birding tour of this park to spot various species.

Nepal is another stronghold of the rhinoceros. The country has become a rare conservation success in recent years, and there are about 600 pronghorn left in Nepal. Most are found in the Royal Chitwan National Park in the southern Terai plains of the country.

You can explore the park on foot, jeep or on safari. Apart from rhinos, the park is known for protecting the Bengal Royal Tiger, Gharial crocodile and is home to more than 60 species of mammals, 500 species of birds and more than 120 species of fish.

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There are many famous guest houses in the park. Sauraha Village, just outside the park on the Rapti River, offers a variety of accommodation to suit all budgets. The village is one of the best places to spot rhinos as they are known to cross the river to raid crops at night.

The Sumatran rhinoceros is the most unfortunately endangered species, with fewer than 80 left in Asia today. A staggering 70% of the population has declined in the past year. They are the largest and most endangered species on Earth.

Sumatran rhinos have recently become extinct in Malaysia. In November 2019, Malaysia’s last Sumatran rhino was reported to have died of natural causes.

Today, the most likely place you’ll see a Sumatran rhino is the Way Kambas National Park in South Sumatra, Indonesia. His breeding plan gives the species hope, resulting in a doubling of habitat size. A new breeding facility was opened in 2019. Borneo also has Sumatran rhinos.

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The Javan rhinoceros is also endangered and lives in dense tropical forests, making it very difficult to see. The Javan rhinoceros is a very rare animal. They were once found in Vietnam as well as Indonesia, but the last Vietnamese person is believed to have been killed in October 2011. A small population of less than 70 lives in Ujung Kulon National Park in Java.

“We knew it was a big deal. very big Something was flying behind the curtain of palm trees that protected the river as we flowed into Ujung Kulon National Park.

“We are sitting in silence. The whole field seemed to fly. ‘Rhino’ said the ranger and there it was – the big brown back of a Javan rhino, lying about a meter away on the river bank. Something else descends upon us.

“I saw a small shape of a small rhinoceros and my wife Sue could clearly see them both, the mother rhinoceros and her calf, through what looked like palm trees. And then they left.

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“We have no photographs to confirm this, only our own memories and the report of the Javan park ranger, Dedi Hidayat, who told all this to the park staff when we returned.

This article originally appeared in an earlier magazine. While the population shown in this piece is accurate at the time of publication, the status of the rhino is changing rapidly.

Learn more about endangered species: The world’s most endangered species – and how to help them Where to see elephants in the wild Best places to see tigers in the wild The black rhino is a small rhinoceros. And the rarer of the two African rhinoceros species, but more feared than popular. Very shy and shy, it tends to hide.

The black rhinoceros is a robust animal with a barrel-like body and two horns. However, it is smaller and more agile than the white rhino, which can weigh more than twice as much. This type of color has no more ‘black’ than its cousin ‘white’.

Rhino Sanctuary In South Africa

However, unlike the white rhinoceros which eats grass, it is a browser that uses its characteristic hooked lips to tear through vegetation. It also varies in shape, with a smaller head, a taller handle and a more curved back.

Black rhinos are usually seen alone or in small groups. They are most active in the morning and late afternoon, returning to the wall during the heat of the day. A lone calf next to its mother.

Based on our nine traveler reports since June 2018, visitors to these camps in South Africa have the best chance of seeing black rhinos.

Black rhinos are found in only a handful of reserves.

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