Best Pizza In Waterbury Ct

Best Pizza In Waterbury Ct – Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. But don’t neglect the other love of your life – pizza.

Believe it or not, February 9th is National Pizza Day. Yes, a national holiday is anything you can imagine. There are actually five March 1sts – National Dadgam Pig Day, National Peanut Butter Days, National Fruit Compote Day, National Horse Conservation Day and National Pig Day. But for our money, National Pizza Day belongs in the pantheon of national days.

Best Pizza In Waterbury Ct

So what’s the best way to celebrate? Eating pizza, of course. But there are plenty of options, especially here in Connecticut. Let us help you decide. Read on to find out why we love pizza, and use our interactive map to find our top-rated places. The first list appeared on the website in February 2015. After publishing this, we received many comments about people’s favorite pizza places in the state. Be sure to scroll down to see these options.

Best Pizza In Westchester County (according To Locals)

The pizza is widely believed to be the best in Connecticut. These pizzerias are often at the top of the national list and have been competing against each other for decades, delighting pizza lovers.

Everyone calls him Pepe, but the full name is important to why this story is known in the US. Named the best (or best) pizza in the US, every pie from the original wood-burning pizza oven is blessed with authenticity, tradition and flavor. Frank Pepe arrived in the United States from Italy’s Amalfi Coast in 1909 at 4 p.m. come back. He first opened a bakery, in 1925, he and his wife, Philomena, started making pizza. Today, the original Pepe’s location is packed with pizza-lovers, with satellite locations in Fairfield, Manchester, Danbury, West Hartford and Mohegan Sun, with one coming in Boston. Legend, empire – whatever you call it, Pepe’s white clam, fresh tomato and white spinach, mushroom and gorgonzola bread is still the holy grail for pizza lovers.

The war between Sally and Pepe fans has been going on for decades and both camps have legions of fans. Located a few doors down from Pepe’s, Sally’s has been a Wooster Street institution since Salvatore and Flora Consiglio opened their doors in 1938. But it’s still a family affair here, with the Consiglio children in charge. now and always working. The soft crust, light sides and crispy slices are Sally’s signature, and the bread is continuously baked in a charcoal oven. The decor hasn’t changed, and lines at the door can still be long, but Sally’s teammates say it’s worth the wait.

This season, the third most famous story in the New Haven pizza pantheon, is located near State Street. The pies are fired in an oil-fired brick oven instead of an open fire, but the modernity remains the Elm City’s soft, seasoned signature. The restaurant was known as State Street Pizza when it opened in 1934 and may have changed the name but not the location or the quality of the pizza. Almost any entree is available, but North Haven has everything from Liuzzi’s cheese to the delicious Margarita Pizza with fresh mozzarella, Clams Casino Pie with bacon and peppers, and Italian Bomba with bacon, sausage, pepperoni , mushrooms, onions, peppers and garlic. There is pizza. All efforts are important.

A Slice Of New Haven Pizza History: Celebrating Sally’s, Pepe’s, And Modern With Colin Caplan

Roseland Epiza is not for a fan of pizza in good weather: it is located in a residential area north of Derby, so it is difficult to find (although you can expect a long line on weekends); The place is an old-school, simple Italian restaurant, where the wait can be long and busy. Bread prices can be high – a large flat mozzarella starts at $20. But those who stick around for the trek are rewarded with the wonderful New Haven-style pizza, with thin, crispy crusts and delicious toppings like homemade sausage. ‘home and fresh seafood.

Every slice of pizza after two drinks may seem like the best decision you’ve made all day, but when you’re drinking at New Haven Winery (which brews its own beer), you need to enjoy some of the the inner city. taste. The best pizza. The expected benefits of large, square, and thin pies have been served here since the bar opened in 1996 in the factory. The toppings are different and everything is delicious, but what distinguishes the pizzeria is the mashed potatoes. Pizza can be served for all dinners and lunches from Wednesday to Sunday, and by the slice, as the hours get longer and the dancing in the night club reduces appetite.

These places have a rising profile. Focusing on baking or savvy franchising, they are making a name for themselves and we think they can do it in the future, following the legend today.

Stamford’s Colony Grill has been known and loved since 1935 for its simplicity: no fancy decor, no fancy dress code, and only one thing on the menu (pizza), so you know you’ve got the perfect complement. and your night. of human relations. What’s more, the soft pies are served (super chewy, plus room for beer!) with or without the Colony’s traditional hot oil and just a few traditional toppings (meatballs, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms , anchovies, etc.) , so it’s a water park that attracts wine-style pizza makers from all over. The recently added Fairfield and Milford locations are thriving, proving that despite its simplicity, The Colony makes it fun.

Best Pizza In La

In telling the world about Tommy Juliano, the dessert master at Community Table in Litchfield County, we asked about his favorite restaurants. At the top of the list is Da Legna, a hot and delicious Italian pizza place from owner Daniele Parillo. Parillo’s parents moved to Hamden from Italy, grew up speaking Italian, developed a passion for pizza, found success opening Portofino in North Madison, and arrived in New Haven at Da Legna in December 2011. He and chef Francisco Pereira produces Da Legna Pepe’s inspired pizzas, while Sally’s and Moderne enjoy the ranks. Take a look at the bread and you’ll see why.

With the big names Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich behind this restaurant, there is no doubt that Terry’s Lodge will be a success. Contemporary Italian cuisine has gained popularity in Westport, Port Chester, NY. But Terry Lodge’s pies are thin, good and really tasty. These gourmet pizzas are served with delicious combinations such as goat cheese, pistachios and truffle honey or pancetta burrata with black truffles and eggs topped with chilli oil or guanciale and served in a special pizza oven of restaurant. Opened a few months ago on Park Street, Terry’s Lodge has quickly entered the New Haven dining scene.

It’s a numbers game at Bufalina. Restaurant square feet: 325. Time it takes to cook a 12-inch pizza in a 900-degree oven: 90 seconds. An amazing number of light-colored pizzas, Neapolitan style, they make every day from a kitchen the size of a living room: hundreds of them. Take a trip to this amazing pizzeria and you will understand why it is legendary inside. Husband-and-wife team Melissa Pellegrino and Matteo Sialba take what they learned during their months of research in Italy to heart. Special 00 double milled flour, San Marzano tomatoes, the best local cheeses and seasonal influences are some of the things that make BYOB Bufalina shine. Others are waiting to be discovered in this first heaven.

Pizza and beer is a classic combination. Knowing how these restaurants and beer lists are interesting is the main menu, combining good brews and handmade pies.

White Clam Pie At Frank Pepe Pizzeria

After a fire destroyed his first pizza restaurant, Marty McCarthy bought a fire truck and converted it into a pizza truck, and after the issue, moved it to its new location on Fairfield Avenue in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport. Firefighters hang on the walls, the bar has a beautiful brick side – with a large selection of seasonal and artisanal – but ultimately it’s McCarthy’s brick-oven bubbly-crust pizza, as nutty as Ratna di Mare, attracting the crowd. (with clams, lobster and shrimp), buffalo chicken and mashed potatoes (with garlic potatoes, onions, bacon, caramelized onions and cheddar).

As soon as you walk through the door of this downtown hot spot, you’ll feel a growing sense of excitement, but as soon as you sit down at the bar and start talking to the staff, you’ll – find that there is a genuine interest. , especially pizza. Based on the classic Neopolitan style and adapted from the oval oven, these pizzas are fired in a delicious and creative way: Sunny Side with garlic, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, pancetta and egg , while the meat includes pancetta, pepperoni, salami. Tomatoes and mozzarella. Drinks here are also a source of pride, from whiskey, rum, bourbon and scotch to a dozen or so local craft brews that change daily.

Deals like 52 draft beers on tap, cocktails, beer festivals and $12 off the boat.

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