Best Orthotics In Halifax

Best Orthotics In Halifax – I have been working with Tom and Lisa for almost 20 years at Tom’s shoe repair shop where he made orthotics.

Their professionalism, customer service and offering quality products at affordable prices is second to none.

Best Orthotics In Halifax

During my recent visit, Cathy took good care of me and I laughed in the corner with Kelly and Newfie (not her name). Another great experience with Comfort Orthotics.

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Great service to find the right shoes. The pediatrician was thorough and very professional. I would like to mention one seller in particular. “Eric.” I was waiting for help to choose shoes and I saw this man helping an elderly woman. His patience and kindness was impressive! He spent more than an hour with this woman and showed no frustration or impatience. Fortunately I was. his next customer A salesman of this caliber proves to be an asset to any business I’m sure this business should realize this. I brought my daughter to him because of his great knowledge and demeanor. We got what we we wanted it and needless to say its sellers will keep coming back. .

My mother needed urgent foot care. Comfort Orthotics brought it in the next day and the service was amazing. My mother lives with Alzheimer’s and requires patience and empathy, kindness and strength, speed and professionalism (while showing the exact opposite).

Thank you very much, David! You did a great job on the legs, I don’t know how you did it, but thanks. Laughing and communicating with him gave confidence, and music was a good idea. The rub on his leg healed and he went home smiling…pain free….

Staff; Environment; information; accessibility; Parking; a clock; Little Doctor (Philip Snyde is the best!) All rated 5 stars. Laughter abounds. Much respect. He shows patience. The selection of comfortable shoes and other footwear needs is unique. I would recommend this business and clinic without hesitation. PS Their COVID protocol is above and beyond – impressive – kudos and a big thank you to you all.

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We have been customers of Comfort Orthotics for almost 20 years and have always been satisfied with their service. The business is run professionally, efficiently and friendly. Over the past few years, Emily has provided us with comfortable, easy-to-wear orthotics that have enabled us to walk and run pain-free. We remain loyal customers without hesitation.

I wanted to say thank you very much for the excellent treatment on my last visit. The front office staff are very friendly and helpful, the appointment is always on time (which I appreciate when traveling from New Glasgow). Philip’s skills are excellent and after several years and several doctors, I have now found someone who really takes the time to understand and address the issues that are bothering me. I have complete confidence in his ability and will be recommending his services to all my friends and my local doctor.

I got my new niceties from Emily on the 17th. I was told it would take about 2 weeks to get used to them and if I felt uncomfortable after a few hours I should take them out. Well, I put it on yesterday morning at 06:15, took it off the same day at 16:30 and no problem. Just thought I’d say a big thank you to Emily for a job well done. I wish my other orthotics were as easy and comfortable to use. Good again.

My wife Anna and I have been clients of Comfort Orthotics since 2003. Since then, we have been returning to Orthopedics and Orthopedic Shoes every year, which shows the quality of their work. Our three sons and their families are also satisfied with the professional service they received. I have no problem recommending Comfort Orthotics for your consideration. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!!!!

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My new orthotics are working great. It was great to have one person measure my feet, make orthotics and then fit. The care you provide is consistently excellent. I really appreciated Tom’s concern for my special needs. I never felt rushed. Most importantly, I learned everything I needed to know about my feet and how to buy good shoes that fit. The front desk staff were great and patient as we pulled out shoebox after shoebox. Thanks to everyone!

Our team of staff support 24 adults with intellectual disabilities, many of whom require orthotic and orthotic footwear. Comfort Orthotics referred us several years ago and we have been a customer ever since. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Comfort Orthotics for their exceptional service and quality products. Whether it’s Tom who answers all our questions and solves the many problems we have, or the front office staff who greet us all with a smile…and a cup of coffee, we always feel like customers valuable On behalf of the many people we support, thank you all very much.

In October 2007 I was told I needed braces and orthotics. After being evaluated by Tom, it was pointed out to me that my current shoes were causing all my problems. I had shoes in the correct width and construction for me, as well as information on how to fit and test the correct shoes in the future. It is now May 2011 and I recently visited the Comfort Orthotics staff to purchase a new pair of shoes. Tom and his staff are very patient and knowledgeable. My legs and feet feel great. I was finally comfortable and pain free. Thank you Comfort Orthotics!

I wanted to thank you both. I have to admit, I was skeptical when I came to your store in July with my new prescription for orthotics from my doctor. I was already wearing orthotics from another company, but I suffered from chronic foot pain for months. I was treated with complete professionalism. The new orthotics were much better than my previous orthotics that fit inside my shoes. I followed the suggestion to pair it with new orthotic shoes that fit my foot and work properly. The improvement was amazing. My legs don’t hurt for days. Two months later, my daughter and I traveled to Africa where I successfully climbed Mount Kilimajaro, a tough 6 day trip with your company’s quality walking boots and orthotics. Since then I have bought 3 more pairs of orthotics and several pairs of shoes. My legs feel great. Thank you Tom and Lisa for running such a great shop where people take the time to look after customers, a skill that seems to be getting lost these days.

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For over 10 years, I have had a significant change in my shoes at Comfort Orthotics. As I have polio and a prosthetic hip, I need shoes that fit my special needs. I received excellent service from Tom and the staff, which was provided in a very professional and pleasant manner. I have customized a variety of shoes including casual shoes, sneakers, golf shoes, walking shoes, over the knee shoes and boat shoes. The perfectly balanced lifts designed by Tom made my activities safer and easier. I highly recommend Tom and his staff for the work they always do on time and at reasonable prices.

For years I was losing all my thumb nails every year. They become discolored and loose from the base and eventually fall off or break off. It was not nice! I avoided salon pedicures and the dreaded sandal season. I convince myself it’s from the weight of tennis shoes, skates and other shoes, because my toes are longer than my other toes. At your suggestion, I decided to try this product about three months ago. During this time and with regular use, my nails have healthy looking nail beds and are almost fully grown – just in time for summer. I will continue to use this product and appreciate your suggestion. Thank you very much. PHILIP SNEYD – BSc (Hons) Pod – Podiatrist Originally from Manchester, UK, Phil joined our team in 2013 after moving to Nova Scotia. He graduated in Paediatrics from the University of Huddersfield, Yorkshire. , England. Before studying podiatry, he studied electronic engineering, worked as a chef and helped people with special shoes designed to solve foot problems.

Phil enjoys a wide range of pediatrics including biomechanical assessments, skin and nail care.

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