Best Obgyn In Statesboro Ga

Best Obgyn In Statesboro Ga – You can expect Dr. Sullivan throughout your pregnancy. You won’t have to deal with the uncertainty of seeing multiple doctors, and you can take comfort in knowing you’ll have the same face every step of the way. Although delivery can be unpredictable at birth, says Dr. To prepare for your birth, we help you create a birth plan that includes:

I am very happy with Dr. Sullivan!!! He is an amazing doctor with a heart like no other!!! If it weren’t for him and the people who believe and don’t believe in us, we wouldn’t have our beloved miracle!…

Best Obgyn In Statesboro Ga

Although a cesarean section (caesarean section) is considered quite safe, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends vaginal delivery unless there is a medical reason for a cesarean section. For example: your baby is relatively large or is in the breech position (bottom first). Both during childbirth and C-section, Dr. Sullivan is rich in experience and cutting-edge knowledge, you can be sure he will deliver a baby with exceptional calmness and skill.

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Based on your and your father’s genetic background and family medical history, we recommend fetal genetic testing for certain inherited conditions. Using the most accurate tests available, we can help you prepare for the special medical needs your baby may have.

Along with a spacious “friendly” waiting area and other private OB waiting rooms, adjacent parking and a friendly environment; we offer two ultrasound rooms, an on-site laboratory and the latest equipment and technology, including: 3D (three-dimensional) and 4D (motion effect) ultrasound images in the office to check your baby’s development and the latest. Accurate tests are available to ensure the health and safety of you and your baby.

At the first office visit, we will perform tests to confirm the pregnancy, review your medical/obstetric history, answer your questions, and start you on prenatal vitamins. Get your blood drawn to check your blood type and check for health conditions that require special attention during pregnancy. You will meet with a nurse to review your diet, family history, and labor and delivery options. You will undergo a complete physical examination, including paperwork.

“I love Dr. Sullivan so much!!! He is a wonderful doctor with an amazing heart! If it wasn’t for him and the people who believed and believed in us, we wouldn’t have the sweetness. , brave, and full of little miracles all around! Aubrey’s birthday is coming up and how can we know God’s plan?!?!He shared his birthday with someone he loves and is special to us!We will never be able to pay it all back!!I wish you to be in the office on my birthday because Aubrey and I want something for you !!” Board-certified primary care physicians and highly experienced specialists provide the highest level of care in your environment and beyond.your schedule.

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If you need a specialist, St. Joseph/Candler are the most experienced physicians with access to the latest technology in an advanced healthcare system.

Nancy N. and J. The Lewis Cancer and Research Pavilion is a national landmark in cancer treatment and clinical research.

When you need a doctor, you want someone you can trust. Our professionals have office hours throughout the Coastal Empire and the Lowcountry.

If you need an immediate doctor anywhere, you can see our certified providers online in St. Joseph’s/Candler’s SmartCare 24/7. Download the app today.

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St. Joseph’s/Candler makes it easy to get to and around the Pooler campus. Before your next appointment at Pooler, download our iNav in St. Joseph/Candler app for iOS or Android. We’ll even remember where you parked.

Our seven emergency departments across the county are open seven days a week when you need a doctor but don’t need an emergency room. Online check-in is available so you can get in and out as quickly as possible. Come see one of our specialists today. Trips to the grocery store and football games often lead to “frontline consultations” with Dr. Daniel Gordon. Born and raised in Hartwell, he returned to his hometown after completing his medical training.

Dr. Gordon, who was named Georgia Primary Care Physician of the Year this spring by the Georgia Primary Care Association, said he enjoys the variety of his job and the joy of helping patients become healthier and happier.

He received his undergraduate degree from Valdosta State University and decided that Mercer University was the best fit for his medical education. He attended courses at the Savannah campus and in 2014 became one of the first graduates of the School of Medicine’s Primary Care Accelerated Track program, a three-year program that prepares students for early entry into traditional primary care.

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Dr. Gordon always knew he wanted to be a primary care physician in a rural community. Watching the doctor himself grow up, his career focus resonated with him. A primary care physician will have a more positive impact than other specialties, he said. He knew Hartwell needed a primary care doctor and his home, and he wanted to grow his family. He and his wife, Paige, now have four children, ages 3 to 14.

Since completing his residency at Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Dr. Gordon has worked at MedLink Georgia Primary Care Clinic in Hartwell. She also provides inpatient care for infants and adults at St. Mary’s Sacred Heart Hospital in Lavonia. Some patients already know him all the time and call him by name.

There is a great variety in his work, seeing children, adults and geriatric patients; provide intensive care, inpatient and palliative care; perform procedures; and provide addiction and mental health care. A third of these patients don’t have insurance, so it’s important to have follow-up care because they may not have the funds to see a specialist, he said.

“I feel very comfortable in my work knowing that this is part of the biggest change in people’s lives. Now that I’ve been in practice for five years myself, I’m beginning to understand how access to primary care with follow-up measures results in better health and happier people, and I’m happier.

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She enjoys offering her unique insight and approach to helping patients better understand their health and how certain factors affect their bodies. Once they “get it,” they are often able to make changes to improve their health.

“I like to see the big picture. I like to see the small picture,” he said. “I enjoy explaining complex information to patients with easy-to-understand analogies. I really enjoy educating my patients and making sure they understand that they are the most important part of their treatment plan.

Dr. Gordon is also passionate about expanding primary care and has been active as a nurse and herbal educator. In 2016, he received the Graduate Medical Education Award from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

“I try to make sure it’s part of what I do in life to help steers understand the joy and importance of primary care,” he said. “That’s the best value you can bring to patients. It can be life-changing to give access to people. There’s really a lot of joy in primary care in general. It’s a generally happy atmosphere, so to speak.

Patient Safety Is The Focus Of Every Employee At East Georgia Regional Medical Center

© Mercer University. All rights reserved. Google CAPTCHA is used to prevent spam. See Google’s privacy policy and terms of use. The Liletta IUD savings from our partnership with PAA allow us to offer one of the best birth control options to our patients while maintaining our practice’s profitability. For these reasons, Ogeechee OB-GYNs use Liletta as their hormonal IUD. The great pricing and purchasing options with PAA are unmatched in the IUD market. Therefore, we strongly believe that we can share our positive experiences with other practices in the OBGYN community. Clinically, our patients are very satisfied with Liletta, 52 mg Levonorgestrel IUD.

Benjamin Oldham, MD, FACOG, Ogeechee OB-GYN Statesboro, GAPhysicians’ Alliance is especially helpful for small solo practices that don’t have a lot of marketing assets to negotiate vaccine prices.

Eileen Gibbons, MD, Seattle Medical & Wellness Clinic We have been members of the American Physician Alliance for many years. No gimmicks, no gimmicks; free to register and compare prices/services. Be sure to check them out.

Casey Crotty, CEO of San Juan IPA & Affiliates We recently joined the American Physician Alliance and have found tangible value in our membership within the first 30 days. We have negotiated discounted prices for three main cost items: bed linen, postage and office supplies. And so

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