Best Nursery In Bristol

Best Nursery In Bristol – An ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted nursery in Bristol with a homely environment and caring staff, located at David Lloyd Leisure Club, ten minutes from Bristol city center and close to Long Ashton Park and Ride.

We have large air-conditioned rooms, colorful rooms and lots of things for children to do from sensory experiments to rough play, including various activities in line with the Early Years Foundation programme.

Best Nursery In Bristol

All rooms have a monitor where you can watch videos of your child’s daily activities and show children’s day videos. Our amazing Children’s Park is designed and features a variety of kindergartens, a range of playgrounds, a sandpit, a stage area, a climbing frame and more to help stimulate and develop children of all ages.

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We are delighted to welcome you to Bristol Long Ashton Day Nursery and Preschool and our friendly, experienced and highly qualified staff are on hand to arrange tours of individual nurseries.

Whether you would like a full or flexible booking, please contact us to discuss availability. We encourage government funding wherever possible.

Meet the Team Our team is committed to making your child’s experience safe and fun. We always go the extra mile.

Did you know that our kindergarten is on Facebook? “Click” for fun! We’ll share what we’re doing and activities you can try at home with your little one. Find out about our upcoming nursery events to put on your calendar and enjoy meeting the team and find out about the fantastic age groups we have. We look forward to welcoming you to our Facebook community – just hit the ‘like’ button and you’ll be included!

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Our Family App offers a number of features that allow you to get more information about your child’s day, notify the nursery about changes in planned arrivals or absences and schedule extra lessons if needed. The unit at Emerson Green criticized the children as being “at high risk of harm” in a previous report in November.

Ofsted issued the nursery’s welfare report after finding “safeguarding practices are poor” and young people’s learning and development are “seriously impaired by staff failing to implement a well-designed curriculum”. . But after a May 19 inspection, state inspectors found hives in nearby St. Luke’s to be generally “good,” according to a report released this week.

It said: “Since the last inspection there have been many improvements to the nursery and provision for children. The manager, staff and management team worked tirelessly to make the necessary changes that had a significant impact on delivery.

“As a result, children are happy, calm and making good progress in school. Children are eager to come and play in the garden. Staff have developed a curriculum that is tailored to the children’s needs.

New Friends Nursery, Sikanderpur Ghosi

“Young children are encouraged to explore the exciting environment provided by staff. Staff have made changes to the learning environment to make it fun, stimulating and inclusive for all children.

“The new principal and the principal are very passionate about what they want the children to achieve. They provide the necessary assistance to staff to ensure quality education. “

She says the kindergarten staff has a good understanding of their curriculum, but in the nursery they still need some support to develop assessments. The nursery has 105 places but had 68 children when Ofsted visited.

In a previous audit, it was found inadequate in three out of four categories – quality of education, personal development, leadership and management. A November report said: “Prospects are lacking.

Parents’ Reviews Name Bristol Nursery Best In The West Despite Poor Ofsted Report

“The provider failed to adequately supervise the nursery. The principal and staff failed to fulfill their duties and responsibilities for the welfare of the children or to promote their learning and development.

He said: “The safety and welfare of children is at serious risk because of the poor security of the practice. Children’s learning and development are seriously impaired when staff fail to implement a well-designed curriculum.

“Some staff don’t know what to do if they have concerns about a child and don’t believe they understand a range of safeguarding issues. These vulnerabilities are more damaging to children. “

Busy Bees is generally better now after implementing a troubleshooting program. Kimberly Miller, manager of Busy Bees Bristol Emerson Green Centre, said: “We are delighted to have received a good rating from Ofsted.

Busy Bees Nursery In Emersons Green Turns Around ‘inadequate’ Rating In Six Months

“Receiving this award for the quality of care and education we provide makes me and the whole team incredibly proud. Our team has worked tirelessly over the last six months to bring all aspects of education to the highest standards.

“We now have a team of 20 people in all positions who are well trained. They are very committed and dedicated to providing a good and nurturing environment for our children to get a good start in life.

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One said: “They cost almost twice as much as the diesel equivalent, but people are willing to pay for it because they care about the environment. In fact, driving an old Ford Fiesta can be bad for the environment.” A home for our parents Our nurseries are offered by North Park Nursery Lidstep French fund users

Welcome to North Nursery where we hope you will find everything you need to know about our nursery, 3 dedicated spaces for babies aged 6 months to 5 years, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Our special spaces allow children to experience first-hand. Beautiful and peaceful place. The cottage room has everything you need. While our little ones are learning, developing and growing, we have a baking room. Finally, we have the library as a pre-school center that allows and encourages children to develop before they enter full-time school. In addition to our innovative new facilities, including a garden terrace, we are fortunate to work with an amazing team at the Early Stages Project Foundation who work to support and inspire every child with four key themes: Child + healthy relationship + positive environment = learning. and growth

“Babies and toddlers are very attached to their loved ones. This has a positive effect on children’s self-confidence by helping them explore, be curious and feel safe. Children have good emotions. Staff provide many resources that reflect children’s interests. They teach children how to communicate well with children.” know, they can think for themselves.”

Our children’s room offers the care you and our family expect from the little ones, for babies from 6 months to 2 years, or sometimes earlier if they are ready to join the younger children.

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Limited capacity, trained and experienced staff, rooms tailored to a young child’s physical, emotional and social needs, from diapers to milk.

Kids enjoy physical activity, explore light games and ball pits, get creative with arts and crafts, and let their imaginations run wild with natural resources designed just for kids.

Mealtimes are social events in kindergarten and all children have their own place to sit at the table and enjoy a meal with friends, songs and stories.

Our equipment not only gives children everything they need to thrive. Our children’s room is for children from 2 years old to elementary school.

Sunbeams Day Nursery & Pre School Downend, Bristol

We have a variety of games, activities and play areas that provide space for children to develop their senses, giving them the confidence to explore and make decisions, whilst enjoying their surroundings.

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