Best Neurosurgeon In El Paso Tx

Best Neurosurgeon In El Paso Tx – UMC Spine Center brings advanced care to El Paso, West Texas and southern New Mexico. UMC is proud to have the largest number of board certified and most board qualified neurosurgeons in the El Paso area. Back and neck pain doctors specialize in minimally invasive surgery and pain relief.

Dr. Vasquez has over 40 years of experience in neurosurgical care, including all types of neurosurgery, pediatric spine surgery, microsurgery, and steroids. He completed his undergraduate degree at the National University of San Marcos and his medical degree at the National University of San Marcos School of Medicine in Peru. He is a member of the American Society of Neurosurgeons, the American College of Surgeons, the American Medical Association, the Congress of Neurosurgeons, the International College of Surgeons, and the Texas Neurosurgery Society. Dr. Vasquez speaks English, Spanish, German and French.

Best Neurosurgeon In El Paso Tx

Dr. Gupta has nearly a decade of experience in neurosurgical care. He completed his undergraduate degree at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences in India and then a Bachelor of Medicine at the University of Minnesota.

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Dr. Gasco has over a decade of experience in neurosurgical care. He earned his medical school diploma at the University of Valencia, Spain, before continuing his neurosurgery training at the University of Texas Medical School in Galveston. Dr. Gasco is one of the few neurosurgeons globally certified in the United States and Europe. He specializes in brain, spine and neurosurgery with an emphasis on the use of the latest minimally invasive techniques including MIS-TLIF, XLIF, ALIF, CoFlex, Intracept, OLIF and pain management including ESI injections and blocks. Dr. Gasco is a member of the American Congress of Neurologists, the Society of Neurosurgeons, the Society for Spinal Interventions, and the Texas Neurosurgery Society.

Dr. Wang has nearly a decade of experience in neurosurgical nursing. He completed his undergraduate degree at Penn State University, his PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Florida, and his BS in Medicine at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Wang served as a commander in the army. He provided local and international neurological care, including a six-month trip to Afghanistan.

Dr. Jimenez has over 25 years of experience in pediatric neurosurgery. He completed his undergraduate degree at Temple University and then his Bachelor of Medicine at Temple University School of Medicine. Dr. Jimenez is the Medical Director of Neurosurgery at El Paso Children’s Hospital and is a member of the American Academy of Neurologists, the American College of Surgeons, and the American Academy of Pediatric Neurologists. Dr. Jimenez specializes in all areas of pediatric neurosurgery. He is board certified to perform surgeries on adults, including endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery, brain tumor and spine surgery.

About 6 years ago, Dr. Jimenez operated on my carpal tunnel. I have no visible scars and no problems. He was always friendly and seemed to really care about my performance. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Dr. J.

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Dr. Jimenez and his staff are great. Very helpful and willing to take the time to work with you on any questions and concerns. The operation was successful, and the 6-inch scar was obvious! The treatment was difficult but expected as he and his staff explained in advance what I was going through. Hopefully I won’t need his services in the future, but if I do, he’ll definitely be the one I go to

I am 22 years old and have von Hippel Lindau syndrome. I had an unexpected tumor at the age of 16, a cyst had invaded my head, and was accompanied by a severe headache. Dr. Jimenez was my mother’s trusted neurosurgeon. I approached him without question. Dr. Jimenez gave me the confidence and comfort that he knew what he was dealing with in my mind. My surgery and follow-up have been successful since then. I was fortunate to meet the right person and his team at the right place at the right time. EL PASO Texas – Modus-V is now in the hands of a pediatric neurologist who pioneered safe surgery for one-month-old babies. old to young.

The world-renowned Dr. David Jimenez is testing the instrument used on the International Space Station.

The chief of pediatric surgery at El Paso Children’s Hospital has designed a system that can cut the typical craniosynostosis surgery from six hours to 45 minutes without making a small incision in the baby’s scalp. There are only two.

Robert Martinez Jr., Fnp Bc

In a sense, Modus-V will make processing a little easier for the surgeon’s brain by turning on the lights.

The device uses satellite GPS and a brain MRI system to illuminate the surgeon’s path to the mass.

“We can use special glasses that can see the interior in 3D and zoom in to a level we couldn’t see before,” shared Dr. Jimenez.

A 13-year-old El Paso boy told his mother he had a problem with his eyes. He complained of double vision, so his mother took him to the eye doctor.

Dr. Shane A Hawksworth, Md, Faans

“There was a tumor or lump in a vital part of his brain. It was deep, dark and hard to reach,” he said.

Dorado later learned that El Paso Children’s Hospital had just received new equipment to help with his son’s surgery.

After the operation, the doctor said that Andres, who underwent surgery, is recovering well after the successful operation. El Paso, Texas () – Borderland’s first neurosurgery has been successfully completed with a patient under anesthesia.

Dr. Harold Smith, director of neuroscience at Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare, performed surgery on September 1, 2021 at Del Sol Medical Center to rule out a malignant glioma.

Jonathan Clavell, Author At Jonathan Clavell

The first use of fluoride-assisted brain tumor mapping in the field to detect and remove malignant brain tumors located in the temporal and parietal lobes on both sides of the brain. The head is close to the semantic area.

Fluorescence technology is used to detect cancerous tumors and improve fall accuracy during surgery.

The technique works by giving patients a first dose before surgery, which causes cancer cells to “glow”, making them easier for surgeons to detect.

The patient’s tumor was located in an area of ​​the brain that controls speech, which required a multidisciplinary team to monitor the patient’s speech throughout the session.

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“We continue to use integrated technologies with basic stereoscopic navigation to remove tumors, such as GPS in the head, which allows us to know where the tumor is,” Smith said.

“We’ve identified the locations of key speech regions, so we know where they are in relation to the tumor, so we can avoid those key regions,” he added.

“Our team performed flawlessly and the patient was able to leave within 24 hours,” Smith said.

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