Best Neighborhoods In Salt Lake City For Families

Best Neighborhoods In Salt Lake City For Families – Over 110 square miles, Salt Lake City has many different neighborhoods Stroll through the city’s winding streets, be inspired by black sugar houses, admire the architecture on Capitol Hill, or stroll through dog-friendly Central City.

No matter what vibe you’re looking for, Salt Lake City has a neighborhood for you Grab some hoods and explore them over the weekend to really get a feel for the city Here are some of our favorite neighborhoods in Utah’s capital

Best Neighborhoods In Salt Lake City For Families

Downtown Salt Lake City is usually bustling with activity Restaurants and bars abound and farmers markets Shoppers buy local produce Busy streets are lined with skyscrapers and people commute by bike, foot, car and train – excellent public transportation and bike-sharing programs make it easy in the neighborhood. If your choice is a holiday with shopping, dining and sightseeing, then this is the district for you

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Downtown centers around the 10-acre Temple Square, which stretches over 10 city blocks. It is the most popular attraction of the city and home of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Dotted around the main square you will find the Salt Lake Temple, Tabernacle, Assembly Hall, Convention Center, Church History Museum, Family History Library , Bee House, Brigham Young Historical Park and more.

It may be the most famous building of the church, but this neighborhood sure knows how to party. There are several restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world and the nightlife is top notch with craft cocktails and live music. Accommodation in the region ranges from luxury to cheap and pleasant – there is an option for every budget

Central City parks are ideal for dog lovers who want to bring their pets on vacation © Tony Anderson / Getty Images.

Central City is an inspiring and trendy neighborhood that is a haven for artistic types and galleries, live indie music, a landscaped garden and high-fashion boutiques. A popular attraction in the area is the Gilgal Sculpture Garden with 12 statues and 70 large stones carved with fragments of Latter-day Saint scriptures. Fashionistas will visit the historic Trolley Square, a converted trolley warehouse that has been turned into an exclusive mall. For a historical look at folk art, visit the Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Art, which displays the folk art of the state’s indigenous communities. For librarians, a stop at the Salt Lake City Public Library is a must

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Central City is also a family and dog-friendly neighborhood with parks and cafes and shopping A highlight of the area is the quiet setting of Liberty Park, 80 hectares to explore It has a pond, fountain, gazebo, two playgrounds, a swimming pool, Bocce ball, and many recreational activities. One of the most popular activities is the Tracy Aviary and Botanical Gardens where visitors can observe a wide variety of birds. There aren’t many accommodation options in this rural area, but you can easily enjoy it from a city base

The Utah State Capitol Building dominates the Capitol Hill grounds © Brian Jansen/Alamy Stock Photo.

The Capitol Hill neighborhood is home to the architecturally stunning Utah State Capitol Guided tours of the Capitol Building wow guests with an introduction to the property’s original sculptures and sculptures, including the magnificent Rotunda, a replica of the Liberty Bell, and rotating art exhibits that reflect the history of Utah and its people. Visitors are invited to the area, which includes a river, walking paths, picnic tables and artistic monuments.

You’ll also find the Utah Tourism Office in the Capitol Hill District This is a great place to get a map of the area and find some local recommendations The area is dotted with historic homes from the early 1900s, such as the Memorial House , the McCune Mansion, and Oettinger Hall. Be sure to stop by the Pioneer Memorial Museum to see a treasure trove of artifacts from Utah’s first citizens

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The surrounding area has plenty of open space and green space, including City Creek Natural Area and Ensign Peak, which offer incredible views of the city. Since it’s a business district, there aren’t many places to stay, but the Inn on the Hill is an interesting bed and breakfast option.

The Sugar House District is a hip, colorful neighborhood that’s great for shopping, dining and enjoying the outdoors Whether you want to go for a trail run, grab a cup of gourmet coffee on an outdoor patio or shop for records and artistic home decor, the Sugar House District House District is the place to go.

The biggest attraction in the area is Sugar House Park Covering 110.5 hectares, it is the largest public park of Salt Lake City It has a beautiful pond, soccer and baseball fields, a basketball court, eight volleyball courts and two playgrounds. In winter, the dedicated sledding hill is very popular with residents and visitors

If your main focus is gastronomic pleasure, this is the neighborhood for you Enjoy Belgian waffles and fries at Bruges Belgium Bistro, eat breakfast at The Original Pancake House, dine around a hip campfire at the Campfire Lounge, or try one of the many local breweries at the Wasatch Brewery. In addition to convenient chain hotels, the Sugar House District also has some interesting Airbnbs and Airbnbs

E Williams Ave S, Salt Lake City, Ut 84111

E-bikes are a popular and inexpensive way to navigate Salt Lake City © Tony Anderson / Getty Images.

These streets are divided into Avenue Proper, Upper Avenue and Lower Avenue This residential neighborhood is quiet and cozy with a slow-paced, outdoor vibe

Upper Avenue is a gateway to the Wasatch Mountains with plenty of outdoor activities – nearby trailheads lead to spectacular views, and the Northcrest Swim Club and I-Street BMX Bike Park offer other ways to stay active.

The Avenues proper area is a grid-designed neighborhood that makes it easy for residents and artisans to go to restaurants and shops and get home. Don’t you feel like going? Rent an e-bike to tour the hood Take a ride through Lindsay Gardens Park or take in the city view at the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

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The grid continues below where there are more facilities, food and sightseeing, look at the ornate Cathedral of the Madeleine, built in 1909, take a tour of the General Palace and eat at any number of restaurants, cafes and pubs. There aren’t many accommodation options in the area, although Avenue Hostel is a budget-friendly option Downtown is within walking distance and there are plenty of hotels to choose from

For the first time, Lonely Planet’s experts have compiled 500 of America’s most memorable, beautiful, surprising and compelling experiences. Admire the scope of the Grand Canyon, delve into the history of a nation of immigrants at Ellis Island, or wander the architectural splendor of the Golden Gate Bridge. Where are you going next? Congratulations on making Salt Lake City your new home! Whether you’re familiar with the area or have never been to Utah, deciding where to settle with your family can be a challenge. What are the family friendly areas? Which neighborhood suits your family’s needs? Where are the best public schools in Salt Lake City? We’ve got the answer In our in-depth guide, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 neighborhoods for families in Salt Lake City. We help you find the best place to live in SLC as you raise a family

In our list of the best Salt Lake City neighborhoods for families, we give you an overview of what it’s like to live in each neighborhood. We cover school districts, parks, child-friendly facilities, walkability, safety and more. We also cover adult-friendly activities, such as nightlife and walking distance to the city. This will help you determine the area according to your family’s needs. really very family friendly!

Best Family Neighborhood in Salt Lake City Liberty Wells – Affordable, Affordable Family Neighborhoods in Salt Lake City.

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Let’s start with Liberty Wells Known for being laid back and easy, Liberty Wells is an excellent residential area for families. The neighborhood has everything from parks and great schools to family-friendly restaurants and affordable housing.

Starting with the park, nearby is Liberty Park, where you can play tennis, go to the playground or see a variety of birds on the Tracy Avery Trail.

When it comes to education, Liberty Wells is home to great schools, including Whittier and Hawthorne elementary schools. Staying here means you’ll never run out of great dining options With global food options right in your backyard, you’ll find something everyone likes Be sure to check out the menus at Rusted Sun Pizzeria and Coachman’s Diner and Pancake House! Finally, there is something great about Liberty Wells

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