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Best Modeling Agency In Arizona – Founded in Paris in 1972, the Elite Model Management agency has now grown into an international network with more than 35 offices around the world and is known for its best model selection process (in 1983 it even created a special Elite Look contest). Forty years later, Elite operates over 800 models from 5 continents. The agency’s clients include leading fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior, Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Versace.

IMG is one of the leading international modeling agencies with European offices in Paris, London and Milan. It is a subsidiary of IMG Corporation, which has been producing popular American sports programs since the 1960s, as well as a sports academy, consulting firm and executive agency. Until 2012, IMG Models promoted only female models, but recently began representing male models. The agency prefers high fashion and attractive facial expressions for the board.

Best Modeling Agency In Arizona

NEXT Model Management is an international modeling agency with offices in Milan, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. It was founded in 1989 and is now one of the leading organizations in the world. This agent is probably the most powerful modeling agent. For example, there is a successful “Special booking” department that organizes fashion projects for various world stars. Plus, Next Even has a division for…chefs! He lives in New York and collaborates with the world’s best chefs and culinary brands.

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Women’s Governance was founded in New York in 1988 with the goal of expanding people’s perception of unconventional beauty. They’ve been pushed to get a bigger slice of the “fashion scene” pie in terms of beauty standards — to praise all looks, not just the traditional ones. Now this organization has offices in Europe – in Paris and Milan. Women’s Agency has become one of the most prestigious clients in the last decade – photographers, brands, designers and magazines.

Founded in 1999 in New York, Major Model Management is a boutique agency and one of the most prestigious and successful agencies in the world. The organization has offices in Paris, Milan, Munich and New York.

Contemporary Art at GUM 10/04/19 From April 13th to May 28th, a contemporary art exhibition will be held at GUM, featuring some of the best contemporary Russian artists. 2019 will have some great art exhibitions for contemporary art. One of the highlights of Moscow will be the GUM-Red Line festival. In front of the red walls of the Kremlin, the works of the best Russian artists of today will be displayed. An exhibition and art festival based on the art project of Bosco Magazine, “We Are One Family” was chosen as the story of the exhibition. For four years, famous Russian artists have revealed the family theme in their works. Thus, each cover of Bosco Magazine became a photo exhibition. Siarhei Bartkow Project participants: Uladzimir Dubasarski Oleg Kulik AES+F Andrey Bartenew Pavel Peppershtein Georgy Ostretsev Georgi Tatibadze Konstantin Zvezdochetov Alexander Vinogradov Siarhei Bratkow Semyon Faibisavich Faibisavich Grisha Bruskin I of the store built in the design of 16 art pavilions according to the project of the WowHaus design office. Here are pictures and photos, There will be information about the artists along with a wide variety of works such as videos and objects. George Totibadze. Fall 2016. “Beginning” This will allow visitors to get to know the life and work of each project participant. The festival will be a platform for an educational program that includes tours suitable for any audience. Don’t miss panel discussions with artists, hands-on theater performances, film screenings, and an interactive master class on creating new objects of contemporary art. Author of Photo Editors | Alina Izmailova

#LondonFashionWeek – Men 201711/1/17 This season, London Men’s Fashion Week celebrated its 10th edition with over 50 shows and exhibitions over four days. See all the highlights, including shows from Vivienne Westwood, JW Anderson, Wales Bonner, TOPMAN Design, Craig Green and more…

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#TastesofRussia.10/2/20 When foreigners arrive in Russia, their first and last impressions of the country are usually pancakes, bikies, and vodka. To destroy, or rather to “change” these flavors, to accurately represent the national cuisine at the international level, and to make gastronomic tourism an important part of a trip to Russia, “President’s Hotel” has developed “Taste of Russia”. “dinner. We talked about them with Liyana Antonova, marketing director of the Presidential Hotel of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation. Evgenia: Please tell us about the idea of ​​Russian taste? Liana Antonova, marketing director of the Presidential Hotel Liana: “Tastes of Russia “The project is intended to show the diversity of the country’s cuisine and the possibilities of our hotel. The purpose of this meal is to introduce guests to modern Russian cuisine. For Russian guests, this meal is a unique gastronomic experience, when you try familiar dishes from childhood in a new, completely unexpected combination. Dinner for guests is Russian cuisine and delicious It’s a great opportunity to get to know the smells, because it’s hard to do anywhere else.We analyzed a large study by, based on the tourist attractions of the world’s 40 largest cities: New York, Moscow, Istanbul, Dubai, culture, nightlife. friendship, gastronomy, etc. It is good to note that in many parameters Moscow is one of the leaders in the rating, but in the food department it has always been low. Then we decided to set ourselves a very big task – to improve the position of Moscow and Russia in the external market of gastronomic tourism. The concept of modern Russian cuisine has not yet been clearly formed. There is a familiar and old concept: “Russian borscht, cottage cheese pancakes and salt.” But this is a normal, narrower, standard set. After all, instead of pancakes, we have many other options: just get watermelon porcini and porcini mushrooms, and you will be surprised how much the tourists are interested. With this dinner, we want to show how natural food products can be used to create modern, complex, interesting and conceptual dishes, create new culinary foundations and promote them internationally. Eugenia: Every special meal is a new gastronomic story, a story of experience in many ways. What is its basis? Liana: Our chef, Semyon Zharkih, prepares a different menu for every lunch. The composition is built around traditional products for one of the Russian regions. For example, our dinner menu includes king crabs and urchins from Murmansk. Chefs are developing different types of flavors and ways to serve them to offer something interesting, unique and different. Of course, national wines are added to the gastronomic heritage of the region. Yevgenia: How do Moscow people see our wines? Liana: Currently, there is a lot of attention to the development of local wine production, and many of our guests already know and appreciate the wines of the Krasnodar region and Crimea. Of particular note is how the wine is mixed with the dishes. The person responsible for the wine selection for the dinner, the director of restaurant services, class salesman Alyaksei Mitrofanovsky: prepares an excellent selection of wines. Eugenia: How do you choose a theme for dinner? Liana: Together with the chefs of the famous restaurants, we try to prepare a food menu dedicated to the theme of gastronomy. For example, we had a gastrobotany evening. We recently had the “President’s Dinner”: we served most of the meals based on the recommendations of the first foreign nationals staying at the “Presidential Hotel”. In addition to the gastronomic section, we also have an art section. A National Geographic exhibition and an exhibition of modern paintings were held as part of “Gustav Russia”. Evgenia: What can you expect from courses designed for a special Russian taste? Liana: The most popular items of the evening are part of the chef’s special offer. They will be served in the bar and restaurant in trial mode. Then the dishes that have won the special love of the guests will be transferred to the main menu. After all, we really value the opinions of our visitors. Many of them still remember the wonderful white mushroom carpaccio. This is very good and valuable and shows that we are moving in the right direction. The presence of our guests is as important to us as our hotel, our city and our country. Author || Yevhenia Bada

#Tastes of Russia 10/2/20 The President Hotel has created a “Tastes of Russia” dinner. This is it

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