Best Marathons In Uk

Best Marathons In Uk – Is running a half marathon one of your fitness goals for 2020? Well, if that’s the case and you’re serious about conquering 13.1, it’s time to commit to the actual race instead of talking about it.

Lucky for you, the UK is home to some of the most famous and beautiful races in the world. If you want to pass some of London’s world landmarks on closed roads, or walk in London’s Royal Parks, or maybe participate in a road marathon, there is a race for you.

Best Marathons In Uk

We’ve rounded up some of the UK’s best half marathons to put on your calendar for 2020; keep scrolling to see where you can go and collect your medal.

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One for track fans: this semi covers 4 laps around the famous Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool. It’s fast and flat, perfect for a PB. If you can’t make it to the February race, there are also events in July and September.

This challenging route crosses the capital from Tower Bridge to Cutty Sark, passing through the boroughs of Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Lewisham and Greenwich, culminating in a “festival of food, music, sport and fun” in Greenwich Park. looking to the end?

2020 is a landmark year for this famous half – for the first time, the runners will pass through two of the main colleges of Cambridge University – King’s College and Jesus College “to take the runners on a journey of history and showcase the best of what Cambridge has to offer”. to offer’. Fantasy

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My Favourite Half Marathon Races In The Uk

What a way to put a spring in your step! Bad puns aside, this route is a hiker’s dream, passing landmarks like St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London and Big Ben. Expect thousands of spectators to line the streets to cheer you and your 14,000 friends on.

[This half is popular because it sold out this year – set a reminder to buy tickets for the 2021 event in April]

East Londoners came out in droves to patronize this swing across the grounds. This race takes place in Mare Street, historic Broadway Market, Hackney Wick and crosses 12 canals and rivers.

Billed as Yorkshire’s biggest, loudest and proudest, the Leeds half sees 7,500 runners take on a hilly route from The Headrow, in the heart of the city centre, to New Briggate, Abbey Road and back to Millennium Square.

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Who needs a marathon when you can have a festival? With everything from a 5km to a full marathon on offer over the weekend, we expect the Edinburgh event to draw crowds. The middle course is fast and flat; perfect for PBs and first timers.

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With 30,000 runners alongside you on the course, rock music on the route and thousands of spectators cheering you on, the Great Manchester Race is perfectly set up for a PB.

This challenging and scenic race is to raise money for a local charity. There are also half walks if you want to go at your own pace.

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Pass Kew Gardens, Ham House and Hampton Court Palace. This event usually has a theme – last year it was Peter Pan, and Kew Gardens became Neverland for the 8,000 finalists.

With a staggering 57,000 participants expected, the atmosphere at the Newcastle upon Tyne race is always electric. Places in this popular race are hard to come by, so it pays to register early.

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This flat route starts and finishes at the legendary Cheltenham Racecourse, with stunning views of the surrounding Cotswolds.

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The rolling hills of Windsor Great Park and the magnificent Windsor Castle provide a beautiful backdrop for a brisk half-marathon walk. Beware of the queen.

It started with 1,500 runners in 2003, but today the Superhalfs race is one of the most popular races in the UK, growing to almost 30,000 runners. This is the race

A favorite of editor-in-chief Claire Sanderson. “I’ve done it twice and it’s a beautiful route, starting at Cardiff Castle and going through the capital’s main attractions,” he said. “It’s very well organized and always sells out. Reserve your spot early to secure a spot.” Maybe you’ll see Claire there.

City dwellers don’t need to rent a car or book a flight to get to this starting line. The ever-popular Royal Parks Half sees 16,000 runners take to the streets – and parks – of central London, including Hyde Park, The Green Park, St James’s Park and Kensington Gardens.

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Running: Should women train differently than men? Built for Women’s Health Built for Women’s Health lululemon Half Marathon – 13.1 mile (21.1 km) run guaranteed to challenge you physically and mentally. However, not all half marathons are created equal and every half marathon has its own challenges. From steep roads to muddy tracks, one thing is clear: crossing the finish line is always a great achievement.

Best London Marathon Alternatives In 2022

While the pandemic put a stop to racing last year, we’re sure their return is imminent, which means you can be, too. Check out some of the best half marathons in the UK that will give you the perfect target to train for.

The Great North Run is one of the most popular races in the UK, and rightly so. Combining the coast with tough climbing, it starts in the center of Newcastle and ends at the famous Tyne Bridge. Expect sore calves and real community spirit as this year marks the fortieth anniversary of the Great North Run.

If you want your races to look spectacular, look no further than the Royal Parks Half Marathon. Organized by Limelight Sports, the course takes you through four royal parks in central London: Green Park, St James’s Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. It’s a good run on a flat trail to distract your eyes and take your mind off the pain.

For runners who prefer things less urban and a little more adventurous, the Sheffield Half is not to be missed. It’s hilly, starting in the center of Sheffield before going up to the Peak District for great panoramic views. Be sure to practice the uphill routes before you sign up, because this race is a real calf race.

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Staying on the trails, the Ras Dewi Sant Half Marathon is ideal for more advanced runners after a grueling but beautiful challenge. It takes you through the Welsh countryside, following the coastal path and featuring beaches, mountains and lunch. It may be difficult, but trust me, the view will be worth it.

I ran the Leeds half marathon in 2016 and it was definitely not easy. The route starts at Headrow and ends at Millennium Square, with lots of scary hills and a long, hard stretch at the end. But there is a great sense of community with friendly people handing out food and water everywhere to keep you motivated. The gradient makes this a great half for those looking for a challenge, and still manageable for less experienced runners.

Set in the South Downs (one of our best places in the UK for trail running), the Queen Elizabeth Off-Road Half is a fantastic half marathon. But with less elevation gain than the Sheffield Half or Great North Run, this half marathon is perfect for runners of all levels and those wanting to try trail running. The race will take you trekking along the tree trails with beautiful views.

If you like your races with a bit of history, look no further than the Oxford Half. Passing Trinity College and following the River Cherwell, the Oxford Half combines nature, culture and flat roads, making it a great race to get your PB. This half marathon is appreciated for its lively festive atmosphere. Popularity, however, means you have to pass a vote to get a spot at this event.

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The Brighton Half Marathon is one of the highlights of the UK season and the sea breeze gave the runners a much needed break. In classic Brighton fashion, it’s a crowd pleaser, with a lively community spirit and plenty of entertainment. Expect fast, flat, cliff tops, ocean views and vibrant colors

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