Best Location To Stay In Cairo

Best Location To Stay In Cairo – A jewel for historians and lovers of the great mysteries and lore of ancient Egypt, Cairo is a place you will love from the moment you arrive!

Downtown is the best place to stay in Cairo. There are many comforts and good comforts. But I have added 3 new communities, perfect for groups of people, families and tourists who want a good experience; Zamalek, New Cairo and the Garden City.

Best Location To Stay In Cairo

And if you want to see the most interesting Cairo during the days and nights, do not miss my good section with the best hotels near the pyramids!

Where To Stay In Cairo In 2020

As most of you know, Cairo has a lot of tourists, especially during the peak season (December – February). Both hotels and budget hotels sell out fast, so I recommend booking months in advance to secure your spot!

Contents If you are in a hurry 1. Downtown – the best place to stay in Cairo for the first time 2. Zamalek – where to stay in Cairo for nightlife3. New Cairo – the best place to live for families4. Garden City – Where to Stay in Cairo for the Best Experiences Bonus: The Best Hotels in Cairo Near the Great Pyramids Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels in Cairo

I have compiled a list of the best hotels in the city for those who want to book quickly. All are located in the city;

Here is a map that will help you find all the places to stay in Cairo that I will talk about in this post:

Best Things To Do In Cairo, Egypt

Dreaming of going to Cairo for the first time? You are in for some memorable moments then, my dear friend, because this place will blow your mind! We’ve heard stories about Egypt and the ancient pyramids, which you can now see for yourself!

Let’s start with the best place to stay in the capital city: Cairo! Here you will find major city attractions such as the Egyptian Museum and Tahrir Square.

It is a very different area than the French architects designed the city center over 100 years ago. You can tell by the great boulevards and by the European atmosphere that dominates the streets.

Downtown Cairo is a commercial hub where you will find everything you need from shops to restaurants and bars, all at reasonable prices. Central Cairo can be busy and dark at times, but if you like that kind of atmosphere, you certainly won’t mind.

The Best Places To Go Shopping In Cairo

For those of you who aren’t into big layers, check out the book because I have tons of places you’ll love!

Until the end of the weekend at the hospital. There are many and for all budgets, but make sure you book in advance as the city is packed with tourists, especially in high season!

Beautiful rooms with stunning views of the city of Cairo? I’m in! This hotel is centrally located and has a fitness center and restaurant on-site. But that’s not it! If not, you can relax in the outdoor pool and enjoy free.

This is probably the most amazing place in Cairo! It is a small island in the middle of the Nile River, connected to Cairo and other cities by bridges.

The 15 Best Places To Visit In Egypt

Zamalek is home to most of the city’s embassies, making it a great place for solo travelers and anyone else visiting Cairo! the neighborhood is filled with lively restaurants, high-end restaurants and shisa clubs.

So if you’re planning a night on your trip, you know where to go!

Zamalek is the second place to live in Cairo after the city center. Especially if you want panoramic views. On this day you can get to know the most beautiful views of the city.

The fun in Zamalek doesn’t stop here, though! As you can see, there are many galleries and museums on this small island! Also included is the Cairo Tower, a must see during your stay in Cairo.

What To Do In Cairo Egypt

If you’re looking to visit more historical places, check out Tel Aviv, which is just as amazing as Cairo! But now let’s take a look at the Zamalek hotels:

Are you looking for a nice and comfortable place to stay in Cairo? Then you will love this apartment which has a lot of space and the amenities you need, including a kitchen and an outdoor pool. After a fun night on the town, a pool sesh is what you need!

This modern hotel is well equipped with a fitness center, a nice bar and a great value restaurant.

Enjoy the cozy atmosphere of this unique place that offers 2 cozy rooms, kitchen and free parking

Things To Do In Cairo Egypt In 3 Days

Also known as the 5 seats, this eastern suburb of the Egyptian capital is far from all the central areas, but it is not as busy and chaotic as the central area.

It is close to Cairo International airport, making this neighborhood a blessing for families or people who don’t like too much crowd and noise!

But you have nothing to do here! There are many family attractions that you and the kids will love, such as Adventure Park and Jewel Water Park. Or, for something a little off the beaten track, you can head to the Maadi Petrified Forest.

Another popular sight here is the Cairo Festival City, a huge shopping center full of shops, cinemas, shisha bars and restaurants. There is also a theme park for kids called KidZania Cairo!

Best Things To Do In Egypt

Well, New Cairo sounds like a great place for families, and even though it’s not far from the main attractions, you can always use a car, taxi or car hire if you want to explore the whole city!

Enjoy an excellent breakfast and then try all the sporting activities at the best hotel for families, where you can play tennis with the kids or swim. You can relax in the spa center and then grab a family meal in one of the 4 restaurants!

The elegant and spacious rooms come with a balcony and a small kitchen. The hotel has a pool

This comfortable inn comes with family rooms, free parking and outdoor dining. What else do you need?

Best Area To Stay In Tel Aviv

Catch the sunset from the terrace of this well-equipped room with kitchen and free parking.

This is a small area on the north bank of the Nile, within walking distance of the city of Cairo. The Garden City is home to some of the best hotels and accommodations in the entire city, so make sure you enjoy it!

It was the home of Egypt’s elite, and you can see some of the roads from that time. The wide palm-lined streets are like the main boulevards in the center of the city, although it is better to live here because many people live in the paradise city.

If you like good views and want to get to know the Nile River as long as you stay in the city, I recommend staying in this area.

Best Places To Stay In Cairo, Egypt

Garden City does not have many tourists, but its location (near the city and Zamalek) and some of the best hotels in Cairo make it a popular destination.

However, you will find many museums and many restaurants where you can enjoy the Middle Eastern food that we love!

This hotel offers many wonderful amenities! Spend your vacations relaxing in the indoor pool and enjoying the best views of the Nile River and this great city! The rooms at Hotel Nile Kempinski are very modern and come with butler service. When you’ve had enough of a visit, go to the spa and just relax!

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo – There are so many amazing hotels in the paradise city that I couldn’t end the list with just 4! This is an expensive option but worth it!

Where To Stay In Cairo

Enjoy the best services during your vacations at this five star hotel that offers panoramic views of the Nile River! The rooms are well appointed and come with balconies and marble bathrooms, but make sure you also go to the indoor shower and relax in the spa all day!

As you can see, the Great Pyramids of Giza are the first thing tourists want to see on their trip to Cairo, Egypt! The places I mentioned above are not near the pyramids, so you will have more time to get there.

But if visiting the high pyramids is on your Egypt bucket list, we recommend staying at a nearby hotel. See the list below, the best hotels located near the famous pyramids!

Luxury: Marriott Mena House – Enjoy your breakfast admiring the amazing pyramids from afar! Surrounded by green gardens and decorated with handmade furniture, this beautiful hotel is located 15 minutes from the pyramids. You have access to spa services and a pool, among many other amenities!

Best Things To Do In Cairo, Egypt In 2022

Middle range: Check out the Pyramids Boutique Hotel – comfortable rooms and a beautiful terrace overlooking the pyramids. It is located near the residence

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