Best Laundromat In Reno

Best Laundromat In Reno – This place has both large and small appliances for every household. In addition, we are fluff and folding place. We offer fun video games, snacks, drinks and friendly attendees. while you wait. Open every day 06:00-22:00, last at 20:30.

Washers range in size from 20 lbs to 100 lbs with small capacity and large dryers available.

Best Laundromat In Reno

It’s one of the cleanest places to do your laundry…you wouldn’t think it’s a good place to see it from the parking lot. But with a large front lift and a regular size engine. And the dryer is so efficient that I can fit 3 or 4 towels in one. And only 50 cents and they are dry.

Westside Wash Laundry

This has become the #1 best washing machine of all time. It has everything I need and never disappoints. The tumble dryer never fails to dry all my clothes, which is not the case with others. It’s always clean, the tiles are always in good condition. Everything about the place is perfect. I am happy in my laundry now. Thank you for creating the perfect place to wash my clothes. I love it! Our coin laundromat was recently completely renovated from top to bottom with an all new washer, dryer, top, finish and hot water system. We offer the best laundry and dry cleaning and self service laundry experience in Reno and Sparks. We offer pickup and delivery services near Sparks and surrounding areas. We also offer commercial laundry services for businesses in the area. We are your laundromat near Reno!

Schedule laundry collection and delivery and we will pick up, wash and return your laundry to your home.

Leave your laundry with us and we’ll wash and dry it for you! It will be neatly folded and ready for collection the next day. We also provide same day service.

Do you have a business? Let us take care of all your laundry needs. Contact us today for a quote!

Mr. Bubbles Laundromat Downtown Reno Nevada — Mr. Bubbles Laundromat

We recently renovated a family owned and operated laundromat. We have more than 30 years of experience in providing our customers with a clean and safe laundry experience. We have very friendly staff and offer free drying every day when you use our washing machine. We provide laundry and folding and collection and laundry services. Let us do the laundry for you, so you have more time to do what you really want.

Clean clean This is the cleanest laundry room I have seen in 20 years. Attendant Velvet works hard to maintain it. Customers treat the area with equal respect. I highly recommend this if you are in Reno and need laundry. Also a bonus next to a nice donut shop.

The largest laundromat in town. The facilities are always clean. You can trust the device to get the job done. Free dryer?!?! How can you go wrong? Good location. Great selection of merchandise! Vic is always friendly and kind. Very useful.

Get special rates for washing and folding when you add to our laundry bag. Logo Spin Cycle laundry bag is a must buy. Large $12, medium $10. Get Directions Get a Quote Book an Appointment Call (775) 234-8544 WhatsApp (775) 234-8544 Text (775) 234-8544 Contact Us View Order Schedule Search Orders

Hotel In Reno

We installed a bug zapper in front of the laundry room to help repel pesky mosquitoes from the street. The zapper is well done, judging by the pile of dead insects under it!

Soon our new truck will be hitting Reno and Sparks streets. MegaWash Laundry offers pickup and delivery services in the Reno-Sparks area. Order for pickup online by visiting $1.79 per pound with 25% off your first order! …

Neighborhoods – Neighborhoods are in short supply across the country. If you have many rooms at home, please help us by bringing them and using them in our place. If you’re not already using the Speed ​​Queen Insights app to start your washer and dryer, now’s the time to sign up.

Up to 25% discount on washing machines and dryers Tuesday and Wednesday 07.00 – 10.00 11 June 2020 – 10 June 2021

Tomshoo Collapsable 3 Section Laundry Bag Foldable Laundry Hamper Durable Oxford Fabric Laundry Basket Clothes Sorter Portable Multifunction Storage Bag With Alloy Handle

We have cold air!!! This heat wave is no match for our four AC units, see how it feels!

As an important business, we are still open! For your health, thorough disinfection drying is carried out at least 4 times a day and we clean continuously throughout the day.

Collection and delivery service! Thank you for making my life so much better!! I am very happy. As a single mom, I’ve never been happier than when I open a bag of clean clothes from Mega Wash and see everything folded and my socks to match! No corners are cut, they take time to wash to a high standard, which you will do yourself. Definitely a life saver.

We use this laundry room when our washing machine breaks and our apartment maintenance doesn’t have time to fix it. Very useful and convenient. Reasonable price, comfortable waiting area and large folding area

Brookeland Resort Cabin With Golf And Lake Access, Brookeland

The best service in the area. Always makes my white carpet (not my best idea…smh) which always gets traffic from my kids and husky look new!!! Thank you Mega Wash!

There are new washers in Reno/Sparks with different sizes including an 80lb washer! Free wifi, snack machine, always clean!

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