Best Jobs In Corpus Christi

Best Jobs In Corpus Christi – From the moment they arrive at school, today’s high school students are inundated with messages about the importance of getting a college education. They hear from guidance counselors, teachers, parents, family members, neighbors and coaches. While graduating from a four-year college can certainly do wonders for a student’s future career, it’s not necessary for all fields—something admissions officers and guidance counselors often fail to mention.

To find the highest paying jobs that don’t require a college degree, consult the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Job Outlook Handbook for a list of all jobs that don’t require a college degree. All jobs listed have a high school diploma, some college education (no degree award), non-high school degree award or no formal education requirements. for entry level positions are considered. Jobs that do not list entry-level requirements are excluded, as are job titles that combine multiple positions. Jobs are ranked by 2021 average annual salary.

Best Jobs In Corpus Christi

Keep reading to find the highest paying jobs in Corpus Christi, TX that don’t require a college degree.

City Of Corpus Christi To Host Job Fair In April

Abilene Explore Amarillo Explore Arlington Explore Austin Explore Beaumont Explore Brownsville Explore Wichita Falls Explore An electronic application will be received by the deadline stated for each site. Failure to provide the required educational certificate, license or certification may result in applicants not being qualified to continue the selection process. If you have any questions about your application, contact (361) 826-3300 or email [email protected]

The information provided by the applicant in the application and the information submitted will be investigated to verify the record and qualifications of the applicant for employment. Applicants must list all employment (including military service) for the past 10 years or for the past 2 employers, whichever is greater, starting with the most recent position and working backward. Applicants must declare any gaps in work longer than six months (ie: unemployment, enrolled in school, military, retirement, etc.); Include start and end dates with a brief description. Falsification or omission of information are grounds for rejection of an application; And it may be time for layoffs for city employees right now.

Thank you for your interest in working with the City of Corpus Christi, where our goal is to be the best city in Texas.

The job map provides a list of current job opportunities with the City of Corpus Christi. You can register and create your candidate profile, so you can see good opportunities now.

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Please click the Job Map link below and select Register to complete your applicant profile. After completing your profile, you can apply for various jobs with the City of Corpus Christi. You do not need to fill in the same information each time if you have already filled out your profile. You can update your information and check the status of different locations online, just by using your login and password.

Please click on the Career Map link below and select Login. Enter your username and password to search for jobs, update your profile, apply for new positions and check the status of your application.

The City of Corpus Christi must check the driver’s record of those who qualify for positions that require a driver’s license. Any applicant will be ineligible from initial job consideration, or promotion to any position with the City of Corpus Christi that requires a driver’s license, if he has any of the following:

Upon the first appointment, the level of salary will be determined in accordance with Chapter III Classification of Employees and Compensation System of the Code of Corpus Christi Regulations; Chapter 39, Man.

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All City of Corpus Christi employees have special job positions and, as part of the City’s Emergency Response Team, provide services in the course and scope of their work for the public benefit in emergencies that protect the safety of its citizens. Christi. . All City employees may be required to work immediately before, during, or immediately after an emergency or disaster as the situation requires, unless an exemption is requested and approved.

The City of Corpus Christi is an Equal Opportunity Employer for minorities, women, people with disabilities and veterans. Individuals with disabilities who require reasonable accommodations in connection with the selection process are asked to contact the City’s ADA Administrator at (361) 880-3320 within two business days prior to the scheduled test or interview. Opportunity to find good candidates. A great way to start recruiting is to explore job boards and job posting sites in Corpus Christi, Texas. But before this step, you need to take care of your job advertisement. How to do this? Check out the questions below!

If you have questions like these, you can create an accurate job description and attract A players to your company. After you’ve created your job ad, the next step is to search job boards in Corpus Christi. If you don’t want to do all the work yourself, opt for the help of an ATS.

Explore the job posting site in Corpus Christi. Finding quality community job boards is critical to successful hiring. So, take your time to familiarize yourself with this platform. Adding your job listing to a job site should be the next step after you finish designing the job description.

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Look for Corpus Christi job fairs. The local job fair has a lot to offer. Today, you can access virtual and offline job satisfaction events. So, be sure to check them out and include them in your recruiting process.

Optimize job postings, often. It is good to add a set of job requirements listed and available for employees. But it didn’t work. You should improve your job description for better visibility. Read on and find out more about this important part of your career.

This site offers a job board for the architectural community in Corpus Christi. Employers can add their job listings for free if they are AIA members. The cost for non-members is $25 per job posting, and the job listing remains on the website for 90 days.

This is a local job board in Texas that provides free job postings. Employers can add to their list and make them visible on social media. Remember that submitting your work must be approved before sending. So consider all the posts ahead.

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This local job posting has been merged with South Texas Workforce. The site allows you to add job listings, find candidates, check job market trends and create your employer profile. There is no information about the price, so you will have to contact the site directly.

This is the Corpus Christi local newspaper and services section. The site has ZipRecruiter integration, so your job posting will be created by the job board. This type of job advertisement is only available online.

If you want to hire some students from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, this is the place. This site gives you the option to post a job with a job package. The cost of advertising a job for one job is $345. Pricing for job packages starts at $620. There is also an option to post unlimited jobs.

ZipRecruiter – This job posting platform offers two posting options – you add your job listing to your own job board and post it on various other job posting sites. ZipRecruiter is popular in the job world. It integrates with other sites and offers a free three-day trial.

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SimplyHired – This job board offers a selection of free job postings. SimplyHired allows employers to add their job listings free of charge but charges if you want to keep up with candidates. The cost for candidate information is $9.

Indeed – it’s a free job posting site that connects job seekers and employers around the world. It is actually a well-known job board that interacts with applicants and employers. It is free, but if employers want better visibility of their posts, they need to sponsor them.

The median household income in Corpus Christi, Texas, is $49,675, and unemployment is currently 8.5%. Recent job growth is 0.3%, and future job growth (next decade) is 25%. The minimum hourly wage in Corpus Christi is $7.25.

It’s always a challenge to find free job boards to post your posts to. However, that is why we wrote this article. 🙂 Check out sites like HIREDTexas and Indeed. This job platform can let you post your job opportunities for free.

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Contact local social media sites. A great way to promote your job ad for free is to connect with Corpus Christi social networks. Websites like the Corpus Christi Jobs Facebook group offer free ways to promote your job opening.

Additionally, spread the word about your company and your posts on the company’s social media channels. This will not only lead to better engagement with your followers but also get you noticed

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