Best Hunting In Texas

Best Hunting In Texas – I’m sitting third in a live oak box called Pig Ridge. It’s a great looking place for pigs, with a dry creek bed in back and some angry Texas brush in front. An hour before dark, two black pigs—perhaps 100 pounds each—illuminate the forest. After we spread a ziplock bag the size of wheat on the floor inside the barn, leaving some room and grunting about it, a pig made a fatal mistake about a quarter of the way from me. I set my pin at 20 yards and let it fly and the hog apparently dies.

The second hog went into cover but quickly returned and edged the stack of corn for several seconds before disappearing into the brush. I draw half a dozen times and lower my bow. Finally, as the light fades, the boar goes down and I can clearly see its shoulder. When it was done I had already drawn and tied, and I let go of the second arrow.

Best Hunting In Texas

Otherwise, the pig falls dead and falls to the ground, hitting the thick bushes. I think it’s easier to cut him while he’s sleeping than drag him into the pot. Michael Versig, who filmed the search for the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, said as I clipped the hog down and across the back of my head, hairpins and grease, my head stuck to the side. Shoulder is a big week ahead and I know I need a ferrule again.

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“I’ll tell you one thing,” I said to Versig, my hands bleeding from a wet crack. “I want to hunt in Texas.”

Of course, you should be careful about agreeing to such a thing. Some Texas laughs at the hunt, and looks down. You rarely go to Texas to hike the backcountry, sleep in tents, and eat meals cooked on a jet stove. You relax at the farmhouse, park 100 yards from the UTV station, and end the day with a beer and barbecue party with good beans. Above all, you go to Texas to see and shoot a lot of game. His critics come in corny, and by God there are many of them. Several exotics are introduced – escape and free – and you can hunt all year round with whatever you want to hunt, day or night. Some say it’s not really hunting, it’s just how it’s done there. There are many baits and many animals and many hidden lands. That’s not a problem with DIY crowd hunting.

That last part is true – but not the rest. It is certain that Texas has more licensed hunters than anywhere else in the country. They shoot whitetails like no other, and also do a good job on turkey and waterfowl records. As a fraction of the rest of the state, Texas doesn’t have a lot of public land—but it’s a big state, and still has more than a million acres of public land. I have hunted public-attraction waterfowl in Texas.

Texas hunting is a unique tradition with a long tradition of people and a reputation for not caring what others think of them. The truth is, I’ve done a lot of background DIY stuff. I enjoy it. But I’d rather live on a Texas diet with a quiver full of arrows.

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From the Panhandle to the Hill Country, from East Texas to the West, to the Coastal Plain, I have enjoyed hunting in many parts of the state. Here I am at Wade Middleton Leasing in Southwest Texas. Middleton, creator of the Whitetail Diaries, has the look of a man who just came out. She wore a visor, around a crown of windswept hair, as if she had stepped off a bus. He tells me they try to kill four-and-a-half-year-old bucks instead, but sometimes it’s different.

“We actually kill three-and-a-half-year-old deer,” he says. Then he smiles. “You go and shoot what you like.”

This is my place, and I went to Pig Ridge the first evening at Wade’s suggestion. I think he wanted to get me off my finger. He says, “Wherever you go in the morning, it is better to avoid the pigs, because there is a lot of money.”

After dinner, I replace some empty blades. Wade’s wife, Angel, placed a large bowl of airplane beer bottles labeled “Flu Shots” on the cafeteria table. I have one, it being flu season and all, and I go to bed, symptoms of short blood vessels in the brain.

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The next morning, Kevin Gieseke was filming me, and we sat on top of two trees in a flowing stream. I hear pigs squealing in the dark, and as I try, they are fifteen yards away, testing my resolve.

“Wade told us wait here’s the money,” I told Kevin. He nods and agrees. But then a flock of turkeys starts tearing down a tree and soon the woods around us come alive with a large group of marauders. My license is also good for fall turkey.

“Kevin, I think I’ll shoot a goblin if I can, and then another pig, if it’s still around,” I grumbled. “We have plenty of time to see the deer.” Kevin smiles, recording.

But that’s not what it means. I draw my bow at the animal that attacked me, and after they scatter, the boar also disappears. We drive through the bar with bars, but no white people.

Welcome To Brinlee Ranch Hunts

Kevin and I are going somewhere that night. It is a long walk to an underground blind in an outer rock plate. The mesa above is a place where they often make guns and hunt, Wade says. “You can see a lot of country, and we’ve killed a good deer there, but we’ve never gone out there and mixed it up with a bow.” With no trees big enough to stand on, we climbed into a pop-up ground blind and set up 50 yards from the triangle.

The first whitetail to appear looks like a large bull, with a back and belly, but a small shelf. Texas is known for many whitetail subspecies, some with unique characteristics. Our hunting ground is the transition zone between the foothills on the edge of the Edwards Plateau and the plains of South Texas. The whitetails here (especially the Texans subspecies) are physically small, and have a nice bull with a body size similar to a large Midwestern doe. I personally see them bothering the field umpire. They wear gray, gray coats and often have black “chocolate” horns. Root times vary greatly across regions. It’s late November when we hunt — post-route at home in Kentucky — but Wade tells me the big show will come in early December. Run and gun is their favorite method of hunting, but I’m here early for that.

However, there are many opportunities. Looking at the first coin above, I decided to let it go, and it melted into the brush. I think we have too much so I’m reading a book, my bow at my side, when I hear the brush behind the blinds – maybe a two hour sitting. Kevin falls asleep behind his camera three times. I looked up and saw a mare walking through the blind window, close enough to touch. A beautiful 10-pointer frame is visible behind it on the same road. I’m about 5 yards, because I’m almost out of breath, but it goes to 25 and stops. I said to Kevin: “There’s a shooter ahead of us.”

I look at the deer for a moment and notice some dry velvet on its tree. It’s not a huge amount, but it’s definitely a good candidate and that’s good enough for me. I draw my bow on my hip, as quietly as I can, clip in my D-loop, and look over the edge. I take a long shot and the buck drops to the ground in plain sight.

Premier South Texas Hunting Ranch

That night, I think of a cool place to go home to—with bacon and bacon to keep the ice cold. Wade reminds me that I have a turkey tag and a blind in the woods that a bunch of bandits spend most of the morning. “You need to go out.”

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