Best Hotels In Tikal Guatemala

Best Hotels In Tikal Guatemala – Enjoy summer at Hotel Villa Maya near Tikal National Park, Guatemala Courtesy of Villa Maya Hotel/

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Best Hotels In Tikal Guatemala

All visitors to the central region of Central America want to see Tikal National Park, an ancient Mayan city with temples embedded in dense jungle. Low-rise or high-end hotels with access to the beach, accommodation or movie theaters.

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In Tikal National Park, you’ll find a group of small wooden-floored 1960s bungalows surrounded by dense forests. Each bungalow sleeps five people, and they can accommodate two more if you want to sleep with the sounds of animals at night. In the morning you take a 10-minute walk from the Mayan ruins of Tikal. If you are interested in local history, we offer archeology tours and hotel tours.

The highest level of tourism in the national park, an hour’s drive from Tikal, awaits visitors at the summit. And, if you’re outdoors, you’ll love a hot pot surrounded by hot vegetables and wild animals. A boardwalk connects them to the main hotel, where Schultun’s restaurant serves local dishes such as blanco fish, fresh from nearby Kixel Lagoon, and eggs, ranchero sauce, refried beans, chorizo ​​and plantains.

This jungle-like lodge, 3 km (1.9 mi) north of El Remat, hugs the shores of Lake Petén Itza and is a stone’s throw from the Maya Biological Reserve, and is a paradise for nature lovers. If you sleep in the lodge, the hillside garden is a peaceful retreat with a bed by the sea and an outdoor dining area. Happy to have more time? Reserve one of the slightly more comfortable bungalows.

As you walk through this wonderful area, along the shores of the Penchel and Monifa Lagoons, see the white-tailed deer and wild boar that thrive in the region. Rooms are furnished with local wood and Guatemalan textiles and open to balconies with garden, forest and sea views. Make sure your stay extends to one Sunday so you don’t miss the special BBQ put on by the hotel!

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He did not forget the name of the hotel. Surrounded by rainforest in the museum, it is a Mayan icon. After a day exploring the Tikal pyramids, take a dip in the jungle-surrounded outdoor pool before retiring to your cool white-roofed room. Evenings are well spent with fruit stalls in hand listening to the monkeys and the sounds of the rainbow trees.

This simple but renovated hotel is one of the most authentic eco-hotels in Guatemala, built at the entrance to the Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo National Park, an hour and a half from Tixchal. The room is covered with a roof, but has a beautiful, concrete floor, palm guano or steel roofs made of old wood. Softness comes from the white sheer curtains that cleverly diffuse the sunlight, and the beautiful fabrics on the bed.

Guatemala near Tikal isn’t as stunning as the famous director Francis Ford Coppola imagined, but hidden by the rainforest on the shores of Lake Petén Itza, the natural beauty here speaks for itself. Overlooking the pristine water, 10 casitas welcome guests in a soft, natural setting, with carved furniture, rich fabrics and two oceanfront rooms for the best views. After a good night’s sleep, head to the Mayan ruins of Tikal, 45 minutes away.

Simple in style, this space, located in El Remat, 30 km (18.6 miles) from Tikal, offers plenty of space, giving every room a homely feel, with wooden ceilings and wooden furniture to enjoy and view the beautiful garden. . Silence. Don’t expect more interior decoration than the interior: wooden beds, netting on the windows and a small kitchen with dining chairs. This is a place to enjoy nature – especially the mighty monkeys that live nearby.

Top Hotels In Tikal

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