Best Hotels In Segovia Spain

Best Hotels In Segovia Spain – Located on the Iberian Peninsula about 90 kilometers northwest of Madrid, Segovia was founded by the Romans as a military fortress.

This Castilian city offers many ways to get to know its history, its art and its culture, so there are many reasons to visit it, given its geography, its environment, the beauty of its architecture and its streets.

Best Hotels In Segovia Spain

Segovia is famous for its impressive and well-preserved Roman tunnel, its cathedral, its impressive Alcázar and other important monuments, such as its Romanesque church and group of monasteries.

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Segovia’s cuisine includes well-known local dishes such as La Granja beans, Castilian soup (garlic and bread) and suckling pig and roast lamb.

This Castilian city does not have its own airport, but uses airports near Madrid – Barajas and Valladolid.

Segovia is connected to Madrid and Valladolid by high-speed trains. The express station is far from the city center, it can be reached by city buses or taxis (about 10 euros) on lines 11 and 12.

Segovia’s climate is characterized by high altitude and distance from the coast, so the best time of year to visit is from late spring to early fall.

Segovia, Ávila, Or Salamanca?

This Castilian city is cozy and small, so the best place to stay in Segovia is its historic center, where you can find interesting places like the Alcázar, the cathedral or the Jewish quarter. (See accommodation in downtown Segovia).

This area, within the old city wall, extends southwest of the cathedral and consists of narrow medieval stone-paved streets.

Among other attractions, the former Segovian Jewish Quarter includes the Great Synagogue and the Old Jewish Quarter Street.

Near this place is the magnificent Alcázar de Segovia, a magnificent boat-shaped fortress from Roman times, although it has been extended several times.

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Segovian Castle sits on a rocky hill where two rivers meet and is surrounded by gardens, parks and tree-lined paths. Inside the castle you can visit.

The nearby Segovia Cathedral is at the highest point in the city. It was built at the end of the 16th century in Gothic style.

The walled area of ​​Segovia is close to the San Milano neighborhood and the water fountain and has many restaurants, nightlife and shops, making it a great place to stay in Segovia.

The road to the historic center of Segovia The Roman aqueduct, a symbol of the city, was built to carry water to the Alcázar, and is one of the best-preserved works of Roman engineering in the world.

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This impressive architectural monument reaches its height around Artillery Square, a square at the foot of the medieval walls where many buses and taxis meet (including those to Gomar station).

Besides the amazing views of the aqueduct and the medieval walls, the Artillery Square is famous for its statue of the “Capitoline Wolf”, which represents the legend of the founding of Rome.

This great area, the neighborhood of San Milano, was an amazing place dedicated to the players of the past. Today, the area at the edge of the mysterious tunnel has become the tourist center of the city, and an important place for nightlife.

The Segovia train station (not to be confused with the Guiomar high-speed train station) is located on Obispo de Quesada Street, about 3 kilometers south of the historic center.

Hotel Hotel Real Segovia, Segovia

This station receives medium-distance trains from various points on the peninsula, and provides services between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM Monday to Friday and 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM on weekends and holidays.

The area around the station has a quiet atmosphere and cheap hotels, hostels and apartments for low budget accommodation in Segovia.

Since it is quite far from the tourist areas of Segovia, it is recommended to use the city bus or taxi to get around the area or other places.

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Top Hotels In Segovia From $57

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Located just one hour from the Spanish capital, Segovia is often a favorite day trip destination from Madrid. Tourists flock to see Segovia’s rich landscape, as well as the nearby Sierra de Guadarrama National Park.

This guide will help you find the perfect accommodation for you, which will best suit your needs and expectations, whether you are traveling alone, with a family or as a couple.

This hotel is the best in Segovia because of its perfect location. You will stay in the historic center, and all the city’s attractions are only a few minutes’ walk away!

Segovia — Tourist Guide

So here is a list of the best hotels in Segovia. To learn more about each of these locations and explore other options, read on 👇

Depending on your travel style or the purpose of your visit to Segovia, you will look for different places to stay. But there are 3 main places that are suitable for every tourist:

➡️ North of the city: This part of the city is the quietest, so it’s perfect if you want to relax during your stay in Segovia. But you will still be close to the city center and many attractions. And every time you look up, you’ll see the beautiful Alcázar de Segovia, a medieval castle that was the residence of the kings and queens of the Kingdom of Castile and one of the most famous monuments in most of Spain. You will also have the added benefit of being close to the Aresma River.

➡️ The Jewish Quarter: This quarter is in the middle of everything. You will be close to the Segovia Cathedral, the Alcazar and the Roman Aqueduct. It’s also a lively part of town, and you’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars. This is the perfect place if you plan to visit the region of Castile with its gastronomy. They are local specialties

The Best Hotels In Segovia, Spain, For Every Traveller

, a church built in the 11th century. You will have many small churches in the area, but the main cathedral is not far away. The Roman aqueduct is also nearby. The main advantage of this district is that it is usually cheaper than the previous 2. Buses are very cheap in Segovia, so you can still easily get to any part of the city. Renting a bike can also be a good option for getting around.

There are many hotels in Segovia, and finding the best hotels according to your needs can be a surprise for you. Fortunately, I’ve made the choice for you, so the choice will be easy.

And if a luxury hotel is what you need to completely relax and disconnect during this vacation, Segovia also has some amazing hotels!

It is right in the center of the city of Segovia so that you will be close to all the attractions, but the noise will not disturb you. You are sure to get a good night’s sleep at the end of a long day of sightseeing!

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Don’t worry, Segovia has family options that are sure to please. I have selected the best ones, find them below 👇

Hotel Don Felipe is located in the north of the city of Segovia, a few steps from the Alcázar and the historic center.

If one day you come back early after visiting the city, you can take advantage of the balcony or the beautiful garden. Its large family rooms are perfect if you are traveling with your children.

Going on vacation with the family can be easier when you stay in an apartment instead of a hotel. And this apartment is very nice.

Aqueduct Of Segovia

It’s close to the church of San Milano, then

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