Best Hotels In San Sebastian Spain Conde Nast

Best Hotels In San Sebastian Spain Conde Nast – Whether you’re visiting San Sebastián for the Michelin stars or the beaches, use our guide to show you the best places to stay.

Is there anything not to love about San Sebastián? With its amazing array of Michelin stars and plenty of bars and counters stocked with tantalizing pintxos, the coastal town in the Basque Country is one of the best places to eat in Spain.

Best Hotels In San Sebastian Spain Conde Nast

Add in stunning beaches, elegant promenades, some fascinating museums and a happy mix of designer, specialty and high street shops and you have the perfect destination for a quick, chilled getaway.

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The choice of accommodation is also impressive, with luxury hotels full of beauty, boutique hotels with elegant design and small charming places hidden in the old town. Although San Sebastián is beautiful in the summer, prices in the smaller hotels tend to be more expensive and offer a wider range of prices all year round than other Spanish cities – where you’ll pay €80 a night in February and charge €250 in August. . If you’re looking for delicious food and culture beyond the beach, visit this charming city in winter, it’s different but just as attractive.

Whether it’s traditional, cheap or free, you can find the perfect hotel in San Sebastián to suit your taste and budget.

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With a somber atmosphere and spectacular views over the Bay of Biscay, Akelarre is a hidden spot built into the hillside below the three-Michelin-star Pedro Subijana restaurant, where you can enjoy the best of Basque food. Oak, stone, and mahogany create interiors reminiscent of conceptual art, while the glass walls of each of the 22 rooms allow the sea to be part of the relaxing design. The view is as important as the food at Akelarres Restaurant, the stonework on the terrace is a memorable drinking spot.

Best Hotels In San Sebastián

The hostess of the hotels of San Sebastián has been a nice meeting place for more than a century, but there is no problem here. Classic contemporary design in muted tones and taupe complements the Belle Era architecture of the magnificent mansion overlooking the Urumea River in the heart of the city. Everything is delicious here, from breakfast to late-night coffee and pick-me-up in the perfect dry bar. Step into the food court at Mimo, where you’ll learn how to make your own pintxos and shop for local specialties to take home.

Seeing La Concho Bay from your bed is one of the simple but special features of Lasala Plaza, housed in an elegant building on the port of the old town and in a convenient seafront location. More than half of the 58 new rooms have sea views, and all have touchscreens so you can adjust the lighting and temperature accordingly. A rooftop pool and bar, plus La Jaranda Taberna — an excellent restaurant run by famed chef Ander González — add up to a very attractive package. Note that you must book in advance to get the best prices.

Sand, teal and gold hues and modern art create an exciting scene at Room Mate Gorka on fashionable Plaza de Gipuzkoa. Everything in the rooms is grey, blue, green, with big showers and beds that you get in the Room Mate hotels. Focus on the things that matter most to guests — like not rushing to breakfast, which is available until midday. When you come back in the evening it’s always good to go to the famous and local bar. If you like the luxe style but want to save a big chunk of your San Sebastián budget on dining out, this one below is for you.

There is a private private club for Villa Soro. The hotel occupies a large 19th century family mansion with a tranquil garden on the outskirts of town. It’s all about old-school elegance and personal service here, with large, bright rooms — in the adjoining stables and main house — without complicated decor. If you want to sit in the shade or sink into a squishy sofa with a smoothie and coffee or a glass of wine, this is your kind of place. It’s about a 15-minute drive to Zurriola Beach or 25 minutes to the center.

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Start your day relaxing on your balcony, enjoying the best of The Conch Bay at this outstanding hotel and you’ll be fine, trust me. Simple but not overly elegant, Londres y de Inglaterra is a real house in town, and the bar is a popular meeting place. Chintz has been well placed in modernized spaces where it is very fashionable today. The newest and largest are on the seventh floor, with terraces large enough for sun loungers. Here you really get the full San Sebastián experience as everything is within walking distance.

There’s a tropical beach theme here, with photos of waves, RVs, and beach houses. Though the two-star category reflects the lack of a rate hike, the large, bright rooms have large beds and bathrooms that will please most people. Ask for a starred room if you want a coffee maker, phone charges, and other extras. La Concha Beach is a 20-minute walk through streets lined with shops and bars. Comfortable hotels are suitable for families – rooms with three or four beds are available – they provide a baby bag, a bag, a sleeping bag, a bed and a bathroom.

The clean, modern, and streamlined hotel is part of the Tabakalera International Center for Contemporary Culture, originally a tobacco factory, on the east bank of the Urumea River — and just a three-minute walk from the train and bus stations. One Shot Hotels have a modern, industrial flair with splashes of bright color, lots of art, and comfort in great locations. Although you can walk to the old town and beaches of La Concha or Zurriola in 15 minutes, this is not a tourist area for a more authentic experience.

Sky-blue walls and bronze-toned touches create a San Sebastian-style exterior at Axel’s adult-only hotels, which cater to the LGBTQ+ community — though everyone is welcome here. . The hotel has 100 rooms, a restaurant, and a spa, but most of the time is spent at the rooftop pool, which is usually some sort of party. The central location allows you to walk along elegant streets to the beach in ten minutes and to the old town in fifteen minutes.

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Located in the Miramón Forest just outside the center of San Sebastián, the Arima is comfortable with impressive sustainability features and stunning design – the hotel meets the famous passive house standards for low energy consumption and carbon emissions. White walls, blond wood, and a botanical theme reinforce the peaceful vibe inside the property, which features a rooftop pool and yoga studio. Tilia’s Restaurant uses local, seasonal produce on the menu, which includes a selection of herbs. In the light-flooded rooms in Scandi style, the care products are organic and sulfate-free from recycled bottles.

The former cinema is a film-themed hotel with rooms dedicated to actors and directors who have visited San Sebastián over the years for its renowned film festival. This is your sleeping space with a picture of Meryl Streep, John Travolta or Kevin Costner hanging above the floor. Rooms aren’t large, but are well-designed — by contrast, some of the best are singles and apartments, though Alfred Hitchcock’s set, with a fold-down screen, is the most dramatic. The bistro cafe and restaurant is always busy and lunch is reasonably priced.

Located in a corner of the old town overlooking the harbor, SANSEbay is a great spot. Inside, 17 spacious rooms – some with spectacular sea views – are decorated in a contemporary style in a breezy palette of blues and grays. A lot of

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