Best Hotels In Ko Phi Phi

Best Hotels In Ko Phi Phi – Phi Phi Resort A peaceful place surrounded by untouched jungle thanks to Phi Phi Vacations/Expedia

Whether you’re partying or hitting the beach, find the perfect accommodation in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, listed on Culture Tours.

Best Hotels In Ko Phi Phi

(2000), you’ll see Koh Phi Phi – a vision of white sand and cocktail blue. It’s fun and party-oriented, but if you look around you’ll find somewhere quieter, we’ve done the work for you – so pick and choose one of our hotels in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.

Koh Phi Phi

Despite its name, the Hangover Hotel is far from a bar, and you’ll sleep well there. It’s not the weather – the white-walled bedrooms (with iron beds and small bathrooms) are bare, but inside guests share a communal kitchen. It’s close to the beach for cool breezes and good Thai food. Adjacent to the hotel is the early, long, wide Loch Dalum beach (and nightlife) beach area, just a few minutes’ walk away.

It’s not the best on the beach, but Chakoh is in a great location, five minutes from Tonsai Island, which has good restaurants, bars and resorts. The cottage, with its tiled floors and oil paintings and light wood, has a very cozy feel. Luxury apartments have beautiful sea views, spacious bathrooms and balconies. There is a nice Thai restaurant with live music in the evening.

Viking is close to the action but feels closer to nature, nestled on tree-covered hillsides next to a long beach, with villas stretching from the coast to jungle gardens. The beach is very far away, and Tonsai Bay is a 15-minute walk down the footpath (bring flashlights) or a five-minute walk. Palm-fringed houses range from simple bamboo houses to luxurious bungalows. Ideally on the beach, there is a large and beautiful balcony to enjoy the sun and the sea.

Sai Village is close to major resorts such as Koh Phi Phi Hotels. It has an entire bay and more than 200 villas are set in large gardens lined with palm trees. The cottage has modern cream and honey wood finishes with French windows that open to great sunlight. There is a large swimming pool with a small section for children, various activities and restaurants at the hotel. To get to restaurants and nightlife, you have to drive or take a boat for two hours.

Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint 1, 2 & 3: The Best Hike & Lookouts On The Island

In the Talukum Desert of Lam Thong Beach, north of Koh Phi Phi, Zevola is a quiet retreat. The beautiful glass-enclosed garden room is decorated in a stunning Thai style, with wooden floor-to-ceiling windows, hanging rugs, delicate Thai silk rugs and contemporary Asian lounge chairs and sturdy lounge chairs. There are a few restaurants here, but it’s a short walk to the main Koh Phi Phi.

Koh Phi Phi Resort is no longer in the middle – this large resort sits on a cliff on the far west side of the most famous beach. The rooms are decorated with light wood, bamboo and palm trees. Many have access to large balconies. There is a large pool, good bars, restaurants and resorts within walking distance. Expect things to get loud – and bring earplugs, as the walls of the rooms are thin and the activity center is nearby, so noise can be an issue.

You won’t regret upgrading to an ocean view villa on the beach (it takes you to the burger joint). In the afternoon, the golden sun dips below the large balcony and ripples in waves as it sets off the orange backdrop of the mountains. Despite the name of the resort, the villa is not on the sand, but on a hill on the east side of Long Beach. Beaches and restaurants are minutes away, and Tonsai’s nightlife is a quick ride away by water taxi.

Admire the sunset of the Andaman Sea from the balcony, the unspoilt forest everywhere, little noise but the sound of the waves and the wind in the palm trees: a peaceful place to relax. There is a beautiful swimming pool, surrounded by shady trees, and the white and warm forest villa is spacious and modern. Some have small pools. Less crowded Lam Thong Beach is a five-minute walk away, but close to several restaurants and a long boat ride elsewhere.

Hotels Near Phi Phi Viewpoint (ko Phi Phi) From $8/night

Why not shorten your trip and spend 45 minutes in Phuket for a few days? Stay in a luxury beach hotel or find a place to stay for an authentic experience, which you can book with Culture Tours. As an added bonus, enjoy some of Phuket’s best outdoor activities, such as boat tours and elephant safaris.

We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance, and provide personalized content and advertising. Planning your first trip to Phi Phi Island so we can provide you with the best and most personalized experience? Although only 1 of the 6 islands offers accommodation, you will find a variety of things to enjoy during your stay. Koh Phi Phi Don offers a variety of restaurants spread across many locations.

From the charming central village to the quiet but convenient Long Beach to the remote and secluded beach resorts of Phi Phi Don to the beautiful and peaceful Lam Thong, there is something for everyone. We’ve compiled this guide to the 4 main areas of Phi Phi Island to help you decide where to stay.

Laem Thong (Gulf) is a long strip along the northeast coast of Koh Phi Phi Don. In addition to a few posh, the area has a small fishing village with independent bars and restaurants. Outside the resort, all activities are dedicated to the beach and the sea – sunbathing, swimming or diving in the sea, hiking to Bamboo Island, 5 km from Lam Tong, and walking along the beach.

The 5 Best Ko Phi Phi Don Hotels With Private Beach

A perfect place for a relaxing vacation, Lam Thong is definitely for those looking for a relaxing vacation. If you miss the hustle and bustle of beach parties, a trip to Loch Dalum takes 40 minutes by longboat.

Long Beach is located on the eastern side of Tonsai Bay. From the central part of Phi Phi Don Island with a spectacular rock outcrop, you can follow a narrow path through the forest.

Long Beach’s main strength is its quietness and proximity to the village – a 5-minute drive to Long Tail Beach and its dining, shopping and lifestyle options. There are many behemoth restaurants here that you might not find in central Phi Phi.

The central area of ​​Koh Phi Phi is between Tonsai Beach (where the ferry is located) in the south and Lo Dalum in the north. The region consists of 4 districts: Tonsai West, Tonsai Village, Lo Dalum and Tonsai East.

Visit Phi Phi Islands: Best Of Phi Phi Islands Tourism

It is the best location in Phi Phi Island, with a variety of restaurants, boutiques and bars. Tonsai West is the quietest part of the region, Loch Dallum, Tonsai Village and Tonsai East are ideal for those looking for the best island living.

Along Koh Phi Phi Don’s 4km long east coast, small bungalow resorts offer simple accommodation. It is very far to reach by boat unless you want to walk for 2 hours on steep roads to get there.

Water sports – kayaking, kitesurfing and diving – are some of the best things to do on Koh Phi Phi Don’s east coast. In the lower part of the east there is a narrow ridge below the mountain. Loch Bagow is a large bay with a nice little village with local pubs and restaurants.

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