Best Hotels For Families In Rome

Best Hotels For Families In Rome – From Montenegro to Croatia, it’s our job to find the most popular places to head while exploring Europe and beyond. One of our favorite destinations for history, food and decor is the Italian capital, and we’re sure you’ll love it too. Make sure to book one of the best hotels in Rome to make your next vacation special.

Formerly the residence of Emperor Napoleon III, who lived in the Empire since 1830, this magnificent hotel is located on Rome’s famous Via Condotti and is now owned by the Ruspoli family. We offer only two top floor apartments that are unique in Rome.

Best Hotels For Families In Rome

In your room you’ll find exclusive luxuries such as Bose speakers and Bulgari toiletries, and on arrival you’ll receive a complimentary glass of Chianti from the family’s Tuscan vineyard. The Napoleon Suite will take you back in time with antique furniture, oil paintings and 16th century furniture. The fittings and rooftop garden suite offer all these things and more. With a view of the sky through the spiral staircase and large terrace, this cozy living room is the perfect place to enjoy the hotel’s light breakfast and wake up to the sounds of the city.

Where To Stay In Rome: The Best Areas + Hotels [from A Local!]

Designed by Alda Fendi, the fifth child of the world famous brand, Rhinoceros Roma stands out above all others. Named after Alma’s chosen building for the project, the Palazzo Rhinoceros, located in the heart of the city overlooking the Palatine Hill, each of the 24 unique buildings has been decorated to the highest standards by architect and designer Jean Noel. . .

The history of the ancient city flows through this historic building, whose walls still display their original patina, while wrought iron furniture and unique items in each room provide a modern contrast.

The minimalist interior and elegant views encourage you to explore the rich history outside, while the five-story art gallery and garden lodge style ensure that you will be captivated by the magnificent sights and tastes within the hotel’s walls.

Arguably the best location in Rome, just steps away from the Colosseum, Manfredi Palm Suites is the perfect place to stay in the city. It looks like a brick building with arches that appear underground, but the palm trees and colorful furniture – think pink and wild patterns – provide a stunning contrast.

The Best Hotels In Rome 2022

There are only five apartments, all of which focus on sustainability and natural materials. There’s really no shortage of options, from the Palm Suite, which overlooks the courtyard and has a sleek, soft design, to the Grand Palm Suite, which combines prints, comfortable bathrooms and views of the Roman Forum. over here. Add a rooftop restaurant and bistro with stunning views of the Colosseum and a downstairs bar, and you have one of the city’s best-kept secrets.

Despite being located in the heart of Rome, Hotel Colbi would be forgiven for thinking you’re staying in the Tuscan countryside. With courtyards and gardens, brick facades and bustling outdoor cafes, it’s an urban space, with the Forum and other popular sites five minutes away.

The interior of the hotel dates back to 1625 and 1912. It was converted into a monastery, which gives the space its unique roof and spacious but small rooms. Whether you choose a luxury suite with Jacuzzi and garden view, or a small but luxurious double room with a view of the Palatine Hill, you’ll return to peace and tranquility after exploring.

Following in the footsteps of the Hoxton Group in Paris and Amsterdam, the tenth opportunity for the Hoxton Group to open, Rome has not lost the style and buzz of its predecessors. With an eclectic mix of furniture and design from around the world, the rooms are fresh and stylish, inspired by mid-century Italian design.

The 8 Best Boutique Hotels In Rome (with Prices)

Many rooms are suitable for all tastes, whether you choose cozy, roomy or large, the latter have their own balcony or terrace. Each room offers high-quality space at an affordable price, something founder Sharan Pasricha wanted to preserve to preserve the Italian feel of the area.

Unhappy from the XVII century. Set in a building next to the Trevi Fountain, one of Rome’s most famous hotels, the Casacao combines minimalist design with a homely, cozy atmosphere. The owner’s goal in each of the six rooms is to make you feel like you’re staying with an Italian friend, which they achieve through 1950s decor and small furniture, but doing it well.

The Grand Apartment has a quiet Turkish bath and sauna, and meals are provided on arrival so you can use the kitchen and eat. Each house is very unique, and the larger houses are perfect for families who want to immerse themselves in the culture of the city.

Gabriel Salini is a 7th generation Roma whose hobby is G-Rough. The 17th century building is a short walk from the famous Piazza Navona. It exhibits 20th century interiors from the third to the seventh decade. From the modern: bronze-finished bar, art installations and sito room wall mirror to the ancient: wooden ceilings, original men’s walls and designer floors, this place manages to create a dialogue between modern art and Roman history.

Best Hotels In Rome For Families (2022) All Ages Love!

Ten apartments and suites have been carefully designed for luxury. Exclusive luxury suites with showers, traditional mosaic floors and velvet sofas cater to more than sensual tastes. If you want to upgrade, the top-floor suite with two living rooms, two bathrooms and a separate entrance pays homage to Venice in its design while offering stunning views of Rome.

Located on the third floor of a historic building opposite the famous Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna 9 offers six luxury suites, a studio, a living area, a bath and a Jacuzzi.

Each room is specially designed to give each guest a unique experience, and you will find many luxury appliances such as a Nespresso machine and L’Occitane toiletries. Each also features a wide range of contemporary works from around the world, and the works displayed in the gallery are updated regularly and intelligently. The city, if desired, is all available for purchase.

Welcome to the modest entrance on Via dell’Arrancio. Hotel Vallon combines history with modern elegance. Opposite the impressive Villa Borghese, the building was once a 16th-century building. The palace has 18 modern suites and a private courtyard that retains its original architectural features.

Where To Stay In Rome: The Very Best Area + Hotels For All Budgets

The building is a combination of the works of the original architect Paolo Bonfini, the photographer Massimo Listeri and the interior designer Giampero Panepinto, who enriched the hotel with four, using neutral colors and stone tones for a subtle finish. Every room can be warm and comfortable – our choice is the elegant Borghese Suite, which has a marble bathroom, rain shower and exclusive gardens that pay homage to famous Roman families.

Maintaining the unique reputation of Manfredi’s other buildings, Palazzo Manfredi is a unique building just a few steps from the Colosseum. The original house was designed by Giovanni Battista Mola for the Angelisti family in the 17th century, before being purchased by Goffredo Manfredi and his wife, who already enriched the beautiful interior with gold and crystal glass.

In addition to the modern art of Manfredi’s Palm Suites, the palazzo exudes elegance and sophistication in front of its rooms. The largest suites are spread over two floors and offer jacuzzis, small gyms, and views of the nearby Colosseum. Definitely one of the best hotels in Rome.

The interior of JK Place is reminiscent of an urban jungle – dark wood, dim lighting and lush foliage; That’s why it always wins awards for the most beautiful hotel in Rome. Hotel designer Michel Bonan combines modern architecture with bright colors and mid-century furniture to create an elegant and charming hotel.

Best Rome Hotels Of 2022

Marble and sculpture symbolize antiquity, decorative moldings and raised thrones, so you will enjoy endless luxury. Free daily breakfast and a cafe serving fresh market produce in England is the icing on the cake.

When it comes to cities to visit in Italy, Rome is at the top. Like the nice hotels in Rome, there are balconies. What better way to see the Italian capital city than waking up on a balcony. The hotel is close to Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica is just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel and is also close to metro stations.

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