Best Hotel Pool In Spokane

Best Hotel Pool In Spokane – Spokane is a beautiful city that offers more than you would expect from a family vacation. If you’re planning to spend some time there to enjoy the beautiful Riverfront Park or for any other reason, here are some family-friendly hotels in Spokane to consider.

The beautiful riverside park offers families days of fun. You’ll find gondola rides over Spokane Falls, miles of hiking trails (or rent a green bike) to explore. A giant red slide, an outdoor ice rink, a trampoline, an amusement park and a merry-go-round are just some of the other activities you can enjoy here.

Best Hotel Pool In Spokane

Go to Franks Diner for breakfast or a food truck lunch (be prepared to wait, it’s a popular spot) or use your stay in Spokane to start your vacation at Silverwood Theme Park. These are just a few ideas for fun things to do in Spokane and reasons to stay the night (or more) for a great family or couples getaway.

River Bend Inn

Now that we’ve shared fun things to do in Spokane, you may be wondering where to stay. Here are some of our favorite hotels in the area to give you some ideas for places your family is sure to enjoy.

The Davenport Hotel has long been one of the most recommended hotels in the Spokane area and is located in the heart of downtown. When most people mention Davenport, they think of historic Davenport.

It’s both historic and ornate, and worth a stay if it’s in your budget. But it’s not the only great option for families in the Spokane area. In recent years, they have added several hotels to the Davenport line, so there are more options.

They recently purchased several other hotels in the area and now have an entire collection of hotels in Davenport in Spokane. One of our family’s favorites is the Centennial Hotel on the Spokane waterfront. It used to be the Red Lion Hotel, then the Spokane RL (still part of the Red Lion family), and now the Centennial, part of the Davenport family.

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We haven’t stopped by this place in a few years, but we loved it when we did. I stopped by to check it out when we were in the area over a year ago and it looks like they’ve made some nice improvements to the facility.

This place is a bit posh and very close to the city center. There are several options that families may find interesting. You can rent rooms, but they also have an RV park within walking distance (and there is a shuttle between the RV park and the casino/resort area. So your family options include:

The draw for us was the pool. It was wonderful (both the pool and the jacuzzi). There was no seating when we arrived but my kids loved the pool. While this was a great place to relax, be sure to note the pool hours. They were more limited than many hotels we visited (family time was 3-7pm during our visit), so make sure it works for you. If you are staying in an RV, they also have an outdoor pool that you will have access to as well.

Lunch here was another interesting option. You can choose a full-service lunch at the Noodle House or Steakhouse, or head to the food court and choose from Fat Burgers, Quodoba, and Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream. Thus, the hotel has something for every budget. While it was closed during our visit, M&D usually offers both movies and restaurants – where you can sit down to a nice meal and watch a movie at the same time. If you want something more active, they also have the best golf clubs, bar and grill!

The Centennial Hotel Spokane, Spokane (wa)

In addition to the beautiful swimming pool, there is also a playroom for children. Both of my girls hit the 1000 point jackpot on the games during our stay and ended up with some cool prizes. If you have children under 12, there is an activity center next to the playhouse where they can play for an hourly fee.

The hotel is separate from the casino, so you can enjoy it without going to the casino. However, most of the restaurants are accessible through the casino (but you can go outside and enter through the front door, and the lyrics go through the casino as well.

It has received a 4-star rating every year since 2015 (and several before), making it the ultimate destination for those looking for luxury, amenities and activities for all ages.

This place first came to our attention following a reader recommendation. It looks like a great budget option and has a water slide in the pool. We’ve never visited, but we’ve heard from many of you that your kids loved the roller coaster.

Centennial Hotel Spokane

This hotel is located close to the Spokane airport so you will need to drive downtown, but it is only a short drive away. Free breakfast is included, and they recently added a fire pit on the grounds, perfect for a raucous night. The reviews look good and the site how clean the facility is so that’s a plus too. If you’re looking for a great budget option with kids stuff, this is one place you should definitely consider.

Two of its most family-friendly features are that it can be the most affordable and offers slides that kids will love.

The Ruby River Hotel is also located next to Spokane Riverfront Park, as is the Centennial Hotel mentioned above, but this one will be a little cheaper—and a little more relaxed. If you’re looking for access to Riverfront Park at the best price, this is a good option. Some things we like about this option:

We stayed here for a year on our way to Silverwood. This place was very family friendly, with an indoor pool, sports playing fields, large rooms for families and easy access to the river for beautiful sunsets and day walks, including breakfast. There are even a number of restaurants in close proximity where you can bring the family.

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It’s further outside of downtown Spokane, but a good option if you want to cross the border into Idaho and enjoy some of Spokane’s attractions as well.

We enjoyed hiking the Centennial Trail that runs along the Spokane River every day of our stay. They are also located near the Spokane Valley Mall if you need to shop.

One of the things we loved about this place is that not only does each suite have an extra room for families, but it also has an in-room kitchen, which helps you save on food (eating out and saving on food). They will even help you with your purchases – ask about these options at reception.

We mentioned the free daily breakfast above, but they also offer Residence Mix with drinks and snacks available Monday through Wednesday from 6:00pm to 7:30pm (some nights you can even get pizza and beer during this time)!

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We loved staying at the cabin at this campground. On the way to camp we stopped in Spokane to enjoy Riverfront Park and on the way back we stopped at Franks Restaurant to eat before heading out of town. We enjoyed going a little further but also staying and enjoying the city. Our full review of this campground, including all amenities, can be found here.

Have a favorite spot in the Spokane area that isn’t on our list? We’d love to hear about it!

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My kids love to swim year round and sometimes paying for a night in a hotel doesn’t cost much more than that

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