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Best Hotel In Zagreb – I walked down the street on Saturday morning, passing the train station and heading to the Esplanade Hotel. On the way, I stopped at a Zen park opposite the local hotel. Zagreb was amazed with its Saturday spirit and I was drawn to the desire for the best coffee in town at the 1925 Esplanade Bar. Zagreb is worth a visit alone and also because of the best Croatian bartender Srečko Šoha and the group they know. How to take care of guests. Serve traditionally with freshly squeezed orange juice, it is sure to make your head water after going out. Night.

The hotel was built in 1925 with the aim of providing luxury accommodation to passengers on the legendary Orient Express flight, which travels from Paris to Istanbul and back. Since its inception, the hotel has played an important social role in organizing elite dance nights, receptions and events reflecting the Croatian capital. Built in the popular Art Deco style at the time, the hotel was renovated in 2004, retaining its bright and elegant style.

Best Hotel In Zagreb

An important event in the history of Zagreb was the arrival of the railway in 1862. A few years later, in 1892, the main railway station was built. The Esplanade Hotel was also built for guests on the famous Orient Express from Paris to Zagreb, such as the Agatha Christie in 1928, which sometimes stops at Zagreb. The train, luxurious and exciting to the author’s imagination, finally left its tracks in 1977.

Hotel Best Western Hotel Stella, Zagreb

The long list of celebrities who visited the Esplanade includes many of the most influential people of the 20th century: Josephine Baker, Charles Lindbergh, Orson Wells, Liv Ullman, Louis Armstrong, Woody Allen, Richard Burton, Elisabeth Taylor, Sofia Loren, Mick Jagger. And Rolling Stones politicians Nikita Hruščov and Leonid Brežnev are just a few of the many guests who have signed up for the hotel guest book.

In 1964, the hotel was the first hotel in the socialist countries of the intercontinental chain. In 1988, it joined the Association of “Leading Hotels of the World”. It is now a member of The Regent Hotel Chain, the only local hotel in this prestigious hotel chain. The first Croatian casinos and the first Bistro opened in the hotel. This year, it received awards for Best City Luxury Hotel and Best Historical Luxury Hotel at the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

The legendary Emerald Ballroom, which can accommodate up to 280 participants and is supported by seven small halls, is unique and probably the most exclusive meeting room in the area. It’s just one of the most interesting event venues in Zagreb. With vaulted ceilings and luxurious windows, its unique style will remain in the minds of guests long after the event is over.

Hotel Esplanade Zagreb for many years, even since its construction, has been synonymous with excellent cuisine and high quality food and ingredients, along with excellent service. This still exists today and is always a step forward. They prepare delicious dishes that connect Zagreb with the Mediterranean and Europe by choosing and combining flavors that are always fresh and creative.

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At just 34 years old, Ana Grgic is already the head of the kitchen at the prestigious Esplanade Hotel, responsible for ‘Zinfandel’ and ‘Le Bistro’, as well as catering to the Esplanade. She took over as vice president of the hotel, where she began her career shortly after graduating in food. Anna continues to follow the tradition of Esplanade haute cuisine, but by choosing and combining flavors to create the menu, she offers her signature dish every day.

The traditional Croatian specialty of Zagorje, which originates from the mountains of beautiful fields and meadows, has been a staple in the hotel offerings from day one, especially at events and conferences. . “Rutrukli” was released in 1951 when they first entered the hotel menu, which continues to this day in the tradition of preparing and serving irresistible delicacies.

The most interesting thing is that “rutrukli” still gained the greatest fame and popularity in front of other delicacies – most event attendees immediately approached them and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The hotel is a great choice for business and conference guests and is probably the highlight of the area in terms of quality of service, customer service and prestige. Staying in a hotel is a unique experience with a package that gives you a sense of luxury: a 250m2 presidential suite named after Orson Welles who has already stayed at the hotel and small surprises and coins. At every step.

Best Western Premier Hotel Astoria Mulai Rp 1.128rb (r̶p̶ ̶2̶.̶3̶1̶6̶r̶b̶). Zagreb Hotel

Spacious, 208-room furnished room that captures the history of the building while seamlessly integrated with modern touches.

Zinfandel Restaurant: Regarded as one of the best restaurants in Croatia, this excellent restaurant with Ana Grgić, the chef promises to serve modern cuisine with traditional Croatian cuisine.

Le Bistro: Famous for celebrating seasonal local produce and traditional Le Bistro combining Croatian cuisine with Parisian tradition

Oleander Terrace: High society content, popular dining area with champagne bar and spectacular views.

Behind The Scenes

The last Orient Express train passed Zagreb in 1977. The legendary train that traveled between Paris and Istanbul was the main reason for the development of the Esplanade Hotel, near the Zagreb train station and the city center overlooking Zrinjevac Park. Thanks to its central location, the hotel is easily accessible and offers all the comforts of a luxury hotel. Air access to Zagreb is steadily improving, and planned airport expansion means more airlines will opt to fly to Zagreb. Zagreb Hotel Named Best European Historic Hotel of the Year at the 2019 Prestigious European Hotel Awards in Geneva

Recently, the Grand Kempinski Hotel in Lake Geneva, Switzerland hosted the 2019 Hotel Hotel Awards 2019, with Guillaume Gomez, Chief Chef at the Elysée Palace in Paris as the Honorary President. The grand event brought together many European hotels and professionals, as well as well-known guests such as Jan Zarahdil, Member of the European Parliament Zdenek Rajnis, former Deputy Governor of Prague, Christian Nieto, Honorary Consul of Monaco, Director Bertrand Glory. Maison Collet and many others. About ten categories were awarded at the ceremony. Among the honorees is the luxury hotel de Zagreb, recognized as the best historic hotel of 2019. Ivica General Manager Max Krizmanić is especially honored to have attended the event and received the prestigious award presented to him by Jérôme Chapman, Director of Publishing, Références, Hôteliers Restaurant.

“I am proud of our beauty in Zagreb, a picture of style, elegance and grandeur. In early 1925, it easily attracted travelers from the famous Orient Express with its beautiful interiors, impressive architecture and modern amenities. Today, based on traditionally good service, endless charm and elegance, as well as cultural and historical significance, the hotel continues to delight guests who come to Zagreb every day. This award proves once again that we are at the forefront not only of the European landscape, but also the world view of the best hotels known for their amazing history, which makes it unique.

But apart from the historical elements and the long list of famous guests who have stayed here, the hotel stands out for its boundaries and sets new trends in the hotel industry. The awards and some differences are just another confirmation of his leadership position in Zagreb and the region. What I especially like as someone who has spent almost 3 decades in this hotel is that it remains throughout its long history and to this day is a temple of top restaurants and a hotel of Great taste, elegance, excellent service. Special and loyal relationship with Zagreb, all residents and guests. I must admit that I am very proud to represent Zagreb and Croatia at this prestigious awards ceremony in Geneva and to promote our long-term values. The annual historic hotel is a great honor. I congratulate the entire hotel team for the precious year behind us. ‘

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These are the words of Ivica Max Krizmanić, whose recent personal contribution to the hotel industry has been recognized with another prestigious international award, the Five Star Award for Excellent Hotel Management. The world’s oldest gourmet, Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, has been awarded an honorary member award. In Croatia during a recent inauguration.

Recently, the hotel has received many other international honors and awards, which are recognized and included in the world-renowned guides. The Haute Grandeur World Award honors the hotel doctor’s office, Zinfandel Restaurant and

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