Best Hostels In Peru

Best Hostels In Peru – In this section you will find – the best hotels in Cusco; The best hotels in Lima; The best hotels in Arequipa; The best hotels in Puno; The best hotel in Machu Picchu; The best hotel in Huachina; The best hotels in Mancora; The best hotels in Paracas; The best hotel in Huaraz; and the best hotel in Ollantaytambo.

We give you the definitive list of the BEST BOSTONS IN PERU. – including prices, locations and great reviews to help you relax in Peru’s amazing cities!

Best Hostels In Peru

Definitely a very nice hotel with clean rooms/bathrooms, good daily service and fresh towels. The inn has friendly staff, nice rooms, hot water, great WiFi, and a short walk to the square. Good laundry and adequate breakfast. Great hostel for the price and one of the best hostels in Cusco, Peru.

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TOP: Pisco is located in San Blas and is surrounded by many restaurants and markets. And walk to the main place. It’s a nice hostel with comfortable rooms, common areas, hot water and a delicious breakfast buffet. The staff is always helpful and friendly. One of the best hostels and the best hotels in Cusco, Peru.

BITE: It’s a very friendly place where it’s easy to make friends and meet fellow travelers. They have a great events team that tries to organize something every night. The food in the restaurant is very good and the roof is very nice. The rooms have comfortable beds, clean rooms, bathrooms, free in-room safes and electrical outlets. One of the best hostels and the best hotels in Lima, Peru.

FAMOUS: The hostel is close to the center of Miraflores and close to the beach. The place is just a short walk from many bars and restaurants. The staff is nice, friendly and always happy. This hostel has a cool atmosphere and is one of the best hotels in Lima, Peru.

FAMOUS: The best cool hostel, quite close to the center. The bedrooms are spacious and have curtains for each bed. The hotel has helpful staff and a beautiful courtyard where you can play, relax and sunbathe. There is also a book exchange and public computers. Very clean, has common areas, and has breakfast! This is one of the best hotels in Arequipa, Peru.

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RECOMMENDATIONS: The hostel has a good location and comfortable rooms. It has a nice hammock where you can relax too, as well as a roof terrace. They also have helpful and guest-oriented staff. Great location, great value for money, one of the best hotels in Arequipa, Peru.

FEATURES: A quiet and comfortable room with hot water (really), TV, WiFi, and excellent cleanliness. The rooms have a beautiful view from the upper balcony. It is a short walk from downtown and the main shopping/dining streets. The breakfast options are also good. It looks more like a hotel than a hostel, but at hostel prices. One of the best hotels in Puno, Peru and a great place to stay.

Known: The location of the hostel is a short distance from the main center and in a safe area. The rooms are fantastic – spacious and comfortable beds, very clean bathroom with a great shower. Wi-Fi works well in the rooms and public areas, and there is a fully equipped kitchen upstairs. It is very cheap and the breakfast is good. Great service and great hostel, one of the best hotels in Puno, Peru.

Ecopackers Machupicchu Hostel is the best choice for travelers looking to experience the sights and sounds of the city of Cusco. The hotel’s billiards and games room are ideal places to relax and unwind after a busy day. The building has a beautiful stone facade. This is one of the best hotels in Machu Picchu, Peru.

The Best Hostels Near Lima Airport In Peru (and Other Tips For 2022!)

RECOMMENDATIONS: Nice and clean place, close to the train station. The owners of the hostel are very nice hosts. The common room is comfortable and clean. This place has a great restaurant with reasonable prices and delicious food. It’s a big space hostel with a roof. One of the best hotels in Machu Picchu, Peru is a great place to stay.

ALDART: This is a fantastic station. There are drawings for small things. There are many hammocks and couches to relax on. Above all, the price of the room includes one activity per day. Their food is also reasonably priced and delicious! If you pass through Ica, the inn has a good atmosphere! One of the best hotels in Huacachina, Peru.

RECOMMENDED FOR: A great place to stay in Mancora and a great place to stay. The rooms are spacious and have small wardrobes to store your valuables. The staff here are friendly and helpful, they know everyone. The pool is amazing and the bar has a great atmosphere. One of the best hotels in Mancora, Peru.

RECOMMENDED: With its charming beach huts and friendly atmosphere, you can’t help but love this lodge. If you want a quiet, unique and peaceful hostel in Mancora, right on the beach but away from the crowds, this is the place to stay. It has a cool and comfortable atmosphere with nice and friendly staff. One of the best hotels in Mancora, Peru is a great place to stay.

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RECOMMENDED: Hostel with a great location on the beach! The Hotel Kokopelli in Paracas is a great place to stay. It has a large and comfortable bed and wardrobe, breakfast, a pool, hammocks, a door to the beach, and free kayaks. The staff is friendly and helpful with advice or event planning. This is one of the best hotels in Paracas, Peru, with amazing views.

PRAISED THE: This place feels like home. Alberto and his wife are excellent hosts. The hotel has WiFi and a computer that worked well. The wooden house is very nice. It also has a good kitchen and a cold room. One of the best hotels in Paracas, Peru.

FAMOUS: This station is near the bus station and everything is nearby. Zerela and her staff are very kind and helpful. The hotel has a beautiful terrace, living room and a wonderful view of the Cordillera Blanca that surrounds the house. Good atmosphere and great location in Huaraz. This is one of the best hotels in Huaraz, Peru.

BITE: The hotel rooms are spacious, the staff is friendly, and the tour is well organized. The hostel is big, cheap, clean and has a bathroom. This is a great place to meet other travelers in Huaraz. One of the best hotels in Huaraz, Peru and a great place to stay.

Estancia 311 Backpackers, Cajamarca

WAKE UP: This is a beautiful lodge with a large garden near the river. The rooms have views of the farm and the surrounding mountains. The hotel has a private bathroom in each dormitory. Everything is sparkling, the bed is very comfortable, there are many hammocks and tables in the yard, and the stream in the yard makes the place even more pleasant. This is one of the best hotels in Ollantaytambo, Peru.

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