Best Home Warranty Companies In Indiana

Best Home Warranty Companies In Indiana – Home warranties are becoming popular across the country, but each state has its own rules that warranty providers must follow. Liberty Home Guard works hard to make our services available to all Americans, and we are now offering our trusted home warranty plans to Indiana homeowners.

Whether you live in an urban center, a rural area or somewhere in between, Liberty Home Guard has comprehensive, affordable home insurance to meet your home needs.

Best Home Warranty Companies In Indiana

A home warranty is sometimes called home appliance insurance, but this is a misnomer. A home warranty is not the same as an insurance policy and is not required to own the home as most insurance is. But while a home warranty is not legally required in Indiana, it is a wise investment for most homeowners. The right plan will generate significant savings and increase peace of mind.

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Home warranties in Indiana work the same as they do anywhere else in the United States. With an active warranty, a homeowner can submit a claim whenever a covered item needs service or repair. The warranty provider will arrange for a technician to visit the home to fix the problem. The home owner pays the premium only to maintain the warranty and service charges while submitting the claim. The warranty provider will cover the entire service or repair cost.

A home warranty with Liberty Home Guard can cover almost anything you want. A standard home appliance warranty plan includes the following:

You can also adjust your plan to cover additional items and services as needed. Just a few popular additions include:

Problems with home appliances and systems are just a reality of home ownership. Nothing lasts forever and the normal use factor of kitchen and laundry appliances diminishes until the machines stop working as efficiently as they once did. Alternate winters, dry winters, and hot and humid summers in Indiana can also stress a home’s critical systems.

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The primary benefit of a home warranty is its ability to prepare you financially and logistically for inevitable home repairs. Here are some other benefits to consider:

Feeling ready to choose a plan? Still have questions? At Liberty Home Guard, our dedicated support team is available to answer your questions and guide you through the process of choosing the best plan for your home.

Very customer focused especially for a home warranty company. I had a problem with my oven display and Robert spent 40 minutes on the phone with me to help me resolve it.

As a seller, this home warranty company was the best to ever work for. Very fast approval and payment. My technician was in and out in 20 minutes. Other home warranty companies take forever to get approved and having my technician on site is not very efficient. Great experience!

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As a company, we are always paid very quickly for any claims submitted by clients. Their service department is very easy to work with compared to other companies.

People responded and there was no dancing around these issues. Great job with Paul, very professional and great to talk to

My pond kept turning green. I couldn’t understand it. Luckily I had a Liberty Home Guard policy, and even though I didn’t have the optional pool and spa attached, Liberty gave me a technician and coordinated all the work. Then I made sure to buy pool protection!

It seems that Liberty Home Guard actually understands their customers. Their replacement upgrade program was too tempting to pass up and I have used it twice, very pleased with it and the level of customer service from Liberty Home Guard.

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I have hosted many home events in the past and by far these are the best events I have ever had. Prompt response to issues and the technicians they used were qualified and good at what they do!…

I had a very positive experience with Liberty Home Guard. I was concerned that it did not cover some of my larger devices and my account manager, Natalie A*****, resolved my concerns within hours. I feel great about choosing Liberty Home Guard for my multi-year warranty.

Liberty Home Guard is amazing! I called and their customer service team was very friendly and resolved my issue immediately, they were able to get me a great deal and made it super easy and fast! Highly recommended.

Sam, David and the people at LHG immediately made me feel like family. Thanks, guys, for making the painful process of getting a home warranty so easy.

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You can be sure that Liberty Home Guard has fulfilled its contract. I have made claims on my home for three different issues and each one was taken care of promptly. I will be out of pocket for a lot more than just my premium. You are the business for my life.

A home warranty that works as it should. My last home warranty company made my life easier by not putting me on hold for 30 minutes.

Having renewed my three-year policy twice, I have nothing good to say about Liberty Home Guard. Always good service, and a happy ending.

Liberty Home Guard has saved me money on many occasions. Technicians are always ready and all my claims were done in 1 visit. Partner Content: This content is created by Dow Jones business partners and written independently by the research and newsroom. Links in this article may earn us a commission. learn more

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Choose the best home warranty for your home. Home Media’s review team compiled the recommended providers after researching and comparing home insurance companies’ plans, coverage, warranties, prices, customer service and more.

A home warranty provides financial protection and convenience to homeowners when home systems and major appliances suffer damage due to normal wear and tear. The best home warranty companies offer you a variety of coverage plans and add-ons to choose what is covered in your home. Top home warranty companies also offer fast response times for claims, long warranties and reasonable pricing.

We researched and compared over 39 home insurance companies to identify the best home insurance company for you.

We evaluate providers on seven key factors, including plan options, coverage details, price, reliability, customer service, additional benefits and availability.

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Note: All price data used in this article is from Charlotte, NC. Here are the prices we received for single-family homes under 5,000 square feet.

After analyzing more than 39 home insurance companies, we identified American Home Shield as our overall and Editors’ Choice. This choice is due to the excellent reputation of AHS, its service charges and the flexibility offered with comprehensive policies with above average coverage limits.

In our rating system, American HomeShield earned 4.6 out of 5 stars – the highest rating of any provider we reviewed.

– Limited additional customization due to AHS combining many items into the Shield Platinum plan – Claims can take up to 48 hours to respond, which is less than other competitors on this list.

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American Home Shield’s prices are reasonable compared to other top home insurance companies, especially when you consider its great coverage value. You can expect to pay between $30 and $75 a month for a plan through AHS. You have a choice of $75, $100 and $125 service call fees – choosing a higher service call fee will lower your monthly premium.

After analyzing more than 100 customer reviews, we found that American HomeShield customers were most satisfied with the way customer service representatives explained their policies and answered questions that remained. Customers were also generally satisfied with contractors’ professionalism and ease of identifying problems. However, some customers were disappointed with the company’s response to emergency situations, indicating that the company did not make special arrangements to fix the problem in emergency situations.

In our experience, the online quote process takes less than two minutes, and we’ve experienced a three-minute wait when calling an American HomeShield representative.

Founded in 2017, Liberty Home Guard (LHG) has established a competitive advantage by offering easy access to customer service and a long list of unique additional protection options.

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Liberty Home Guard earned 4.5 out of 5 stars in our rating system. It offers a variety of coverage through three comprehensive packages and a whole range of additional options. LHG also stands out against other home warranty providers by offering a live chat customer support feature on its website. LHG’s responsiveness and multiple customer service support channels make it one of the most responsive providers on this list.

+ Pro Series appliances cover special items such as add-ons such as pest control, window washers and reverse osmosis systems.

+ Its website has a live chat tool, which allows users to send messages to a real customer service representative.

Liberty HomeGuard offers three standard plan options: a device-only option, a system-only option, and a combination policy. LHG has a variable service call charge, which is different from a flexible service call charge.

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