Best Hikes In The Midwest

Best Hikes In The Midwest – The Midwest is definitely not known for long roads or spectacular mountains. For example, in my home state of Ohio, the highest point is Campbell Hill at 1,550 feet, which can be scaled by footpaths. However, there are many beautiful travel options throughout the Midwest. Here are the best hikes in the Midwest – feel free to add your favorites in the comments.

Located in southeastern Ohio, Hocking Hills State Park includes more than 2,300 acres of spectacular canyons, waterfalls, and caves. A total of 26 miles of different trails allow day hikers to choose between easier or more strenuous hikes.

Best Hikes In The Midwest

Unlike the rest of the state, the deep canyons preserve remnants of hemlocks and Canadian oaks that flourished during the cold period 10,000 years ago. Camping and cabins are available in the park. This area is very popular, so avoiding summer Saturday afternoons and other busy times allows for a more natural experience.

Giant City State Park

My personal favorite hike is from Old Man’s Cave through the gate to Cedar Falls and then back to the gate for a total of six miles. For those looking for more room, Park 9 is adjacent to the 200-acre Hocking State Forest.

Hocking Hills State Park is accessible from US Route 33 or Ohio Route 56 southeast of Columbus.

Canyons, waterfalls, and towering cliffs are not expected when hiking the “flats” of the Midwest, but hikers at 2,600-acre Hungry Rock State Park will encounter those same day. The thirteen-mile trail winds through 18 canyons and offers spectacular views of the Illinois River.

According to legend, in 1769, a group of Ottawas attacked Camp Illiniwec on the Illinois River to avenge the killing of their leader, Pontiac. Desperate to escape, Illiniwec climbed the heights above the river, but was captured there by the Ottawas. This resistance continued until the Illiniweke starved on the key, hence the park’s name. There is a lodge/restaurant nearby, so hunger or even starvation is not a problem.

The 10 Best Day Trip Hikes

Hunger Rock is Illinois’ most popular state park, so keep that in mind when choosing when to go. People are entitled to decisions. The park is located west of Chicago. From I-80 W, take I-39 S (Exit 79A) to IL 71 E. They go straight through the entrance.

In the northwest corner of Indiana, on the shores of Lake Michigan, the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore consists of 15 different parcels, covering approximately 15,000 acres. These individual sites offer a wide variety of accommodations and a wide range of day trip options. Perhaps the hardest part of hiking here is deciding which of the 14 trails (50 miles total) to take first.

Habitats you can visit include dry forests, oak savannas, coastal corridors, swamps, wetlands and of course marshes and beaches. Between the lake and various fields, despite being in an otherwise urban/industrial area, the park attracts a variety of birds.

The Indiana Dunes are located between Gary and Michigan City and Route 12 passes through most of the parcels.

Big Adventure At Big Sugar Creek State Park

Looking for a weekend getaway that’s easy on the logistics, or maybe a trail for your first overnight backpacking trip? Well, you find it in the 28,000 acre Zaleski State Forest. Different cycles can be set up that can cover ten, 16, 18, 23 or 29 miles. The state is rolling but not extreme and always in the jungle. The trail itself is well maintained and (almost) well marked. I’m still looking for an old photo of six fires at once. Two viewpoints and small resting caves are interesting.

A permit is required to camp, but is free and provided in their own trailer. There are three campsites with several tent sites. Each camp has toilets and water supply. (Including drinking water.)

Zaleski was my first backpacker and a great place to learn my first lessons. (A six-pound road is not required for a two-day journey.) This road lies between Chiliot and Athens. 50 to US Route 278 north.

Spanning nearly 13,000 acres in south central Indiana, the Dime Wilderness (Indiana’s only designated wilderness) is located in the Hoosier National Forest and is 37 miles long. It also affects Lake Monroe, the largest man-made body of water in the state.

Best Places To Camp: Top 10 In The Midwest

The 110-foot-tall Hickory Ridge Lighthouse offers sweeping views of the area. The Terrill Ridge Trail leads to spectacular lakeside campsites, and the Peninsula Trail offers spectacular views of Lake Monroe. There are great campsites along the lakes at the end of the peninsula.

The desert is south of Bloomington. Take the 446 to Tower Hill Road. There are no camping fees or permits.

The Lakeshore Trail stretches 42 miles along the southern shore of Lake Superior, offering spectacular views, sandy beaches, waterfalls, lighthouses and campsites. The distance is shared with the North Country Trail, which continues a little further in each direction (4,600 miles in total).

The hike is moderate, a moderate to high water hike between hills overlooking the lake. There are 11 outdoor “campgrounds” along the trail that can be reserved through Most campgrounds have public fire rings, bear shelters, and water from streams or large lakes. Bring a water filter. Shuttle services are available for those who wish to drive the entire distance one way.

Favorite Midwest Hikes

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is located on the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula between the communities of Munising (west) and Grand Marais (east). Algiers County Road H-58 provides access via the lakeshore.

The Ozark Trail is a 230-mile hike through the San Francois Mountains in southeastern Missouri. In general, the hike is moderate, with drops and climbs over several valleys. Elevation changes are usually less than 1,000 feet, but are enough for some spectacular views. Rely on constant moisture flux variation.

Water is usually not a problem, plan to check all sources. Delivery is trackless, but many hotels along the route offer shuttles for those renting rooms. In addition, shuttles are available for the entire length of the route, so only one car is needed.

The northernmost route is south of Lassburg Route H on I-44 west of St. Louis.

Of The Best Hikes Near St. Louis

The Superior Trail runs for 255 miles, mostly in the hills above the north shore of Lake Superior. A direct line runs from Duluth to the Canadian border. The road continues through town for 41 more miles to the Wisconsin border. However, off-road hiking is not allowed in this section, so it is not considered part of a traditional trek.

Not surprisingly, the main feature of the route is a large lake that the Ochibwa people (and Gordon Lightfoot) call Gichi Gami (Big Water). Spectacular water views are common. Many rivers and streams flow into the lake and the road often descends from the mountain to the lake to offer spectacular views of the lakes.

The trail itself is not a big climb. The lake is 600 feet above sea level and the highest point on the trail is a little over 1,200 feet. Consider the trail moderate to challenging. The hike is sometimes flat, with significant elevation changes between river valleys and valleys.

There is no license or fee to search. Stay at one of the 93 country campgrounds available for camping. Each site offers several tent sites, fire rings, and restrooms. Usually a water source is nearby.

The 23 Best Hiking Blogs To Plan Your Next Adventure

The southern terminus for traditional hiking is the Martin Trail. From I-35 to 21st Ave. to, East Exit #258. At 21 Ave. Turn left and go 0.7 miles up the hill. Turn right on Woodland Street and go 1.2 miles. Turn right onto Snively Rd. and go 1.0 miles to the intersection with Jean Duluth. Jean Duluth St. and 1.9 mi. Turn left onto Martin Road. and go 1.2 miles to a parking lot on the left. A two-way company is for those who want a one-way trip.

The Buckeye Trail is an interesting beast. I’ve put it on the list of best Midwest road trips for the longest time while living in one state. The Ohio State runs 1,444 miles in one large loop as well as several smaller loops. This place has most of the state roads that I have driven at one point or another. If this

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