Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Florida

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The Imami FUE process is the most advanced, minimally invasive hair transplant offered in Florida. The “gold standard” in hair restoration surgery, follicular unit grafts are extracted using an industry-leading automated FUE unit attached to our patent-pending robotic arm. This device uses the smallest extraction punch available, which minimizes trauma and enables the perfect FUE transplantation, which is transplanted into bald and thin areas of hair loss.

Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Florida

Our board-certified surgeons and certified technicians with over 15 years of FUE experience have performed thousands of hair restoration procedures.

Hair Restoration Before And After

FUE is used for small and medium-sized donor transplants and is ideal for healthy people between the ages of 26 and 75. A woman can also be a good candidate. There must be enough hair for the transplant, which can come from beard or body hair.

Anyone who needs a larger number of grafts should choose FUT or a combination of​​​​FUT and FUE. For larger graft cases, the use of FUE can empty the safe donor area. Dr. Emami will look at other medical issues and consider the use of tobacco and blood thinners individually to determine if FUE is appropriate.

The timing of the FUE procedure varies depending on the number of grafts. We usually need about 5-6 hours.

“After giving birth to my first child at the age of 42 I decided to grow my hair back, I didn’t want to look like an old dad on the playground. I researched a number of hair transplant clinics in Orlando and chose Imami Hair Ron is A Naval Hospital Corps veteran, Assistant Chief of Surgery, and his team of technologists have been working with him on haircuts for 15 years. I talked to many clients and they sold me. It has been 9 months since my procedure and I am very happy. .

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A previous neograft transplant was done by another company, which barely grew. Ron and Dr. I met with Imami and they assured me that I could get better results. It worked.

Bosley quoted me 10,500 for the transplant, I went to Imami Hair for a second opinion and after speaking with Dr. Imami I made my choice. The price and the technology are better.

Your safety is our highest priority. Staff and patients should wear masks if they are not vaccinated. We also use a UV filter to keep the air sterile, disinfect surfaces and wash hands! This article contains a wealth of information about hair transplant surgery, photo examples of hair transplant results, and practical guidance to help you make the right decisions. When considering a hair transplant surgeon.

Hair transplants have become an increasingly popular topic in recent years, as many celebrities, athletes and internet personalities have opted for the procedure – many even documenting their recovery journeys on social media. Hair transplant surgery is a fairly simple concept that requires high skill and craftsmanship to produce a successful result. Hair surgery involves the surgical removal of hair follicles from an area where there is more hair, known as the donor area, to an area where hair growth is thin or bald, known as the recipient area. Although hair transplants are available online like never before, it is important for potential patients to do extensive research and make well-informed decisions before opting for the procedure.

The Best Of Hair Transplants 2022

There are two main extraction methods used in hair transplant surgery today, FUT and FUE, and sometimes clinics will use their own acronyms to represent these procedures. FUT, also known as “strip surgery”, involves removing a strip of skin containing hair follicles from the back of the head and then separating individual hair follicles for reimplantation in the recipient area. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction involves removing individual hair follicles from the donor area using small round scalpels and then reimplanting them in the recipient sites. Individualized hair follicles that are removed and implanted are also called “grafts”. In recent years, the FUE technique has gained popularity because the success rates of FUE procedures performed by experienced surgeons are similar to the success rates of FUT procedures. Important advantages of FUE include reduced scalp damage and no linear scarring in the donor area.

The result above shows a perfect hairline/frontal scalp FUE reconstruction by Clinica de Freitas in Spain. A total of 2083 FUE grafts were required to produce this impressive result.

The next case from Eugenix is ​​an example of a successful hair transplant on a NW6/7 male. Note that this is not a typical hair restoration job. I included this result because it is one of the best restorations ever performed and shows what is possible at the upper limits of hair restoration surgery. Carl, the patient in the photos, used 11,600 FUE grafts, including a beard transplant, to complete his recovery. In fact, any hair restoration patient will have 11,000 donor grafts in the donor scalp. The average donor capacity is about 5000-6000 grafts, so results like this will require transplants from other areas of the body. Hair restoration is done in two sessions by Eugenix Hair Sciences in India. A video summary of the case and more content is available on Eugenix’s YouTube channel.

Hair transplant surgery is also an option for women, but is less common due to differences in male and female hair loss. Male pattern baldness leaves an area of ​​DHT-resistant hair on the back of the head in a horseshoe pattern. The male donor area mainly covers the back of the head from ear to ear. Hair loss in women is more common and widespread in nature and sometimes creates complications when it comes to finding a good donor site. However, many women are suitable candidates for hair restoration surgery and only a qualified and ethical hair transplant surgeon can determine the suitability of a female patient.

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

Below are two examples of surgical restoration of female hair. The first set of images is from McGrath Medical in Austin, Texas.

The second example is from the Charles Medical Group in Florida, USA. Both female cases were probably FUT procedures and graft counts were not available.

The most important aspect when deciding 1) if hair transplantation is right for you and 2) where to go, is to find a reputable and ethical surgeon who puts patients before business and profit. It bears repeating that hair transplant surgery is a life-changing decision and should be considered carefully and thoroughly. I suggest you visit open online communities and/or talk to professional hair transplant counselors to get some ideas for objectivity. The most important thing is not to rely only on marketing information and personnel directly from the clinic itself. The communities and mentors I suggest to anyone considering a transplant to start with are: Spencer Cobren, Hair Restoration Network, Joe Tillman, and Spencer Stephenson. These are professionals with specific expertise in educating patients seeking hair transplants, and some of the mentors have undergone multiple hair transplants themselves.

At the time of writing, hair transplant surgery is the most consistent method of restoring dense hair growth in areas of previous baldness, and especially in patients with long-term hair loss. If the donor hair capacity of an average patient is sufficient to regenerate a completely bald scalp, the hair loss will be resolved now. Hair transplant surgery would be “enough” for almost anyone to regain a full head of hair, and as a result would not be very appropriate for this website. But we know that’s not the case. A major limitation of hair transplant surgery is the limited nature of donor hair. A method currently being investigated to prevent scarring in the donor area after extraction and potentially induce regeneration of donor hair is the injection of verteporfin into donor wounds.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Florida Lp

Dr. Vertex Hair Clinic located in Jordan. Taleb Barghouthi has started an experimental pilot study injecting verteporfin into FUE donor extraction sites to observe reduced scarring and the potential for donor regeneration (although regeneration takes longer at this point). To clarify, this is Dr. It is not within the typical standards of care offered by Barghouthi and is not currently offered as a service. All participating patients were ethically informed and consented to the study design. Verteporfin is an FDA-approved drug that is being investigated for off-label use. Below are some pictures of the first patient treated in this study.

The upper left image shows four of the six 2 x 2 cm areas of donor scalp where Dr. Barguthi performed FUE extraction and injected wounds with either 0.4 mg, 0.32 mg, 0.24 mg verteporfin or a control solution. There are three test plates marked “H” and three corresponding control spaces marked “C”. The

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