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Best Gyms In Geelong – Founded by Mel Turnley in November 2013, Mink Fitness began as an all-female outdoor camp in Geelong, Victoria. Launched in April 2018 as an indoor gym, Minc is a place where women feel supported and empowered while working out!

More than just fitness equipment, our mission is to empower you to be stronger, healthier and happier. You’ll always walk out of our bright pink door feeling better than when you walked in! That is our promise.

Best Gyms In Geelong

Encourage women to think of exercise as more than just a way to change body image. Mel promotes exercise as a top priority for health (both mental and physical).

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Ash promotes a holistic and balanced life to strengthen the mind, reduce stress and balance the body. It’s our preferred choice for restoring tired muscles and developing long-term good habits with food.

On Sundays you’ll see Ash taking a Zen Fit session at the studio (you’ll see him smashing it during the week!)

With a smile that lights up any room, Brooke’s positive energy is contagious! She is passionate about helping women exercise in ways that work for their bodies.

Meet Brooke at the studio for an evening class or check out her schedule of Pilates ‘pop-up’ sessions!

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Group Trainer Jam, the youngest member of our team, has a new way to make exercise fun! Be it weightlifting, boxing, cardio or anything else – you name it, he’ll give it a go! Jam is passionate about the strength training and empowerment she can create for women.

He may be our Minc family member, but he sure gives you lots of love (and laughter). Jam in the studio every morning and find a session or practice near you! At LTYB, we take the time to find out exactly what you want to achieve and tailor your training specifically to you to help you get the best results.

PT in charge of each session. Individual training methods allow your PT to choose specific exercises specifically for you. So while there will be some exercises in a session, you’ll work at your own pace using your own equipment in an exercise plan specific to your goals and fitness level.

What if I have too many injuries, or haven’t set foot in the gym in years?

Falling Off The Band Wagon

We know that each member has their own physical limitations, so as your coach we take the time to find out exactly where your body is.

Once the training starts, we need to make the sessions fun and enjoyable so you look forward to each session. This ensures that exercise becomes part of your weekly routine. This is a key factor in the long-term success of our members……they love coming to a fun and fearless environment. Regardless of your age or fitness level, we always develop you to the best of your ability.

You can download the LTYB APP and check the schedule under “Search” and register through the app

Enter your details under [“touch”] – we’ll call you, say hello and get the ball rolling.

Female Personal Trainer And Health Coach

I really love health and fitness and it’s a part of my life. I have been a personal trainer for 11 years and this is my passion. For me, fitness is about how I feel.

This feeling of physical and mental health and striving to achieve goals is what I want to convey to the people I train, which creates energy and a positive atmosphere.

Jamie is a very sharp athlete and can be seen running 30km in the Yu Yangs at the weekends.

Jamie is very committed to the members of LTYB Geelong and deals every day to improve the lives of members.

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I love training at LTYB Geelong. The best part of training with a group is the individual workouts, where the exercises are tailored to their goals or weaknesses. The sessions are fun and challenging (in a good way, of course!) and coaches Maria and Jamie are prepared and motivating.

I have a varied fitness profile and have been active most of my life. At 65 and after some physical setbacks, I want to return to my active lifestyle and improve my overall quality of life. LTYB offered a 6 week trial and I was hooked. I started with 3 sessions a week and now I’ve built up to 5 every week. I am currently participating in the 8 week LTYB challenge with the support of the coaches (Jaime & Maria) and the flexibility of the sessions. Every time I walk into the studio, I feel like I have a personal trainer. The LTYB app is easy to use, track and make reservations. I recommend weekly boxing classes and challenges.

The regular gym is temporarily closed and we picked up the introductory pack for week 6. We were warmly welcomed and embraced by staff and members at LTYB. As we arrived at each session, we were asked how we felt and encouraged to work hard within our limits. No mirror, no judgement, push and sweat! We enjoyed it so much at LTYB that we decided to continue. A welcoming environment and support to achieve my health goals led by an amazing coach.

I have been a member of LTYB for over 2 years. During that time, I found all the instructors to be very knowledgeable and helpful. They always explain the lesson to me and help me improve my skills. Exercise is good. The rest of the gyms are perfect for exercise. The trainers and members are fun and supportive and the gym is not intimidating at all. I cannot recommend LTYB enough.

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I love training with LTYB because people don’t have the muscle to support their bodies. It seems like everyone is out there crossing their own fences like me. Without a mirror and attention from a coach (usually), I feel like I’m in good hands. Maria and Jamie were particularly influential in my decision to stay. Since I started 4 months ago, I can now bend my knees, feel more confident on the stairs, and my arms and shoulders are stronger. Going from doing a short elbow plank to 50 seconds in a full plank is amazing! I hope to continue.

I started at the gym last June. Before I knew it I met Ben on Saturday morning to discuss and I gave him my credit card information. I feel like he didn’t put his business forward, but he was right and I never looked back. LTYB Geelong was special because the people at PT Coaches were committed to seeing us get results. Coach, Jamie, Maria, Jack and Paul are wonderful people. They know all our names and always welcome us to class. I also love Trevor’s Friday Challenge. Visit LTYB GeelongFree Fitness Consultation and Assessment to discuss specific goals, potential for success and training options to meet your needs.

1-1 self training. For small personal training or call service options, email for pricing and arrangements

Geelong Fitness small group training class. Please note: 10:30 am is a large class, so our other classes are effective and less intense

Geelong Personal Trainers & Group Fitness

Personal Gym Book use is for one person only. For larger groups, please use the contact form below for pricing and availability

The team has competed in marathons, triathlons, Ironman and cycling events around the world, wanting to show everyone that you don’t have to be a professional athlete to take on any physical challenge you set yourself. We are all athletes and with passion and drive we are all capable of great personal growth.

Leash is a regular competitor in annual athletics competitions across Australia. Leading and recommending a healthy lifestyle based on clean nutrition, training the body to be strong and healthy. He is passionate about helping his clients incorporate fitness into their everyday lives. As a working mother with two young children, she knows the most challenging part of their career. Leash incorporates a variety of training styles into client programs, focusing on resistance, HIIT, circuit-based training, and individually designed strength programs.

The organization is committed to achieving your goals through extensive training and specialized programs. Check out Geelong Fitness if you’re ready to change your life for the better! Search for Andrea Polke on Google

Meet The Fitness Coach

Leash wonders what he’s doing! He has been my coach for over two years now and is very supportive,

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