Best Furniture Stores In Santo Domingo

Best Furniture Stores In Santo Domingo – The best places to shop in Santo Domingo showcase the island’s diverse shopping scene. In addition to your usual souvenir shops, the capital of the Dominican Republic offers special places with local art and jewelry made from larimar (a rare blue stone) and amber.

In Santo Domingo, you’ll find everything from trendy malls with designer fashion and high-tech stores to specialty cigar shops, specialty food stores, Chinese discounters, and free open-air flea markets. Best shopping in Santo Domingo.

Best Furniture Stores In Santo Domingo

Mercado Modelo is the largest market in Santo Domingo. The name itself means “model market” and is actually a metaphor for the craft markets of the Caribbean. There are countless vendors selling everything from Cuban cigars and spirits to jewelry, colorful carnival masks, and unique items like amber necklaces.

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Special hand-made treasures include Haitian and Dominican finds. Mercado Modelo is also surrounded by food stalls that offer not only fresh produce but also prepared food. This is a bargain site, so be prepared to pay more than the listed price.

La Merca Santo Domingo is a great place if you want to cook your food in the city. Buy red, yellow and green peppers, pineapples, bananas, meat, poultry, seafood and all kinds of grains. There are various spices such as Bija, allspice or allspice, garlic, nutmeg and anise.

Open every day, Merca Santo Domingo is very popular with locals looking for authentic new items. Visit during the holidays to find more products at discounted prices.

Avenida Duarte Chinatown Street Market in Barrio Chino is one of the best places to shop in Santo Domingo. It is located in the northern part of the historic central district known as the Colonial City, with the Chinese gates marking both ends.

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It stretches mostly around Benito González, Mella and Mexico streets, passing through Duarte street with many Chinese sculptures. Here you will find Chinese shops as well as local shops selling a variety of furniture and clothes. On Sundays, Avenida Duarte hosts a fresh produce market.

Calle El Conde runs through the center of the colonial area, between Escaleras del Conde and Puerta Independencia. This pedestrian only street consists of 11 blocks filled with houses, shops, restaurants and businesses of all kinds.

Locals flock to Calle El Conde to shop and eat, making it a great place for people-watching in Santo Domingo. You might encounter a street performer or two while exploring this shopping street.

The Mercat de la Pulga is held in the Merca Santo Domingo square, at the northern end of the city. This Sunday flea market is one of the best places to shop for antiques, arts and crafts. You will also find books, furniture and even clothing for sale from a variety of vendors.

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Especially if you buy more than 1 item, you can negotiate with good sellers. As food, you can enjoy some delicious meat skewers

Opened in 2012, Agora Mall was the first green shopping center in the Dominican Republic. The capital’s first LEED building is designed to maximize sunlight while maintaining thermal control. This, scientists say, creates a natural indoor environment that boosts the shopping mood.

Agora Mall includes more than 180 different stores, including famous international brands such as Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Guess, Zara, Brooksfield and others. You’ll also find more than 20 restaurants, an indoor entertainment center and a 7-screen movie theater.

Downtown is a three-level, modern mall with the largest movie theater in the Caribbean. It is home to Caribbean cinemas with 16 screens and Tremor FX dynamic seats. Cinemas can immerse themselves in a movie with seats that vibrate and vibrate in response to audio prompts.

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You will also find many shops and services, gastronomic entertainment and family entertainment. Not only is the city center one of the best shopping areas in Santo Domingo, but it is also a great option for an afternoon (or more) of entertainment.

The Acropolis Center offers a colorful environment for shopping, dining, entertainment and special events in Santo Domingo. If you visit during the holidays, you will find a magical world in this beautifully decorated place. During Christmas, expect a renovated playground and visits from Santa, with photo opportunities available.

Throughout the year, you can find many international chains in this 4-level market. Highlights: Mango, Nine West, Zara, Kenneth Cole and Nautica. There is also a dining area, many cafes and restaurants, as well as a 7-screen cinema.

BlueMall is a high-class shopping center located in the center of Santo Domingo, 450 meters north of the Acropolis. If you want to mingle with the rich people of Santo Domingo, this is the place to go. Everything you are looking for can be found here, but at a price.

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Its contents include Armani Exchange, Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera, Cartier, Longchamp and many famous brands in the world. There is also a Golden Gym, quality restaurants, fine dining, a children’s playground and a 6-screen cinema.

Sambil Santo Domingo is a modern business center in the colonial area of ​​the city. Opened in 2012, the building has more than 350 stores and a variety of stores from famous stores such as Victoria’s Secret and Aldo. You will also find many electronics stores including Samsung and Sony.

If you are hungry, there are more than 20 places to eat in Sambil Santo Domingo. In addition to shops and restaurants, the shopping center has the Palacio del Cine cinema with 14 screens and the AquaMundo aquarium. Please note that the market is only open on weekdays.

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For the first and last information on furniture rating stores, visit the first DR business directory at In this online directory, you will find all the furniture stores in Santo Domingo and other regions, with a brief description of each one, including web links.

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Based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, this company is primarily engaged in the production of upholstered furniture, domestic sources, mattresses and the distribution of special types of furniture. More than 60 years of experience in various markets make it the best choice when it comes to meeting the needs of mattresses and furniture for your rooms. Leaders in the manufacture and sale of hotel mattresses in the country and internationally recognized. (Details)

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3 News Furniture: The company is dedicated to producing first-rate home and office furniture. Our main store is located on av. February 27, Esq. Leopoldo Navarro, Santo Domingo. (Details)

4 Home Gallery: Home Gallery gives you everything you need to prepare your spaces. Living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, furniture and mattresses, furniture to suit your personality, budget and lifestyle. Gustavo Mejía is located at Ricart 105, Ensanche Piantini, Santo Domingo. (Details)

5 Ray Muebles: We meet your furniture and appliance needs at competitive prices and unbeatable credit options. (Details)

6 Mahogany Fine Furniture: Our selection of raw materials and mahogany artisans make our furniture perfect. Av. Fellow Vidal, Edif. Galerías DC-4, El Embrujo 1., Santiago, Rep. Sunday (Details)

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7 Turquesa Mobiliario & Diseño, SRL: Arrangement of various hotels, villas, houses, beach restaurants, cottages, terraces and other environments with a complete and unique concept of unique design, high quality and professional service and low prices (Details )

8 L&R Comercial: A company dedicated to the sale of furniture and home accessories with the best prices in the market and exceptional service. (Details)

9 IKEA Santo Domingo: The different decoration and bien dissendo of the different decoration of IKEA products, which is very valuable for the individuals of the city hall. Avenida John F. Kennedy, corner of Calle Bienvenido Gautier Arroyo Hondo, Santo Domingo. (Details)

10 Casanova Muebles: distribution of furniture to large chain stores

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