Best Fishing Spots In Metro Detroit

Best Fishing Spots In Metro Detroit –, a Swedish mobile app that allows fishermen to catch their fish and connect with other anglers, says it knows the best places to catch fish in metro Detroit, and they all refer to it. According to the program, the city center is within 20 minutes.

It is up to you to decide whether you believe that the user of the program really caught the “big” fish or not.

Best Fishing Spots In Metro Detroit

The program, described as ‘Instagram for fishing’ and launched in 2010, says it has helped 5 million users in the United States “start fishing smarter” and aims to promote online fishing. city ​​by giving consumers more information about fish.

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Fishbrain says it analyzes catch data to identify top fishing spots. It also works with the US. it. Fish and Wildlife Service and Beauty Preservation to promote the conservation and storage of plastic debris from waterways.

Near the city of Detroit River fishing at the famous spot is “getting unexpected fruit,” according to program data, which reports largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rock bass, drums, freshwater muskie and walleye.

Fishbrain Note: Maybe it’s the music playing in the amphitheater or maybe it’s their worm at the end of the line, but there’s clearly something that’s attracting fish here because users have so many catches here included. . The largest recorded muskie caught here is 11 11.3.

On Bell Island, Lake Muskoday is the largest lake on the island and has less fishing than neighboring Blue Heron Lagoon. Fish found there by Fishbrain users include largemouth bass, pike, rock bass, bluegillland sheephead.

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Fishbrain Note: The site is located behind the Detroit Yacht Club, where Fishbrain users used to climb in the canal, weighing up to 16 pounds, among other species.

The eastern part of Patton Park on the edge of Springwells Village is called Ghost because of the large part of the canal that flows underground. Fish include blackmouth bass, trout, channel fish, bass and largemouth bass.

It is located on the east side near the power plant. It is one of the longest-lived and least-used bodies of water in Marina County. Fish include large mouth bass, small bass, pike bass, yellow fish and fried fish.

Fishbrain Note: This marine sanctuary provides the perfect environment for beginners who find particular success with the Fin-S color fish attraction.

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Fishbrain Notes: As close to downtown as you can get, this is a great place to sneak some fish out of a busy schedule. Good fishing at any time of day and anglers find the shallow water here is great for catching bass.

West of Detroit, the river has many great spots for fishing. It is about 20 minutes from the center. The fish contain yellow crocodile balm, sheep’s head, eyelashes and mud.

Fishbrain Notes: The southern tributary of the river Ekorse has proved particularly popular with Fishbrain users, with the number of catches recorded during the afternoon.

The Detroit River Point is located east of Detroit on the city side of Zug Island, about 15 minutes from downtown Detroit. Fish caught there include sharks, flounder, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.

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Fishbrain notes: With one of the burbot catches, sometimes called the poor man’s lobster in central Detroit, the area offers great fishing opportunities, especially along boat ramps.

Located on the Detroit River between the Aretha Franklin Amphitheater and William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor, the species most likely to be caught by program users include largemouth bass, walleye, sheepshead, blue catfish and white bass.

Fishbrain Notes: Offers the opportunity to fish in both sea and river, with lighthouses providing the perfect break from busy city life with a variety of hooks. Jig fishing seems to be the most effective way to catch cranes here.

A tributary of the Rouge near EdwardN.Hines Drive in Wayne County, the area is known for its river chub, largemouth bass, pike, rock bass and smallmouth bass. Central Branch runs from Northville to Dearborn Heights.

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Fishbrain Note: This place is quiet and good for fishing all day because it is a short trip from the city.

A 15-minute walk from downtown Detroit on the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel offers an opportunity to catch white bass, walleye bass and smallmouth bass from the Detroit River.

Fishbrain Note: Fishbrain users have been very successful at this point, especially at night, using medium length LED lights. The last time I went fishing was on a rocky outcrop on the peninsula. I was probably 9 or 10 years old at the time and I had no idea about fishing when I decided to take on this “special” job of writing and photography.

I don’t know much about sports: I need bait, hooks, rods, poles and licenses. But to get started, I called my friend Chris Temple, general manager of Bert’s Custom Tackle. I know he can save me on this one. “Chris,” I told him, “I need to charter a boat or something for a hands-on experience.” Help!”

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Two days later we boarded a spectacular 37-foot cruise called the Hold On (not for rent, I must admit) complete with snacks and snacks and a spectacular view of the city skyline. Detroit and the distant sky. For starters, the weather gods felt good, blessing us with a 70-degree cloudless day in mid-October – perfect.

As a new born angler I was notified that it was muskie season. “Sweetie! Let’s catch a mushroom,” I said, not knowing what a muskie was.

7:00 It’s cold gray and I haven’t had my espresso. We arrived at the marina in Grosse Pointe and drove off.

At 9 o’clock in the morning we left the dock. Captain Tim and his first team mate Matt (both asked to redact their last names) are in charge. Chris, Johnny O., a friend I called last minute to join, and I went for a ride with him.

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10:00 The captain and colleagues prepared the equipment. The sun is out. The wool is out.

At 11 o’clock everything is set up – barricades, bait, rope, sticks and games. My camera and pen are ready. The game opens.

Meanwhile, I lay on the edge of the boat, walked around and sometimes hung from the rope to catch every action. There are obligatory woo-hoos and high-fives at every fish because they are bigger than any catch. I looked and realized that I lack fishing skills and knowledge. “I don’t,” I thought. “It can’t go well.”

As if reading my mind, Captain Tim said to Johnny O and me, “Do you have any indications that you are lucky enough to have seen all this?” Then he turned to Chris, “They don’t know.” He was right. The captain explained in more detail.

Fishbrain App Reveals 10 Best Places To Catch Fish In Metro Detroit

“Not only is it the cleanest waterway in the world and the sky looks really clear – but it takes at least – at least 80 hours to attract a muskie like that. So guess what? It’s your turn. Stop taking pictures and get over here I did.

1:15 in the afternoon I got ready to go back to the beach with all my snacks and with an empty stomach. . Plus, I have all the details and photos I need to hopefully finish this story.

“What should I do (insert insult here)?” “Give it to Billy” “What?” “Put it to Billy” “How?” Stressed and laughing out loud, I froze for what seemed like 30 minutes (but for what seemed like more than three seconds). “Okay, Bill,” I thought, “figure it out together.”

Chris is fishing. The captain and first team partners danced around me as I held the stick, frozen with the biggest smile on my face. “Oh God help. Oh God help. Oh God,” was all I could say. I finally connected it and heard everyone except Johnny O., a novice fisherman. Another on the boat told me to put the stick down and push time at the same time. “But what are you doing?” They all discussed, do not let go!

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“Yes that’s right. Easy for you to say, “I thought I could pull and shoot as hard as I could. With a sore arm I struggled, and thought, “It must be a whale.” The fish came closer. Chris was ready by the boat with a net, and told me, “It’s so big.” I was just trying to survive and breathe between my crazy laughter and the moans of a fisherman who was not really a person.

Chris set a large net and had five traditional tops around. My hands are like rubber and I still have energy. It was the biggest catch of the day and weighed about 42 inches, which was about the same height as my 9 year old son. I was able to get something back in this.

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