Best Fertility Doctor In San Antonio

Best Fertility Doctor In San Antonio – Texas Fertility Center continues the tradition of making families possible. Overcoming infertility and finding the right College Station fertility center can take you down a road less traveled. About 90 miles away, our fertility center in Austin has helped deliver 24,000 babies. Texas Fertility Center (TFC) was founded by pioneers in reproductive medicine to provide world-class, compassionate infertility care in Central and South Texas.

Our team of board-certified reproductive endocrinologists work with College Station gynecologists and urologists to make conception possible for couples facing male or female infertility issues, including:

Best Fertility Doctor In San Antonio

People from all over the United States and even foreign countries travel to the Texas Fertility Center to access state-of-the-art fertility treatment options provided by some of the leading physicians in our reproductive endocrinology subspecialty.

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Our fertility specialists based in San Antonio, Round Rock and Austin have more than 100 years of combined experience and regularly earn awards from peers and patients, including America’s Top Doctor™ and Best Doctors in America™ . Equally dedicated to patient care and infertility awareness, our team participates in medical school classrooms, scientific research laboratories, presentations at infertility symposia and leading academic forums.

Our fertility doctors have successfully treated the most complex causes of infertility. If you’re looking for a College Station fertility center, at TFC you’ll have access to a state-of-the-art IVF lab, diagnostics and treatment options such as:

Leading the way in infertility treatment: The Texas Fertility Center was one of the first fertility clinics in Texas to report a successful birth from a frozen egg IVF cycle.

Patient advocates at Texas Fertility Center coordinate fertility treatment plans with your local gynecologist to schedule regular exams and tests at your local office. You’ll benefit from convenient access to the care of key services and experienced fertility center and IVF laboratory staff when it matters most, at the time of conception.

Lifetime Low T

If you’re looking for a College Station fertility center, learn more about the flexible treatment options available at TFC and contact us today. It’s worth the extra mile you go to make your dreams come true. Little miracles happen every day at the Texas Fertility Center. The topic of infertility can be a sensitive topic for many of our patients, and quality care is measured in more than just outcomes. With our experienced and highly respected physicians, caring and compassionate staff, and a large administrative office, our practice is designed with your privacy and comfort in mind. We treat everyone as family and enjoy providing full personal attention to help you successfully start building or adding to your family. Contact our San Antonio practice today to schedule a consultation with our fertility doctors.

Longevity is one of our defining characteristics. Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joseph E. Martin, the fertility center was formed more than 30 years ago. All of our doctors and nurses have been on our staff for at least five years, and some for up to 20 years. said Dr. Thomas B. Pool is the Chief Scientific Officer of the Fertility Center of San Antonio. He is an internationally renowned embryologist and one of the most respected fertility specialists in the field.

Our newly renovated office is conveniently located on the second floor of a medical office building and offers a discreet location to respect the privacy of our patients. Our parking area is covered and convenient, with adequate accessibility for wheelchairs and disabled patients.

Each member of our staff cares for each patient in an individual setting, rather than a group, to create a comfortable and more intimate environment during their visits. Each patient and couple has individual needs, with unique issues to address and specific goals in mind. Our personal approach allows us to get to know and care for each patient individually, ensuring that their care is truly personalized and tailored to their needs. We have six registered nurses and a large administrative staff to assist with communication and patient support. Our team experiences virtually no turnover, and the close-knit, close-knit environment fostered by our office staff extends directly to our patients.

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Fertility Center of San Antonio has an impressive history that illustrates our commitment to excellence and innovation. We are the first practice to offer office-based in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Texas, and the first to achieve pregnancy using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in the Southwest. We also have an on-site laboratory of andrology and embryology, under the direction of our embryologist, dr. Pool, which allows us to perform diagnostic lab work and procedures in the same location as your treatment. This streamlines our care in many ways that benefit our patients. In 2005, we became the first center in Texas to offer preimplantation genetic testing for monogenetic or single gene disease, PGT-M (formerly PGD), and embryo biopsy, and we continue to develop some of the highest rates of success

During his treatment Dr. Martin, Neal, Retzloff and Adams will work closely with you to ensure that you are an active participant in decisions related to every phase of your care. To learn more about our infertility experts and the wide range of effective and conservative fertility testing, infertility treatment and fertility care services we offer, schedule a consultation at by contacting the Center of San Antonio Fertility today.

“I had the best experience and always recommend FCSA to anyone I know who may be having trouble conceiving.”

“Wonderful doctors and staff! Sammy is almost 2 years old and little Evelyn is due in 12 weeks thanks to you!

A New Physician Joins The Elite Coastal Fertility Specialists Team Jessica Mclaughlin, Md Becomes The Newest Member Of The Best Fertility Practice In The State

“Because of FCSA we are blessed with the most beautiful baby girl… Thank you FCSA for making our dream come true!”

“Thank you, Dr. Martin, Dr. Neal, and the entire staff at FCSA for helping bring Miss Brielle into this world. We are forever grateful.”

Meet with one of our experienced reproductive endocrinologists to learn more about your options for building the family of your dreams. In 2018, Aspire Fertility partnered with RMA of Texas to bring fertility services to more families across the state. As part of the Prelude network, Aspire Fertility San Antonio brings together the best medical and scientific minds in the industry to deliver the best possible results for their patients. Our San Antonio clinics are conveniently located in Stone Oak and the Medical Center. New patient consultations, laboratory work and ultrasounds are offered at both locations.

In accordance with the Texas Medical Association, all of our security measures will remain in place until further notice. Masks are required at all times and visitor restrictions are still in place. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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Why Aspire is different We are committed to delivering a five-star patient experience every time. See what we’re doing differently.

Our Legacy in San Antonio Formerly RMA of Texas, Aspire Fertility San Antonio is now part of Prelude Fertility, the largest provider of fertility care in the US.

San Antonio, TX Fertility Clinics With locations in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX, our fertility clinics are convenient to the Greater San Antonio-New Braunfels metro area.

“I hope that my knowledge and passion for reproductive medicine will continue to help couples realize their dreams of having a baby.”

Texas Fertility Center San Antonio

“I have been interested in medicine since childhood and have found great satisfaction as a fertility specialist. I am motivated every day by my desire to help couples achieve their dreams of becoming parents.”

“Over the years that I have worked in the field of fertility, I have seen constant progress, which has inspired me to continue my education as a family nurse practitioner. This gives me the opportunity and knowledge to make my patients’ dreams come true. to help realize. a child.”

“I am committed to empowering women and couples, especially through education and ensuring understanding of all available options.”

“Providing exceptional laboratory services means optimizing success at every stage of our patient’s fertility journey. Quality improvement doesn’t stop when we have the opportunity to send another baby home!”

Dr. Jaye Adams, M.d, Facog

Aspire Fertility offers a full spectrum of fertility care for those looking to start a family now and those looking to maintain future fertility potential. From the simplest to the most complex, we can help you build your family tomorrow. Explore your fertility treatment options.

IVF: In Vitro Fertilization In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is a complex series of procedures used to treat infertility problems in people who have difficulty conceiving.

IUI: Intrauterine insemination During IUI, washed and concentrated sperm are placed directly into the uterus. This process can significantly increase the chances of conception.

Fertility and genetic testing Pre-implantation genetic testing can screen embryos for gender and certain genetic diseases, so you can plan the birth of your child with confidence.

Dr. Parviz Kavoussi Is Featured On Lifetime’s Balancing Act Discussing Treatment Of Testosterone Deficiency In A Fertility Preserving Manner

Modern Family Building We believe that families, like babies, come in all shapes and sizes. We are not proud to offer fertility treatment. Modern LGBTQ Families

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss At Aspire Fertility we can provide a comprehensive workup for your recurrent pregnancy loss and provide supportive care for your next pregnancy.

Fertility Preservation Whatever your reasons for egg freezing, our team can help answer your questions and provide information to help you make the decisions that are right for you.

Aspire Fertility’s award-winning specialists are ranked among the best fertility doctors in the United States. Our team includes doctors in San Antonio

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