Best Family Doctor In Surrey

Best Family Doctor In Surrey – Below is a list of the best and leading doctors in London. To help you find the best doctor in London near you, we’ve compiled our list based on this ranking list.

Dr. Martin Sawyers prides himself on his brand of simple, comprehensive and affordable medicine, and he knows his patients do too. Doctors have guidelines for almost everyone, but medicine is rarely one-size-fits-all and no two people are the same, so Dr. Martin Sawyers treats all of his patients as individuals. He is always flexible and available, he is happy to consult with his patients by phone or Skype if it is convenient for you.

Best Family Doctor In Surrey

As a General Practitioner, Dr. Martin Savirsi believes in treating people of all ages and genders with all ailments, not just for symptoms, but for the whole person. Dr. Martin Sawyers always strives to ensure that his patients feel comfortable discussing all of their concerns, whether big or small. This allows him to make sure you are getting the care you need and deserve.

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“Great doctor! Very helpful and knowledgeable, I check him out every year and his advice is always great. When a problem arises, he does his best, does not need advice and help at all. I highly recommend him.” – Abdullah M.

Dr. Samina Shaughi graduated from Middlesex University College and School of Medicine in 1993 and went on to postgraduate training in Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and General Practice. He established The Harley Street General Practice in 2002 after eight years of experience as a GP in the NHS and private sector. Department of Early Pregnancy and Gynaecology, King’s College Hospital, London.

“I’ve been going to this practice for about a year now and have seen several doctors there. I have never felt so cared for. From the administrative team to the doctors. They hear, hear, and see things that you don’t notice yourself. They take the time to understand the whole picture and thus come up with solutions that work better than any doctor I have ever seen. I’m so glad I found this experience.” – Lexi M.

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B. 2014 and since then a general practitioner in London. B. Aesthetics is also a family tradition for her, as her mother owns a prestigious beauty salon in Sweden.

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“I had a great experience with Dr. Behnam’s services. Examination by a general practitioner, referral to specialists, internal medical examinations. Medical advice is given skillfully and thoroughly.” – Xavi

Dr. Simon Moore is the founder of Moore Medical Practice and has been in private practice since 1987. Originally from Hampshire, Dr Simon Moore came to London and trained at Guy’s Hospital, University of London; 1981: In 1987 Dr Simon Moore left the army to become a private practice in London. Over the years, with the help of his wife, Dr. Anna Moore, he built one of the largest and most successful private practices in London.

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Dr Simon Moore has mentored many colleagues over the years and now works with 3 brilliant young doctors. His professional interests include general and emergency medicine, preventive medicine, prenatal care, gynecology and psychiatry.

“Thank you for your concern for Moore Medical Practice. I always feel good and confident when I am at the clinic. I appreciate that the doctors are easy to talk to and answer all my questions. Highly recommended!” – Rachel K.

Dr Adam Ebbs qualified as a General Practitioner at Hull York Medical School in 2010 and subsequently worked in a number of specialties in Newcastle and Manchester. Dr. Adam began his training in hospital medicine but later trained as a general practitioner. Dr Adam joined Medicspot in April 2019 after leading the development of the emergency services in North Manchester. She has a special interest in emergency care, enjoys teaching medical students and junior doctors and volunteers for many children’s cancer charities. Dr. Adam is passionate about adrenaline sports, fitness and travel.

Infections, ear, nose, throat, cough and cold, pain, sexual health, mental health, skin problems, eye problems, allergies

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“A very simple and effective high-tech, yet easy-to-use system and procedure, with pleasant, highly skilled doctors who make you feel comfortable and in good hands.” – Giles K.

Kev’s Best is an internationally rated company, we always put trust and quality first. We cover companies, products and services across the UK. The 2019 GP Patient Survey assessed experiences in areas such as reception staff attitudes and GP trust.

Leah Lowther (right) practice manager at New Ottershaw Surgery with secretaries Jackie Hanger (left) and Julia McCaffrey (centre) (Photo: Graham Larter)

A new surgery in Ottershaw has beaten 115 other Surrey GPs to be named patients’ preferred choice for the second year running.

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Elizabeth House Medical Practice in Warlingham was second and Virginia Water Medical Practice third.

The ranking is based on patient responses to seven key questions, including how easy it is for patients to get an appointment, how convenient office hours are, whether people trust their doctor, whether the doctor listens to them, or whether the doctor tells them to make an appointment. monitor the physician’s concerns. , whether receptionists are helpful and how patients rate their overall experience.

You can find out how your local operation is doing by entering its name or zip code into our interactive tool that ranks every operation in the country.

Operations with fewer than 50 responses were excluded because the sample was too small to draw reliable conclusions.

The Doctor Is

The new Ottershaw Surgery also topped the 2018 survey. This year, more than 99% of respondents said their doctor was considerate and caring, and the same proportion thought their doctor listened well.

Dr Andrew Harris is Chief Medical Officer at New Ottershaw Surgery. Practice Manager Leah Lowther said: “This is fantastic news. We just keep doing what we’re doing and listen to the patients. Glad to hear we’re still number one.

“In general, patient feedback favors the small village experience. We have long-term doctors, so we can provide personalized service.”

Elizabeth House Medical Practice came in second, with over 98% of patients feeling they were treated with care and concern by their GP.

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Dr Howard Cohen, partner at Elizabeth House GP, said: “We are delighted. I think this is because we are a medium sized clinic with a large number of doctors and nurses.

“We have made the decision to invest in the team and have the skills and sufficient appointments to meet the requirements.

“It’s very rare to see someone we don’t know. It’s a real joy. As doctors, we have the privilege of working with people for a long time and we get to know our patients’ stories.

“A good doctor treats patients with respect, takes an interest in who they see, and goes out of their way to meet their needs. This is the formation of mutual respect with patients.

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Third place was taken by Virginia Water Medical Practice. Practice Manager Cathy Gale said: “This is fantastic news. I have two doctors and they are very good at continuity. We have a very close relationship between GPs and patients.

“We have less than 5 thousand patients. Our list was closed for a few years but then [Stains and Thameside Medical Centre] closed in Staines [on Saturday 31 August] so we took it down. Virginia’s water is growing, too, and we need to ensure that, too.”

The new Ottershaw Surrey surgery has been the first choice for Surrey patients for the second year running (Image: Graham Larter)

Queen’s Funeral The full route of the Queen’s funeral, which has been announced to pass through Surrey Road, will operate in the north of the county, potentially affecting residents of Staines and Ashford.

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